What annoys people about websites?

You probably love your website, and why wouldn’t you? You have invested time and money into its creation and you’re proud of your achievements. However, do your analytics suggest that perhaps not everyone is as enamoured of your site as you are? It’s time to remove those rose-tinted glasses and ask yourself if you recognise any of the following with your own website:

  1. Your Site is Slow

We currently live in a world of instant gratification. When it comes to the internet, people are seriously impatient. You might have the most engaging, insightful, humorous website on the planet but if it doesn’t load within 2 seconds, your visitors are gone. Yes, all you have is 2 seconds. Almost half of people surveyed won’t stick around longer than that for a site to load.

Therefore, a slow-loading page is a major annoyance for web users, especially for those browsing on mobile phones. Thankfully, there are lots of options to improve this particular gripe. For help with all aspects of improving your website, contact web designers in Reading.

  1. Your Site Looks Bad on Mobiles

Web browsing is all about the mobile experience now, so if you don’t have an optimised site, you will be penalised. Mobile web browsing has now overtaken browsing on other devices. Not only will you have some very annoyed visitors who can’t access your content properly but search engines like Google won’t even display you in their mobile search results if you’re not mobile and tablet optimised.

  1. Too Many Popups

While the correct use of popups is an effective marketing tool, too much in your face will annoy the heck out of your visitors and they will bounce. People want to access your content and if they must close multiple popups before even getting to the good stuff, they won’t be happy customers. Popups are useful but only if you’re clever about it.

  1. Your Website is Outdated

Think carefully about the design of your site and whether it looks like it hasn’t been updated since the late 90s or early 2000s. This is a sure-fire way to send customers packing. Design flaws like flashing adverts, GIFs that blink and overly complex animations are a few examples of outdated design elements that should no longer be seen.

  1. Stock Photos

Cheesy, generic stock photos that lots of companies use means your visitors might be spotting the same models on lots of different websites. All of a sudden, your business becomes indistinguishable from all the other businesses using those same stock images. Images are good, but try to use real photos, or something unique like custom illustrations that people won’t have seen anywhere else.

  1. Bad Copy

In the past, the practice of search engine optimisation involved getting as many keywords into your copy as possible. It made content dull, repetitive and often impossible to read. It was rubbish for web users and search engines soon identified it and penalised for it. However, if your site is still guilty of too much keyword stuffing, you need to get with the times and create some content that’s engaging, relevant and current.

The Necessity of Airtel Mobile Recharge

Mobile phones are the lifelines for every individual nowadays. The usage of mobile phones put the people together in spite of the distances. Every business and almost relations are also based on the mobile phones. Fast moving life and busy schedules will not allow the individuals to meet people every day. Mobile provides various methods for the connectivity with the people as SMS, calls, chat and many more. To make calls, SMS, chat via mobile balance is necessary either pre or post balance must be in your mobile phones. The increasing awareness of internet and digital payment methods are now leading in new ways for the online recharge. The excessive use of mobiles also increases the necessity of Online Recharge.

Hassle Free Online Airtel Recharge

During the initial phases of Mobile. People used to stand in the queues at mobile recharge shops. Specific paper recharge coupons were used for the recharge. As the time moves, latest technology picked up the pace and online mobile recharge becomes the first choice of the mobile users. There are so many website portals, and apps have been introduced as Paytm, Mobikwik, Phonepe and many more. Without standing in a queue or move to the recharge shops, users can get their mobile recharge done through these user-friendly portals. In case of urgency, a user only requires portal and internet banking for the recharge and payment.

 Easy Methods for Mobile Recharge

It is straightforward to recharge mobile phones online. People don’t require specialized training to do it as online apps and portals are designed more simply. One just needs the Internet connectivity along with the smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablets. Airtel online recharge provides, various discount coupons, reward points, and cash back offer for thier users. It is done within few seconds, and the user can enjoy the full talk time, unlimited SMS packs, internet packages, etc. as per their capacity and payment options. Many companies have introduced attractive offers for regular users, which is also helping them in building their business.

Reliability of Online Recharge

Few people always have a query regarding the reliability of online Airtel recharge. Due to online payment involvement, people are looking for the safety and security of their hard earned money. The portals have used the secured interface for the payment options. Whenever one is making an online payment, it will ask for bank details and one-time password before proceeding ahead. It will make sure for the users for the safety of their transaction. There is an option of securing with login id and password as well for making it more comfortable for the payment. It provides users with a solution that is instant and can get from anywhere and anytime.

Customer Support for Online Recharge

For every successful business, there must be excellent customer support behind. Here many portals provide the active support for their customers. In case a user is facing any challenge while recharging or making payment, customer support plays an important role. Users need not worry about their questions regarding online recharge. They will provide you the detailed information in written, or somehow they call you back for the personal attention. Mobile online recharge option is a complete package for the people who are looking for the time saving and hassle-free services.

