How to celebrate a memorable Christmas in UAE?

The Christmas fever is slowly gripping the people all over the world and they are looking for ways to celebrate this auspicious occasion in an extraordinary manner. If you are planning to celebrate Christmas in UAE or is already present in the country, here are the few ways by which you can make the occasion really special for your dear ones.

  • Go for a shopping around the mega malls- The country of UAE is famous for offering shopping extravaganza on the special occasion of Christmas and New Year. Visit some of the grand shopping malls in Dubai and enjoy the shopping treat on various popular brands and labels.
  • Enjoy the amazing cake flavours at popular bakeries and cafes- A yummy cake will find the presence in the platter of various sweets and delicacies lovers. You can gorge all the popular Christmas cakes such as a Red Velvet Cake, Fresh Fruits Cake, Chocolate and Cream Cake and other flavours that are available on the various bakery stores such as French Bakery, Magnolia Bakery, Chateau Blanc and cafes in Dubai and other parts of UAE.
  • Head towards the luxurious hotels of Palm Jumeirah- If you are visiting the country of UAE, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Palm Jumeirah Island, the amazing man-made island in Dubai. The wonderful structural wonder and architecture is known for its exceptional hotels, restaurants and coastline. So, head towards any of those luxurious hotels in Palm Jumeirah if your pockets are full and celebrate the occasion of Christmas in an unforgettable manner.
  • Spend the day at the desert Safari- UAE is not just famous for its skyscrapers and malls but also offers amazing adventurous rides to visitors during desert Safari. You can easily hire a quad bike or ATV and zoom across the desert with your friends for an adventurous and playful Christmas celebration.
  • Witness the diverse marine life through underwater zoo- If the vast and diverse marine life fascinates you, it is time to experience the wide range of sea animals closely at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the largest man-made aquarium. You will be completely amazed by the impressive collection of sea creatures from sharks to turtles, dolphins to octopuses, sea horse to eels and a lot more.

It is definitely your choice whether to enjoy some of the best Christmas cakes, go for big shopping events or enjoy a memorable and special time in Dubai on the auspicious occasion of Christmas.

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