Burglars and Other Criminals

Protecting Your Home from Burglars and Other Criminals

Always ensure that windows and doors are closed. Having exterior entry points unlocked is almost like inviting intruders to enter. Therefore, be certain that these areas are closed and locked, regardless of whether you are present in the home or away from the property. High-quality window locks can make a real difference, and it is wise to make updates to these if you are going to be updating windows that may still haveĀ trickle vents. Burglars can easily identify locks that are weakened and easy to breach. Doors ought to be equipped with deadbolt mechanisms, and sliders need vertical bolting systems as well as a rod placed inside their tracks. This stops intruders from lifting the doors from the track to gain entry. Do not leave front doors unlocked for any reason, even if your absence will be momentary in nature. Do not neglect to pay close attention to garage entry doors. These can be vulnerable locations, and burglars often exploit this fact. The automatic door alone is likely insufficient to keep your home safe.

Get New Locks Installed

When moving to a new home, make sure to get new locks installed. Renters need to request that their landlords make lock changes immediately. Though former tenants may have returned the keys that they originally received, it is possible that they made copies that were given to others along the way. There is no substitute for exercising caution in this realm because there is nothing worse than having an uninvited visitor enter your rental property. Use a lockbox or a safe to keep valuables protected. Safes that are smaller in size or not wall-mounted can be affixed to the floor so that burglars cannot walk off with them. Do not provide your code to anyone who is not a trusted family member or friend. Also, avoid leaving the code in written form in a place that can be easily discovered.

Do Not Label Keys

Never label house keys or keep spare keys hidden outdoors. When labelled keys end up stolen or lost, there could be a real price to pay, particularly if they are attached to a wallet or ID card. Experienced burglars often search beneath doormats and in garden spaces for false rock key holders. A better option is to give a key to a friend who can be trusted. If there are no neighbours nearby who can hold a key for you, think about buying a combination box that can be kept in a secret spot on the larger property.

Explore Home Security System Options

Security systems for home use come with a range of features, many of which make a positive difference. Motion detecting lights, door and window sensors and alarms can be effective, as can security cameras to capture video of intruders. Choose the options that work best for your individual situation, and hire a well-known company to perform the installation work. While it may be a chore to turn the system on each time the house is left, burglars rely on laziness in this arena. Therefore, it is a step worth taking in order to thwart determined intruders from getting inside the home. Learn everything possible about the new security system and teach the entire family about how it works. This prevents inconvenient false alarm events that can also be expensive and irritating to those living nearby. Also, it is important to avoid false alarms because they may desensitize your neighbours so that they do not respond when there is a true emergency going on.

Consider Specialty Glass on Windows

Consider installing metal bars or specialty glass on windows. This might seem a bit much for most homes, but it can be a good idea to use these techniques to stop burglars who are willing to smash the glass in order to get inside a home. These tools can keep intruders out successfully, and these days it is possible to find products that are actually visually attractive in addition to being effective.