How to make more storage space in your home

We all have things that we need to store, whether it’s out-of-season clothes, Christmas decorations, your children’s old school projects, or garden furniture.

However, houses in the UK have been getting smaller in recent years, leaving far less space for storage. What can you do with all of these belongings that you don’t want to toss?

Onwards and upwards

Many people turn to the loft when it comes to storage. Having some flooring laid and a ladder fitted for easy access isn’t that expensive. Keep in mind, however, that lofts are usually uninsulated and therefore subject to wide variations in temperature throughout the year. Don’t store anything up there that might be damaged by these changes.

Using the height is also something you can look into doing with your kitchen cupboards and wardrobes. There is often dead space at the top of cupboards, and adding extra shelves or hooks to hang objects can help utilise this space. There is also often space below hanging clothes at the bottom of wardrobes that can be used to place storage boxes for shoes and other items.


If you have a garage or shed, that can give you much-needed extra space, too. Adding garage shelving and hooks to hang tools means you can store items in your garage and still have room for the car. If you’re wondering, who are Garage Shelving?They can provide different storage solutions to suit a range of needs. If anything could deteriorate from damp, make sure it’s stored off the floor.

Sheds are handy for storing garden tools and outdoor furniture. Make sure they are weatherproof and protected from vermin, and ensure that they have good security measures to guard against theft.

Deeper and down

Many older houses have a basement or cellar that provides an ideal area for storage. Again, it’s important to make sure that it’s dry and that you have adequate lighting so you can see what’s in there.

Wherever you choose to store your surplus items, make sure you do so neatly. Sort objects before you put them away, and store small items in labelled boxes so you can find them again easily when you need them. Transparent plastic storage boxes are inexpensive and help you to organise your items whilst keeping them protected.