Precision Agriculture for Pig Farms – The Future!

Precision agriculture is revolutionising every part of agriculture, from driverless tractors and super precise drones to carefully formulated livestock feed and clever storage solutions for meat and vegetation.

In this short article we’re going to take a look at the old tech on pig farms, the current tech we’re using and the amazing tech of the future!

The Past

The domesticated pig was originally a hog or boar, just like the kind that still roam the land today.

Latest estimates show that the domesticated pig has been around since at least 8,000 BC! Our ancestors wouldn’t have had the great tech that we have no, but that certainly didn’t stop them. They probably wouldn’t have made fine cut bacon, but a spit roasted hog is hard to say no to and would have been very important for their diet.

When they stopped roaming and made permanent settlements, they had the opportunity to start farming and keep pigs (among other livestock) in one place. A simple shelter area would have made a sty and feeding would likely have been whatever was available! Pigs can happily survive off waste food from humans so they are an ideal livestock for our ancestors.

The Present

Currently develops are right in the midst of developing the largest pig farm in the UK ever! They’ll be making use of the great tech we currently have available to make the farm as odourless and noiseless as possible.

Feeding a large number of pigs is made possible by large feeders and pelleting technology that allows farmers to create the pellets themselves on the farm. This also allows pig farmers the opportunity to change the nutritional balance of the pellets to match any deficiencies in the livestock’s diet.

We’re also creating better pens and sty’s for our pigs, analysing how they use the space they’re given and creating more creative environments for them. A happy pig makes for better tasting pork!

The Future!

The future is all about efficiency and better understanding our livestock. We need to balance the need to produce more meat with the need to offer clients organic produce that’s certified and friendly for animal activists.

More and more people in the western world are concerned with the treatment of livestock on farms (just look at how many people eat free range eggs!) so you should definitely make this a priority on your farm.

One company to keep your eye on is Skiold. I’ve used a few of their products before and found them to be very efficient! Click here to see their website and find out more.

The internet is a great place to look for updates in the precision agriculture field: personally, I prefer to stay in touch via forums but there are plenty of university and research blogs you can follow too. Staying on top of the latest developments in pig farm tech will give you an edge that other pig farmers just don’t have – it’s the key to success!

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