Guidelines to Hire Managers Effectively

When it comes to hiring managers, the company finds it little tricky. It is because of their experience, expertise, salary, and availability. Yes, just not one factor, but many are included in the interview process while finding a candidate for a manager position in your company. Request you to not take that as pressure. If you can follow the steps given below, then you can hire not only managers but any resource without any challenges.

Fool proof Steps in Effective Recruitment

  1. Understand the requirement before you start your interview process. First talk to the concerned authority to know whether the resource is hired for an existing opening or a new position. If it is replacement position, then talk to the current employee and know about the skills both technical and soft qualifications for that job. On the other hand, for a new job, speak to the decision maker about the expectation from the candidate. You as a recruiter can make a better plan to identify the right resource.
  2. Once you got an idea of the requirement, then you must design the interview process. You must prepare a job description and obtain consent from the stakeholders. Written JD is essential for candidates to understand the position better. Never talk to manager level candidates without having appropriate details in hand.
  3. After talking to them with the job details, you must explain the interview process. They must not only be aware of the job details, but also the process involved and the time frame. Tell them about your company aptitude tests, telephonic interview, face to face discussion and every other interview process in detail. Do not create any wrong impression and be open to let them know about the process and significance of the process. Senior candidates must be treated well, and only then you will find them cooperating with your method.
  4. Make sure you stand up for your promise. Do not over commit. Stick to the timelines and respect their time. Share feedback with them and openly communicate with them. Involve them in the loop and let them feel important. Ask them for their convenience before scheduling an interview and allow them to make decisions. Do not sell your open position. Make them feel responsible even for getting an offer. Introduce them to the interviewer and let them know who will interview them.
  5. Never negotiate salary, and you must know what they expect even before they are called for a discussion. Do not waste their time as senior people might get offended quickly than others. Explain to them what your package is when you start the process to avoid any clash with the existing team. They may talk to other managers in your firm during the interview, so you must exercise caution to avoid any conflict. Being on the recruitment team, these are the basic guidelines to follow when hiring a manager.

In a nutshell, be professional and take recruitment process seriously. Your one wrong move though not intentional will have a severe impact on the business.