A Guide to Bankruptcy Filing

Are you preparing for bankruptcy filing? Well, if yes, then consider this article as a smart guide for you. For filing bankruptcy, your papers have to be well managed and apart from that you need a lawyer or financial advisor. You need to create some documentation so that our bankruptcy claim becomes valid. Now you must be itching to know – what are those documents? Well let us a have a look.

If you can complete the complex procedure of means test, which measures your potential income and calculate if you are eligible for bankruptcy filing or not, then it will be sheer beneficial for you. This test is important and if you can pass this, you may consider that half the job is done, even before filing the bankruptcy claim.

A record of income or earning statement is also required for bankruptcy claim. Now, in case, if your earning statement is not legitimate, you may drown into deep trouble. Those, who do not possess a thorough financial statement, often are not considered eligible for bankruptcy filing. Be truthful with your earning report and never conceal any sources of income. If your report or documents are well checked, your lawyer will do the rest to prove you as bankrupted.

Another very important document is tax document. Your last year’s or current year’s document is required for filing bankruptcy. Those do not have any proper tax document, may find themselves in trouble. Keeping record and mage your financial documents is necessary in any which ways. So, be organized with your documents or papers of finance.

Online Car Insurance-An opportunity to getting a car insurance plan with cheap rates

Having a car is really good to all but one thing that must be considered is that Online is the place which has number of accident prone roads that result an accident on daily basis. This is the reason that getting an Online Car Insurance becomes really important thing of present. In order to getting started you have to find the car insurance plan having cheap rates and then know all about your car as model, its mileage any extra feature and condition.

One of the great things is that receiving a free car insurance quote is as simple as picking up the phone or logging onto the internet. And once you log on to Online car insurance plan you can have the choices for additional Online Car insurance coverage which can be anywhere from $10 per month to $100 all depends on your residential and other circumstances and you can choose the suitable one as per your convenience.

Infact if you are a student then there is nothing worries at all about acquiring the insurance plan because there are ways in which even a young driver can also get a nice discount on his car insurance plan. Which means being a student gives you opportunity somewhere and you can find the Student Online Car Insurance Discounts. http://cash-enavi.com/online-car-insurance-an-opportunity-to-getting-a-car-insurance-plan-with-cheap-rates/ http://cash-enavi.com/online-car-insurance-an-opportunity-to-getting-a-car-insurance-plan-with-cheap-rates/ http://cash-enavi.com/online-car-insurance-an-opportunity-to-getting-a-car-insurance-plan-with-cheap-rates/Infact, if you are a student and carry a certain grades you can definitely get a nice discount on your online car insurance plan.

The conclusion said, all the residence of Online must think about obtaining a car insurance plan and all it as per their need and convenience.

If you are also an Online resident and really looking for cheap car insurance plan then you can really Online Car Insurance as your far most solution. To know more about the plan and quotes click here now!

Starting a business from scratch might be easier than you imagine

Lack of money is the reason most people invoke for not starting their own business. They usually think about registering a company, renting office space, buying equipment and raw materials, all of which cost money. But funding is not always necessary – although they are alternative ways to raise it. There are government-backed funding solutions for those turned down by banks, there are relatives and friends who might lend some money, or for the most adventurous playing at platinum play online casino – check for more details at the platinum play casino facebook page – might also be an option. But in this article I prefer to cover some ways in which you can save on starting your new business, or even start it without a dime in your pocket. Here we go.

First of all, you need to find the right service or product that you can sell. Ask yourself what you can do that other people would pay money for – can you repair a computer, translate from Swahili, fix a sink or clean out an air conditioner? These are skills not everyone processes, and some are most likely willing to pay others – like you – for such services. A friend of mine was recently looking for somebody who speaks Polish – he had a series of instruction manuals to translate – and paid good money to the translator he found in the end.

Running a business usually involves a series of administrative costs – employees, a secretary, an accountant, equipment and consumables, and so on. These costs can be avoided up to a point – at which you will hopefully afford to pay more for them – if you do most of the things yourself. It’s a thankless job, riding several horses with just one pair of pants, but it pays off in the long term – the money you save can be re-invested into your business, allowing you to grow. Also, try to make do with the things you have at hand. There is no need to buy a computer for work when you already have one at home. A Skype phone number costs you much less than a landline. There are times when you can work using the free WiFi at the cafeteria at the corner or a public library.

As a general rule, people who try to set up their own company and have a job should hold on to their jobs for some time, at least until the company has enough revenue to generate enough monthly pay. banking Quitting your job to focus on your business and failing to make a living off it is not an option. Hold on to a steady source of income until things settle, don’t jump head first into the world of entrepreneurship…

How to Make Product Sampling More Effective

A marketing campaign that includes product sampling can provide a lot of value and can have a long-lasting impact on a company’s sales. Sampling gives the customer the opportunity to experience the product’s value and quality so that they can make a conscious decision about whether or not they like it and want to purchase it. Everyone loves to get something for free and when you receive a free sample of something it helps to build a positive association in your mind with the product.

