The Key Benefits of eAuctions

Hosting eAuctions yourself can be a real nightmare. It takes years of experience, trial and error before you really get the hang of setting them up and keeping everything organised. Yet, to get the best result from your eAuction, the solution is very simple!

eAuctions can be held on specially designed platforms that are capable of managing huge numbers of bidders, suppliers and calculating real market prices in real time! Find out more benefits of eAuctions below.

Cost Savings and Efficiency

Using an eAuction platform can help you make some serious savings by managing everything at once – no bids get missed or lost in the storm of information. The platform elegantly handles everything, displaying all you need to see to ensure no savings are lost and all suppliers get their say.

A platform also means that you can manage multiple negotiations simultaneously, comparing bids, prices and commodities in real time while never missing out on a negotiation. If you go for the best eAuction platform (more details on this below) you also have access to continuous support, so if you run into any snags with the platform or the negotiations, you have support to get through it.

The key to successful business is efficiency, sales, relationships and organisation. An eAuction platform unites all. If you are planning to run a successful business, you need a successful eAuction strategy.

True Market Prices

By working in real time and having access directly with the market, eAuctions can provide you with up to date data so you’re only getting the true prices for all commodities. The best of the platforms can do this with just a wi-fi connection!

With a true market value showing on your eAuction you can see where suppliers are at their most cost effective, offering you true value. It also means you have something to compare new and unknown suppliers to.

Having true market prices displayed constantly you can make last minute changes to your auction, making informed decisions based on market fluctuations as commodities change. You can alter and adjust your bids, prices and negotiations depending on the market.

The Best eAuction Platform

Hands down the best eAuction platform we’ve come across during our research is available from ScanMarket. You can view their e auction platform on their website and discover even more benefits that listed above!

Many people are already using ScanMarketseAuction platform around the world, handling multiple negotiations and never missing a beat. You can see some of their reviews on ScanMarkets website. They also have a quick call service so any questions you have about the platform can be answered in just a few rings.

ScanMarket offer a range of strategic sourcing solutions besides their market-leading eAuction platform, including supply base management, contract management, project management, spend analysis and eRFX. They also offer fantastic customer service via email or phone call to help you set up their platforms and have everything running smoothly.

For the best eAuction platform, head straight to ScanMarket!

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