How Do I Pay a Lawyer for My Personal Injury Case?

You’ve likely seen the commercials, the billboards, and the internet advertisements that all claim they can help you to win a personal injury lawsuit.  But what they don’t tell you is how much an accident lawyer in San Jose, or elsewhere in the country, is likely to cost.  If you have been injured, and the accident wasn’t your fault, keep reading.  This article will explain everything you need to know about paying a lawyer for your personal injury case.

Contingency Fees

The majority of personal accident lawyers opt to handle cases on a contingency basis.  What this means is that you don’t pay them an upfront sum; instead, they receive a percentage of the compensation payout that you receive.  Usually this is somewhere between 30 and 40% of the figure.  Whilst this may seem like a lot, if the lawyer doesn’t win the case, he is not entitled to any fees.

Hourly Rates

If you would prefer not to give your lawyer a percentage of any compensation you receive, another option is to pay your lawyer an hourly rate.  Under an arrangement like this, your attorney will be paid for any time he spends on your case until it’s resolved.  The price you will be expected to pay will vary depending on the type of lawsuit you are filing, and the experience of the lawyer.  A cheaper lawyer isn’t always the best option.  An experienced personal injury lawyer, for example, will be able to handle complex cases much quicker, and may actually save you money.

Additional Expenses

It is important to remember that you may also have to pay for some additional expenses.  This could be for things like expert witness fees, medical records, police reports, filing fees, and trial exhibits.  The majority of accident attorneys will pay these costs for you, and then deduct them from the compensation you receive.  However, some lawyers may ask you to pay for these expenses yourself up-front.  So make sure you are aware of which you are expected to do.


Not every personal injury case will go to court.  When you first hire your personal accident lawyer, they will draft up a letter to be sent to the other party.  The letter will explain the injuries you have sustained, and ask for a set amount of money in compensation.  Usually the other party will send a counter offer.  If both parties can agree on a fee, the case will not need to go to court.  This can save both parties a lot of money.  If you agree to a settlement, the check will be sent to your lawyer who will take his percentage, and then pass the remainder on to you.

If you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, a personal injury lawyer can help you to receive the compensation that you deserve.  You do not have to pay for the service upfront if you don’t want to, although this is an option if it’s what you prefer.

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