However, this is also an expensive promotion technique and the cost of producing sample products while also paying for the distribution process can really add up. Make sure that you carefully plan, measure and execute your sampling campaign so that you can make the most out of this marketing strategy.

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to make sure that your product sampling strategy is more effective:

Focus on the Right Demographic

Make sure that you are getting your product samples in the right hands so that they will be appreciated. For example, if you are sampling a brand of organic, gluten free flax seed cookies they will probably get a much better reception at a local health food store than at the average supermarket. Think about who your customer is… are they are a parent on a budget who is looking for affordable products for their children, or a young hipster with money to spend who is looking for the next “cool” trend? Determining the demographic you are targeting will help you figure out where to hand out your free samples (you can maximise the amount you are giving away this way) and how to present them.

Work With a Professional Product Sampling Company

There are a lot of aspects to a successful product sampling program, so it is important to work with a professional product sampling agencywho can do things right. The samples must be packaged in an appealing way and they must be presented by someone who is friendly, responsible and engaging. This person must have the experience and skills to encourage interaction via tasting and sampling and allowing customers to ask them questions. A representative from a professional field sales agency will have these skills and they will be able to present your products in the best possible way. This can be a huge advantage and it can really set your company above the rest.

Ask for Feedback

When you are giving out samples of your products to your customers, this is the perfect opportunity to ask them for feedback about your products. The sampling representative can ask them right on the spot, or they can give out a feedback form that customers can fill in. When people use your product for the first time they will note its positive sides and drawbacks and they will also compare the products with its competitors. This will give you valuable information so that you can improve your product and get a competitive edge.

Make Your Products Eye Catching

When you are offering product samples, it is important to make them as visually appealing as possible. You are a newcomer and don’t have the attraction of a recognisable brand, so you will need to be creative with your packaging to make people curious about your product. Use eye-catching colours, unique package designs and a dramatic booth or table to get people interested in what you have to offer. You want people to spot your sample booth from the other side of the store and be so intrigued that they walk over to inquire, “Ooh, what do we have here?”

Give Existing Customers a Gift

If you are an existing company launching a new product, why not thank your existing customers by adding a free sample of the new item to their customer order as a surprise gift. You can ask them to share their feedback on the product by submitting an online review. This will have multiple benefits. First of all, it will make your customers feel special and will improve the image of the company in their minds. Also it will offer you valuable feedback from someone who is your target demographic and has a need for your products.

Sampling can be an effective method for promoting your product and it can increase your chances of immediate sales. http://cash-enavi.com/how-to-make-product-sampling-more-effective/ http://cash-enavi.com/how-to-make-product-sampling-more-effective/ http://cash-enavi.com/how-to-make-product-sampling-more-effective/However, giving out product samples can also be difficult, expensive and time consuming. Make sure that you have the right strategies so that you can make the most of your product sampling campaign.

How Do I Pay a Lawyer for My Personal Injury Case?

You’ve likely seen the commercials, the billboards, and the internet advertisements that all claim they can help you to win a personal injury lawsuit.  But what they don’t tell you is how much an accident lawyer in San Jose, or elsewhere in the country, is likely to cost.  If you have been injured, and the accident wasn’t your fault, keep reading.  This article will explain everything you need to know about paying a lawyer for your personal injury case.

Contingency Fees

The majority of personal accident lawyers opt to handle cases on a contingency basis.  What this means is that you don’t pay them an upfront sum; instead, they receive a percentage of the compensation payout that you receive.  Usually this is somewhere between 30 and 40% of the figure.  Whilst this may seem like a lot, if the lawyer doesn’t win the case, he is not entitled to any fees.

Hourly Rates

If you would prefer not to give your lawyer a percentage of any compensation you receive, another option is to pay your lawyer an hourly rate.  Under an arrangement like this, your attorney will be paid for any time he spends on your case until it’s resolved.  The price you will be expected to pay will vary depending on the type of lawsuit you are filing, and the experience of the lawyer.  A cheaper lawyer isn’t always the best option.  An experienced personal injury lawyer, for example, will be able to handle complex cases much quicker, and may actually save you money.

Additional Expenses

It is important to remember that you may also have to pay for some additional expenses.  This could be for things like expert witness fees, medical records, police reports, filing fees, and trial exhibits.  The majority of accident attorneys will pay these costs for you, and then deduct them from the compensation you receive.  However, some lawyers may ask you to pay for these expenses yourself up-front.  So make sure you are aware of which you are expected to do.


