Technology Yet to Arrive

Ever wonder what gadgets and devices the future holds? It seems we are living in an age where technology and digital living is changing the way we work and play faster than ever before, but is there room for even more improvements to make our lives safer, easier and more interesting? Here are some fascinating projects that are being worked on right now in the fields of entertainment and transport:

  1. Laugh Detection System

Sony is working on a system whereby a webcam connected to your TV can supply your real-time reactions to the shows or films you’re watching. When you’re watching a comedy, the webcam will be able to identify your facial expressions to update a network shared with other users. Gone are the days of reading film reviews, you’ll be able to access the data to see which shows and movies are getting the most laughs! While we’re not quite there yet, most homes now boast smart TVs and other automated entertainment systems to maximise viewing pleasure. If you’re looking for a Home Automation Company, Digital Interiors are a smart home automation company with loads of experience.

  1. Smart Chairs

Why clog up your living room with armchairs, gaming chairs, beanbags and sofas? Work is currently in progress for transforming chairs that can switch from armchair to rocking chair in just 20 seconds. It’s constructed from a lightweight carbon-fibre frame with super soft elastic bands on the seat. It’s easy to move, transform and still looks stylish enough to become part of your living room décor.

  1. LED Spray Cans

Imagine being able to spray LED lights just like a graffiti spray can? Unleash your artistic talents without making any mess at all. Shaking the can will recharge the battery life and you’ll be able to adjust the colour and brightness of your LED light spray. If this product is ever released, it’s sure to be the top of every child’s Christmas list!

  1. All Terrain Electric Vehicles

While electric cars are a fairly common sight these days, the future of these vehicles will be an all-terrain version that can travel through ice, snow and water as well as normal tarmac! The cars will come with tyres that be altered to reflect the terrain you’re encountering. Never be stuck unable to cross a river again –  the tyres will open up to change into paddles of course! Running on electric power, it won’t cost you a penny in fuel either.

  1. Flying Nanobots

Forget bulky drones – in the future we’ll all be flying nanobots! They weigh as little as 10g, fly just like mosquitos and sound as annoying as them too. Still in progress, the nanobots can currently only fly for 20 seconds with their present battery life. Let’s hope the project takes a long time, or spying on people will become a whole lot easier!