How Can Microsoft Excel Skill Test Be Important For You?

With the increased complexity of the business world, the organizations have to handle a large amount of data and perform analysis of it.They need to showcase the facts found out after analysis of the data and need to make conclusions based on these facts.The amount of data to be analyzed is tremendously large to work on with a regular manual process. But Microsoft Excel has made it easy for the organizations. Microsoft Excel is an industry standard for the information management like financial, engineering, and statistical data. It helps in data crunching, operations, analysis and even the presentation to arrive at conclusions.

If you are into the business requiring data analysis like finance, banking and accounting etc, you need your people to have a basic to strong knowledge of the data analysis tools such as Microsoft Excel.It is difficult to judge the knowledge of candidates on Excel through face to face interview as Excel is all about numbers, functions which can’t be judged by the theoretical knowledge instead it is to be judged on the basis of applied skills gained through practical experience. The Microsoft Excel skills assessment test is a solution for this problem.

This recruitment test allows the hiring managers to identify and test the level of expertise of candidates in Excel. The test is specially designed for testing candidate’s ability to perform different tasks in stimulated Excel environment. The platform resembles the original tool with similar options as of Microsoft Excel to perform the tasks.It is designed so as to check both application and the functional skills of the candidates as per industry requirement.They are available at different levels such as basic and advanced excel skill test.

With this test, you can evaluate the candidate’s skills on the topics like data management, data edits; excel formatting tables and charts, working knowledge on formulae and functions.Generally, this test consists of MCQs, True or False, Fill in the Blank and Descriptive questions.After finishing the test, recruiter can view the test results immediately and get the detailed report and analysis of the candidate’s performance in the test.

This test can be customized as well. Questions can be added, removed or replaced according to the client’s business requirement. The tests can be offered in different languages.The Microsoft Excel skills assessment test is useful in recruiting people in different job profile such as Sales and Marketing executives, Operations and Production executives, Receptionists, Data entry operators etc.

This test also provides the user the flexibility of time and location as this can be conducted and taken from the candidate’s location and comes with a good security and vigilance features such as auto-proctoring to restrict the candidates from cheating. Since it doesn’t need to be conducted at different locations, administration and printing cost is reduced and it saves your valuable time as well.With the ease of conducting the test at any location with internet connectivity, a large number of candidates can be screened for the excel skills at the same time.This helps to reach the more talented pool of people.

Since this particular test is designed as per the industry requirements of the job aspirants, it contains skill based questions and provides detail analysis after test completion with sectional scores.This helps in better recruitment decision and makes recruitment process comparatively easy for you.

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