Not every personal injury case will go to court.  When you first hire your personal accident lawyer, they will draft up a letter to be sent to the other party.  The letter will explain the injuries you have sustained, and ask for a set amount of money in compensation.  Usually the other party will send a counter offer.  If both parties can agree on a fee, the case will not need to go to court.  This can save both parties a lot of money.  If you agree to a settlement, the check will be sent to your lawyer who will take his percentage, and then pass the remainder on to you.

If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, a personal injury lawyer can help you to receive the compensation that you deserve.  You do not have to pay for the service upfront if you don’t want to, although this is an option if it’s what you prefer.http://cash-enavi.com/how-do-i-pay-a-lawyer-for-my-personal-injury-case/http://cash-enavi.com/how-do-i-pay-a-lawyer-for-my-personal-injury-case/http://cash-enavi.com/how-do-i-pay-a-lawyer-for-my-personal-injury-case/

Mortgage after Bankruptcy- Is it possible?

After filing bankruptcy, you need to wait for some time to get approval for loans. It is not easy to get approval as your credit score might have been affected greatly. If you have filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have to wait for a period of two years since the discharge of bankruptcy to apply for FHA mortgage, and you need to wait for 4 years to get eligible for conventional mortgages. If you have filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy, the period of waiting is 12 months after dismissal for FHA loans and 24 months after dismissal of conventional loans.

High interest rates for loans after bankruptcy

After the specified period of waiting, you can get loans easily if you maintain your credit report since filing bankruptcy. However, you should see to it that your financial dealings since bankruptcy reach the credit bureaus. It is not impossible to get mortgage loans before the specified time. But loans can be availed only from private lenders and the loan is sure to carry higher interest rates. If you want to get guaranteed loans for low interest rates, you need to make a huge amount of down payment. The interest type is determined by your financial behaviour since the discharge of bankruptcy. Loan to value ratio and the credit ratings are the prime factors that influence the interest rates for your loans.

Besides debt to income ratio and the credit ratings, your employment history, the loan to value of the home ratio and the down payment and the income are to be considered. If the credit score is not good, you need to take appropriate measures to improve the credit score and also take the necessary steps to keep yourself eligible for loans. The credit history is most affected after filing and discharge of bankruptcy. With chapter 13 bankruptcy, the impact is on your credit report for a period of 7 years and with Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is there for 10 years. From the day one after the dismissal of bankruptcy, the credit score improves in par with the credit.

The prompt clearance of bills will improve the credit score and it might reach 600 or more even earlier than the stain gets off your credit report. When you get approved for mortgage against your property, you will be signing an agreement to the agreed terms and the documentation will be forwarded to the lawyer who is to prepare the mortgage document. When you submit your documents to apply for loans, you need to attach the bankruptcy documents. The documents related to your income and the affordable down payments should be presented. With higher down payments, you can expect to get loans for lower interest rates. The specifications for loan approval are same for all the applicants irrespective of filing bankruptcy.

The bills on all your cards and loans should be promptly paid off. Timely payments help to improve the credit score. You will be seen as the consumer who has reformed in a short time. Default on loans is considered very bad after filing bankruptcy and this act prevents you from getting loan approvals in future. You can avail the service of a local mortgage agent who can process your loan very quickly and who can offer personal services. There are online and offline lenders to give you the needed financial aid. The traditional lenders can be approached in person to discuss the options. http://cash-enavi.com/mortgage-after-bankruptcy-is-it-possible/ http://cash-enavi.com/mortgage-after-bankruptcy-is-it-possible/ http://cash-enavi.com/mortgage-after-bankruptcy-is-it-possible/Online lenders enable loan comparison and you can get options of of mortgages after bankruptcy. Understanding the features of these offers will help to make the choice as per your requirements and affordability.

Should You Apply For Pre-Approved Home Loan?

The increasing property prices across India and the desire for better living have meant that there are hardly any working individuals who can afford to buy an apartment without opting for a home loan.Taking a loan for buying a flat is after all not such a bad proposition as you get dual benefit of tax advantage and at the same time do not have to utilize your entire lifetime savings in getting a shelter for yourself.As per the guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the loan to value ratio (LTV) for home loans of up to 20 lakhs is 90 percent, for home loans from 20 to 75 lakhs is 80 percent, while LTV for housing loans above 75 lakhs is set at 75 percent,proving to be a great help in your home buying process. The only dilemma that you face as a home buyer is whether you should opt for pre-approved home loan or applyfor it once you have your apartment finalized. Opting for a pre-approved home loan is a much better option and it has more advantages than drawbacks. However, all pros and cons related to pre-sanctioned loans should be carefully scrutinized before opting for it.

