Isidor Hefter: An Income Tax Specialist

High profiled individuals in the society as well as huge business corporations turn to RSSM whenever they have issues with their taxes. The Rosen Seymour Shapss Martin & Company LLP has more than 200 employees including its accounting and non-accounting staff. Isidor Hefter is a certified public accountant and is considered one of the backbones of RSSM. As a matter of fact, he holds 25% of the firm’s stake.

Isidor Hefter specializes in the field of tax research and tax planning. What he does is that he comes up with better strategy that would allow his client to pay reduced taxes in a legitimate way. Through this tax planning, his client would be able to maximize business profit. His tax planning always considers business law so as to make sure that there will be no violations in implementing the strategy.

Hefter has a solid experience in terms of tax planning. He is a certified public accountant and one of his early works was an accountant at the Finance Group at BP North America, Incorporated. He also became the senior accountant at the Arthur Andersen accounting firm. Mr. Hefter earned his accountancy degree at CCNY, Brooklyn College New York. He then pursued a master’s degree in taxation program at the Pace University, New York.

Hefter works for RSSM for more than two decades now. He is considered one of the backbones of the company. As a matter of fact, he conducts lectures on state income tax and federal tax as a part of the continuing program of the company. He imparts his knowledge and expertise to the other members of the team. Despite his busy schedules as a certified public accountant, he still finds time to participate in the mission vision of the different organizations that he is in such as American Institute of CPAs and New York Certified Public Accountants.

If you look at the profile of Hefter you would easily distinguish that all his clients are high profiled people in the society. His clients can benefit a lot from his services. Aside from auditing and accounting services, he also gives full consultation services. Mr. Hefter and his consulting firm help individual in dealing with their tax issues and concerns. A lot of people are satisfied with the services offered by Hefter as well as the members of RSSM. In other words, Hefter helps individuals like you in paying the lowest possible tax in a legitimate way.