Will Mamma Mia! The Party Restaurant open in London?

Björn Ulvaeus is a name known to people the world over for being one quarter of the most famous Swedish pop group ever: Abba! Although Abba hasn’t released any music for years, people are once more talking about Ulvaeus, and this time not for his songwriting.

He plans to open a branch of his ‘singing theatre’ in Waterloo – where else – and residents are feeling that they ‘couldn’t escape if they wanted to.” The site is beside a housing co-operative in a much coveted part of the city, and the locals believe the concept will disrupt their tranquillity.


Mama Mia! The Party Restaurant, the themed venue based on the musical follows a successful branch in Stockholm, but those against the idea coming to this part of London fear that each night there will be several hundred revellers spilling out onto the streets, loudly singing Abba hits.

Ulvaeus proposes that when the restaurant is not being used for Abba party nights, it could be community space used for various other initiatives.

The fit-out would be key to that, so it’s important that the space has the right equipment for a variety of uses – not just a fully equipped kitchen out back, but things like a display counter in the public-facing space. Specialist retailers like Fridge Freezer Direct https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/serve-over-counters can advise and supply various options.


The residents’ objections are not to Abba themselves – many thank them for the music – but rather to the impact on their lives. These normal people on normal incomes are increasingly finding their voices drowned out by metaphorical noise and they want to be sure their homes are protected from actual noise in the evenings.

Residents have pride in their local area and are keen to preserve it as far as possible. The team behind the Mamma Mia! The Party proposal are keen to stay out of debates surrounding social housing, and whilst they will not comment directly, they have stated that they will try to address community concerns.

Mamma Mia! is not confirmed yet, but if you can’t wait that long, check out The Londonist’s list for the best themed restaurants serving now.

Housing is such a hot topic in London at the moment, so only time will tell whether Mamma Mia! The Party will overcome the residents’ opposition.

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