Advantages of pre-approved home loan

Allows you to plan your finances better

One of the important benefits of these loans is that you get to know your home loan eligibility in advance and can plan your finances better. In case your loan eligibility is lesser than your requirement, you can always add a co-applicant to increase your eligibility.However, it is important to note that all co-applicants should be co-owner of the property. The process of applying for these loans is also easy and most banks and financial institutions enable you to apply home loan online. Once the online application is done, their representative will come to your home to collect the required documents in order to analyze your credit worthiness. The list of documents differs on the basis of your employment, and mandatory documents required to be submitted for salaried individuals are different from self-employed and business owners.

Prevents you from unpleasant surprises

The other reason why pre-approved loans are so important is because they prevent you from getting aftershocks and unpleasant surprises. There is no fear of deal falling through as you already know your loan capability, the equated monthly installments (EMIs) to be paid and the down payment amount that you have to arrange for. You can search your property on the basis of your financial abilities. This goes a long way in expediting your home search process and makes the entire transaction easy, smooth and hassle-free.

Disadvantages of pre-approved home loan

Processing fees is generally non refundable

This could be termed as one potential drawback for pre-sanctioned home loan. However, it must be noted that the processing fees even though non-refundable is a minuscule amount. In addition to this, there are many banks that increase the validity of the pre-approved loan by few months to enable you to purchaseyour home. Also, not all banks charge the processing fee for pre-approved home loan.

Interest rates do not change

The other disadvantage with these loans is that the interest rates are fixed at the time of approval and do not be change if they fall when the loan is actually disbursed. This should not be an issue if you have opted for a floating rate home loan as the interest rates can be adjusted once the amount is released by the bank. http://cash-enavi.com/should-you-apply-for-pre-approved-home-loan/ http://cash-enavi.com/should-you-apply-for-pre-approved-home-loan/ http://cash-enavi.com/should-you-apply-for-pre-approved-home-loan/Also, in India the interest rates are not often changed by RBI in a hurry. So they neither fall norincrease within months and there is anappropriate method that is followed to give the retail customers enough head room to adjust to changing rates.

Conclusion – The pre-approved home loan come loaded with several discounts and benefits and play a key role in making your home buying experience pleasant and satisfying. Like any financial product, they too have their set of drawbacks.However, none of these would pose any major challenge to you and can be easily overcome. It is thus advisable to opt for pre-approved home loan to expedite your property transaction.

4 Things People Say about Different Bookkeeping Service Providers!

There are thousands of organizations that have hired bookkeepers for themselves. While some of them pay a high amount of fees to those firms that let them hire bookkeepers from their sheds; there are others that pay moderate charges and enjoy excellent services. It all depends on how much you are willing to pay and what is ‘moderate’ according to the budget of your organization. For an instance, if you have a small business, which is compact and there are lesser activities as compared to other medium and large businesses, you need not spend a lot of money on hiring a well-experienced or popular bookkeeper for your organization. If you think there’s someone with a moderate amount of experience, who does not even charge as much as the other bookkeepers do, grab him!

All those who have hired different bookkeepers for their organizations are extremely happy and positive towards the services of these professionals. They know that there’s someone behind who is always taking care of the minor to major expenses of the business. I have gone through different websites of various bookkeeping service providers and have clubbed the following comments made by different clients of such firms:

Small Business

  • We don’t have to worry about our accounts!Most of the people who have commented on different websites state that they don’t have to worry about their accounts anymore, because there’s someone at the back of their minds who is always taking care of the same. They have a lot of time in their hands to take care of the other important things that help their businesses grow furthermore.
  • There’s always a proper profit and loss account maintained One of the most important accounts for any business is the profit and loss one. It states how much have you invested in the business and how much are you actually getting out of it. All your business depends on the profit and loss accounts, since you know where you stand in the race.
  • I get to know my position in the market Thanks to the bookkeeper working in an organization; there are many people who know where they are positioned in the market at the moment. It is because of the properly maintained accounts that the businessmen get to know about their profits, due to which they conclude whether they are better than the competitors or still in the race.
  • I don’t need to look after the accounts everyday If you have hired a bookkeeper for your business, you don’t need to supervise the accounts on daily basis. No matter how small business you have under your hands, you know that there’s someone worth to be trusted at work. Nobody hires a bookkeeper who can’t be trusted. http://cash-enavi.com/4-things-people-say-about-different-bookkeeping-service-providers/ http://cash-enavi.com/4-things-people-say-about-different-bookkeeping-service-providers/ http://cash-enavi.com/4-things-people-say-about-different-bookkeeping-service-providers/Therefore, after hiring a trustworthy bookkeeper, a businessman relieves himself from all the accounts related duties.

About the author:

David Willows has been writing articles right from the time SEO content came into the picture. He has read a lot of write-ups on accounting services before preparing this article for his readers.