Gluten-Free Pizza vs Celiac Disease

Pizza makers over the years have moved from making traditional pizza into making gluten free pizza. It is important first to understand the term gluten free pizza. The gluten free pizza is made of various ingredients with the addition of agar, xanthan gum, pulverized legume grains, and various starches. The ingredients are mixed and baked together. The gelatins and starched ingredients then form a bond that holds the mixture together. The mixture is what results to a gluten free pizza which is gentle enough to digest in the stomach of someone who suffers from celiac.

Gluten is the only protein found in food that is indigestible. It contains molecules that can slip through the intestinal lining leading to inflammation in the intestine especially for people with celiac disease. People suffering from celiac disease have been medically prescribed to a diet free of gluten as the only treatment to celiac disease.

Gluten free pizza offers the following health benefits specifically to people with celiac disease:

Get more energy: Pizza free from gluten improves your digestion and lowers your cholesterol levels meaning that you are healthier and feel a lot better.

Help with autoimmune disease: Celiac disease is an example of autoimmune disease. Eating gluten free pizza helps you reduce the risk of getting another autoimmune disease in the near future.

Help in bloating: Celiac disease is caused due to inflammation in the intestine which basically leads to bloating. Therefore, removing gluten from your pizza helps you reduce the chance of bloating and also help you to lose more weight.

Manage your insulin level: Gluten based foods increases your insulin level which causes it to drop or spike drastically. Gluten free pizza helps you to reduce this drop and spike tendency.

Improve vitamin absorption: Celiac disease is caused by consuming gluten protein which is indigestible. Therefore, consuming pizza from gluten especially vegan pizza allows the digestive system to easily absorb the nutrients from the pizza you are consuming. This also leads to increased vitality.

Better digestive health: If you suffer from persistent digestive (Celiac disease) issues immediately after taking traditional pizza, then it is recommended you consume gluten free pizza. It helps you reduce abdominal cramping, stomach upset, gas, diarrhea, and constipation especially for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Better mood: People suffering from celiac disease have been known to experience headaches, anxiety, and low mood. Gluten free pizza is recommended as a way of fighting low moods and at the same time improving your health.