How Do The Trophies And Awards Form & What Type Of Material Is Used?

How Do The Trophies And Awards Form & What Type Of Material Is Used?

Have you at any point seen an award show or sporting event and thought what the Trophies and Awards are made of? For example, Oscar statuettes, or ‘Oscars’ as they’re better recognized, are formed by Britannia metal which is then plated in nickel silver, copper, and finally, 24-carat gold.

The sports trophies are likewise mostly made by following the similar procedure, yet numerous are made in an unexpected way, for instance, the renowned three-dimensional cast of the ‘Gladiators’, the Winfield Cup trophy, is a bronze cast, while the Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Trophy is a partially plated silver salver.

Materials Used for Making of Trophies

Not all trophies that sparkle are made of gold, and truth be told, because of its high worth relatively few trophies are really made of gold by any means, and those that do contain the valuable metal are usually gold-plated, similar to the Oscar statuettes.

Most Trophies and Awards are really made with the plastic infusion system as this material and strategy can be utilized to form shapes that are on occasion exceptionally multifaceted.

But, an assortment of different materials is utilized as a part of the formation of trophies and awards, containing glass, wood, nickel alloy, bronze, and silver, with numerous modern trophies and awards highlighting a plastic cast which is then plated. Another well-known alternative is a wood base with a plastic cast on top, and but then another choice is a totally plastic trophy, likewise with a plate on which the award and person’s name is engraved.

A few trophies have metal studs moulded into the quality and include weight and numerous have gypsum infused into the base to give more strength as well as extra weight.

How Trophies Are Moulded

Plastic injection moulding is the most usually utilized system in the generation of trophies; however different strategies are now and again utilized. A few trophies are cast as one piece; however, several trophies highlight elements with every component cast independently, i.e. piece by piece.

Steel dies are utilized to make the shape of the trophy parts. At the point when embedded into the moulding machine, fluid plastic fills the dies and makes distinct trophy parts, and a few parts, most outstandingly the base, likewise have metal studs as well as gypsum injected to give extra weight and quality.

Trophy Engraving

In contrast with the rest of the process, the way toward engraving trophies appears the most straightforward and simple to do, however, there is a lot of expertise required in engraving a trophy or an award, all things considered, there is no space for the mistake here if the engraving is to be artistically satisfying.  Engraving techniques for trophies and awards involve hand, rotary, and laser engraving.