Methods to Calculate Your Baby’s Due Date

With the new of the pregnancy, you might have started to calculate the due date of the baby. While doing this you need to keep things in mind that due date calculator can give your idea about the due date but you cannot rely on the date. As sometimes baby can come before or after the due date given to you. There are only five percent chances that babies are born on the day given as the due date. However, there are some methods that can define when your bundle of joy will be in your hands.

Before checking expected due to date calculator pregnancy you need to save some information about yourself like the first day of your last periods and your menstrual cycle. Usually, women have 28 days menstrual cycle. You can contact your doctor for the more information about the things. Here are three ways to calculate the due date:

  • Online calculators: This is the simple method to know the due date. There are lots of pregnancy due date calculator are available online you can go with. You can get the multiple options while taking the test with the online due date calculator. To get the accurate information, better to fill all the relevant information about your pregnancy. You need to provide the date of the first day of your last period. This information is also the one which your health care provider also wants to know.  If you do not know the exact date then you might get trouble calculate time using pregnancy due date calculator weeks and days. However, there are some additional options available which can calculate the due date without the particular information by using another piece of information. You just need to look for the calculator which also provide due date without the last period information.
  • Manual method: Manually calculation might take some time but you can get the exact information required. Fertilization of the egg commonly takes up to 14 days from the first day of the last period. You can calculate the due date with the use of the calendar. Get a calendar and check the first day of the last period and add the 40 weeks in that day to get the expected due date. This is the easy way to calculate the due date but you need to know the expected date of the first day to the last period.
  • Ultrasound: Your doctor can also help you to find the due date of your baby. By taking the ultrasound you can get the due date but you can go for an ultrasound after few weeks of the pregnancy confirmation. This method is the most accurate and error margin is less in this method. Doctors used to combine the information of the ultrasound and the last menstrual cycle to calculate the due date. But keep in mind due date is just the estimation it’s not the exact date. Babies will only come when they are ready not by the date defines by the calendar.

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