Lew Perkins : Achievements of Perkins at the Kansas University

Lew Perkins is one of the most brilliant athletic conductors in the entire world, achieving public notoriety after taking the position of Director of Athletics at the Kansas University (KU) back in June 2003. Before joining the Kansas University he played a similar role at the University of Connecticut, University of Maryland and Wichita State University. Under the direct command of Perkins, the athletic program from the Kansas University achieved many positive results, among others winning the 2008 Orange Bowl for football or Men’s Basketball Championship also in 2008. Although he retired from the board of KU after the 2010-2011 season Perkins is far from blending in the background.

When he took over the Athletic department of KU back in 2003, the university’s full budget was around $27 million. Through a series of fund raisings, successful actions and positive athletic results, Perkins managed to double the budget, reaching a figure of $55 million. However, a big part of this budget concluded into rehabilitation and renovation projects, such as the $10 million worth project completed in 2006 which included a new video board. Major investments were also made in the following years, leading to a new facility for basketball training and practice, locker rooms and further upgrades worth no less than $42 million.

Director Lew Perkins also managed to negotiate and sign 3 major contracts with moguls such as Adidas or ESPN. The Adidas contract was worth nearly $27 million while other $40 million worth a deal with ESPN and some additional $86 million with IMG. For these managerial actions and others, prestigious Time Magazine designated Perkins as one of the top-35 worldwide executives in sports. But under the command of Perkins not only the basketball team of the KU had astonishing results. Apart from the football team winning the Orange Bowl championship and the basketball team winning the NCAA Basket Championship, the feminine volleyball team also managed to appear in 3 NCAA final tournaments. Moreover, the feminine soccer team also appeared in 3 NCAA tournaments, obtaining the Sweet 16 back in 2003.

According to the Journal-World, in the 2011 season Perkins obtained the position of assistant for the feminine basketball coach at the Seabury Academy. Coincidence or not, Amy, daughter of Perkins served in the directors board admissions at Seabury during 2007-2008. The Seabury Academy is known for being a prestigious private high school located in the west of Lawrence.

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