Cheap Ways to Have a Luxury Bathroom

Want a luxury bathroom but don’t want to pay designer prices? Lots of people decide to spruce up their home in the New Year but budgets are often tight after the excesses of Christmas. Here are some clever ways to get a dream bathroom without maxing out the credit card:

  1. Add a plant

The most glamourous and luxurious bathrooms have a touch of nature incorporated into the décor. Something bright, fresh and clean. An indoor plant is a cheap and effective addition, transforming your bathroom into a spa like ambience. White flowers, whether real or artificial offer a fresh, clean feel.

  1. Roll up your towels

Instead of hanging your towels willy-nilly and watching them slip onto the floor, roll up your towels in a posh hotel style and neatly stack them on display. Another touch of hotel class is to include a tray for decadent items such as perfume bottles, glass jars or vases, candles and soft face cloths.

  1. No mix, more match

Most of us have a mix of towels from over the years but putting any old towels and mats into the bathroom can make it look messy. Invest in a complete collection of soft, fluffy matching bathroom textiles in neutral or subtle tones for the ultimate in luxury glam.

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  1. Clear away clutter

Whether you treat yourself to drawer compartments or hide everything behind a sink skirt, have a clear out of old shampoo bottles etc and leave your surfaces clean and clear.

  1. Update your lighting

The most expensive bathrooms never have harsh lighting. Their design incorporates clever use of spotlights and mood lighting in different areas. Letting in lots of natural light is also important, so updating your blinds might be in order. Choose modern Waterproof Roller Blinds so you can adjust your light levels to suit. For more information, visit

A cheap way to pinpoint light in places where you need good visibility is to add strip lighting to the bottom of shelving or behind a mirror. This way you’ll get all the benefits of lots of light, but it will be softer and more diffused around the room.

  1. Add natural elements

Natural elements are very on-trend and designer at the moment. Think about incorporating things like natural stone, floating wooden shelving or a bamboo screen, for example.

  1. Smell good too

Make sure your bathroom tantalises all your senses and include some delicious scents. Nothing too overpowering but a fresh, clean scent is a must-have for a luxury bathroom. Diffusers are simple to install and use while also providing an extra touch of glam.