Used Cooking Oil Recycling at MBP Solutions

Used Cooking Oil or UCO are oils and fats, which have been used for cooking or frying purposes in the restaurants, fast food premises, hotels and at the consumer level in their homes.

Historically, used cooking oil was basically seen as a waste product to be disposed however,over the past decade, UCO has become a usefulby-product especially in the production of biodiesel. As a result the used oil recycling industry has witnessed a significant growth, which is expected to continue growing. This is because many countries are setting up national targets to enable them to utilize renewable energy sources in orderto reduce their reliance on the use of fossil fuels.

One of the ways to achieve this is by encouraging strong biodiesel production since biofuels are among the best reliable renewable energy source; this has a direct effect of increasing the demand for used cooking oil which is the raw material for the production of biofuel.

The high generation of used cooking oil from the food processing industry combined with the issue of limited spaces for their disposal creates the need for UCO collection companies.

How MBP collects the used cooking oil

For the collection of the used cooking oil, MBP Solution uses the processor decentralized collection system where they have employees who go door to door in order to collect the UCO directly from the specific producers whom they have identified.

They also supply their clients with UCO storing containers which come in different sizes: 200, 400, 600 and 1000 liter. During the collection the workers ensure that they replace full containers with clean, empty ones to ensure their customers are not exposed to any health risks.

For one to access the UCO collection services from MBP below are some of the factors you need to take into considerations.

·         The amount of oil you are producing

Knowing how much oil or fat you use in a week or month is important as it determines the amount of UCO you produce for recycling.

·         The size of used oil containers needed

Another reason as to why it’s important to know the amount of UCO you produce is to enable you know the right size of container to be provided with by MBP for your facility, whether it is a 200, 400, 600 or 1000 liters.

·         Frequency of your used cooking oil collection

The frequency of pick up is determined by a number of factors which include; the amount of UCO you produce, the amount of space one is willing to allocate for its storage and the size of the collection containers being used.

It is advisable that your used oil container is regularly picked up to avoid theft cases since used cooking oil is a valuable commodity.

Recycling of the used cooking oil

The used cooking oil collected usually contains a significant quantity of undesired foreign substances such as water and protein from the food residue.  For the MBP to manufacture quality biofuel, the materials must be eliminated.

This is the processing stage where the UCO is recycled and turned into useful biofuel. The processing begins with the heating of the UCO to the required temperature and later fed into their centrifuge machine.

The machine then proceeds toeliminate the unwanted materials in the oil in a single process. The centrifuge is very complex in that it is able to completely separate solid particles of different sizes and in different quantities very efficiently.

The end product then undergoes purification before it is considered ready as a diesel fuel. MBP ensures that their used oil recycling processes and the end products are in compliance with the EN14214 Standard among other national quality standards.


MBP solution is very dedicated in making proper use of what was previously considered as waste and turn it into a very useful source of fuel. Theirinnovative solutions in the recycling of used oil prove that MBP Solutions is indeed a global leader in providing quality biological by-products.

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