Contribution of Peter Max in American Pop Art

The Pop Art movement started during the 1950s and 60s in Britain and America that revolves around the products of the mass media.  This art in America has evolved in a slightly different way from that of the British pop art. This artwork went on to become one of the United States’ main artistic movements in the 20th century.

Contribution of Peter Max in Pop Art

Regarded as the icon of pop art, Peter Max is an American Artist and is the authorized portrait artist for the welcome banners at the U.S. Ports of Entry and Statue of Liberty. Born in Berlin, Max and his family fled to Shanghai where he spent the first ten years of his life. Peter has received his formal art training at the Art Students League of New York in Manhattan. He has created works for six US presidents and he has been the official artist of the World Cup, five Super Bowls, the US Open, the World Series, the Grammys, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to name a few. As stated by Peter rightly, pop art has evolved at a vital time in society, typically after World War II, which experienced a huge economic growth. This artwork wanted to bring back the art in the everyday lives of the people.

About American Pop Art

American Pop art has a tendency to be symbolic, mysterious, and violent; while on the other hand, British Pop tends to be more idiosyncratic and referential and it somehow expressed a romantic view. American pop art has been basically a reply to the culture at the time, which has been delayed in commercialism and advertising. Even though pop art does not tend to condemn openly the state of affairs, but it is deeply prejudiced by it. The pop artists of the past have been influenced by religion and nature, while the modern pop artists are influenced by the subjects that they have been constantly exposed to. This is why, pop art reverberated very intensely with the mass population and the art has been able to incorporate subject matter and techniques that a varied audience has already very familiar with.

Some important facts about Peter Max’s art

The art of Peter Max earlier has been characterized by cosmic ambiguities, dark line work, and intense bursts of colors which at that time served as an essential part of the psychedelic and counterculture movement up until new printing methods allowed for his work to be copied on product commodities. This is why, Peter’s art has been ultimately licensed to around seventy two corporations and his status has been escalated to celebrity rank. His art still continues to influence today’s fashion as in the recent times American apparel has started a product line by the name Neo Max which features his artwork and his designs. At present Max stays in New York City with his children.

Thus, it can be said his contribution to the American Pop Art is huge.

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