Guide on Editing Videos with Movavi Video Editor Software

Movavi Video Editor is a good editor for editing high resolution 4K videos. The software is affordable and comes with all the video editing tools you need in a single download file. It is not expensive like those video editor developed by large companies. You’ll find that Movavi Video Editor has a user friendly interface that is easy to use for editing your videos.

To edit your HD/4K video, you must first add it into the software. The easiest way to open your 4K videos is to drag them into the timeline. The drag and drop interface on the timeline can support opening more than one videos. When you have open them, you can rearrange them and change their position by simply dragging them with your mouse cursor. Rearranging the video clips will change the sequence in which they play in the video.

On the toolbar above, you can use the scissor to cut the footage into different parts. To cut a footage, you simply move the marker to the start point and press the scissor to clip it. Then, you have to move the marker another time to the end point and clip it once more. Movavi Video Editor has a video rotation tool that allows you to rotate the video by 90 degree each time. If you want to change the orientation of a video, you must click to select it in the timelime and press the rotate button to rotate it.

The 4K video editing software offers hundreds of attractive transitions that you can insert between your video clips. You can add transition into your video by clicking on the transition tab on the left side bar. You’ll see the transitions are arranged into many different categories such as crossfade, and fade to black. You can select the transition and drag it to the area in between the clip to add it. To see how it looks, you can press the play button in the preview area. If you don’t like the transition, you can always delete it by selecting it and pressing the delete button.

You can also apply filter on your video clips with Movavi Video Editor. Filters can change the appearance of the clip into something more artful like oil painting, and retro. It can also change the color tone of the video. You can drag the filter that you are interested onto the clip in the timeline. It will appear in the preview window for you to preview it.

Movavi Video Editor has a tool called color adjustment that allows you to adjust the color tones like saturation, brightness and contrast. You can access the color adjustment tool by clicking on the color adjustment button, which has a half white half black circle symbol. In the color adjustment tool, you can drag the sliders to make manual adjustment. For some people, they aren’t skilled at adjusting the sliders to achieve a professional look on the video so they prefer to use the auto adjustment. The auto adjustment feature can adjust the color tone of your video and slightly improve it.

Technology Yet to Arrive

Ever wonder what gadgets and devices the future holds? It seems we are living in an age where technology and digital living is changing the way we work and play faster than ever before, but is there room for even more improvements to make our lives safer, easier and more interesting? Here are some fascinating projects that are being worked on right now in the fields of entertainment and transport:

  1. Laugh Detection System

Sony is working on a system whereby a webcam connected to your TV can supply your real-time reactions to the shows or films you’re watching. When you’re watching a comedy, the webcam will be able to identify your facial expressions to update a network shared with other users. Gone are the days of reading film reviews, you’ll be able to access the data to see which shows and movies are getting the most laughs! While we’re not quite there yet, most homes now boast smart TVs and other automated entertainment systems to maximise viewing pleasure. If you’re looking for a Home Automation Company, Digital Interiors are a smart home automation company with loads of experience.

  1. Smart Chairs

Why clog up your living room with armchairs, gaming chairs, beanbags and sofas? Work is currently in progress for transforming chairs that can switch from armchair to rocking chair in just 20 seconds. It’s constructed from a lightweight carbon-fibre frame with super soft elastic bands on the seat. It’s easy to move, transform and still looks stylish enough to become part of your living room décor.

  1. LED Spray Cans

Imagine being able to spray LED lights just like a graffiti spray can? Unleash your artistic talents without making any mess at all. Shaking the can will recharge the battery life and you’ll be able to adjust the colour and brightness of your LED light spray. If this product is ever released, it’s sure to be the top of every child’s Christmas list!

  1. All Terrain Electric Vehicles

While electric cars are a fairly common sight these days, the future of these vehicles will be an all-terrain version that can travel through ice, snow and water as well as normal tarmac! The cars will come with tyres that be altered to reflect the terrain you’re encountering. Never be stuck unable to cross a river again –  the tyres will open up to change into paddles of course! Running on electric power, it won’t cost you a penny in fuel either.

  1. Flying Nanobots

Forget bulky drones – in the future we’ll all be flying nanobots! They weigh as little as 10g, fly just like mosquitos and sound as annoying as them too. Still in progress, the nanobots can currently only fly for 20 seconds with their present battery life. Let’s hope the project takes a long time, or spying on people will become a whole lot easier!

Principles of SEO

If you have a blog on your website, then writing good quality content is only part of the process. If you want search engines to find you, there are certain principles of SEO or search engine optimisation to stick to. blog. The higher you rank in searches, the more visitors to your site, simple.

  1. Ensure your pages link to each other

Maybe your blog article has dozens of backlinks but another page on your site has only 2. This means the lower page will have a tougher time ranking on Google. By linking the page with more backlinks to the lesser page, it will enjoy something called link equity, enabling it to rank better. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this all manually. For example, WordPress has plugins for such internal linking. For help with your site, think about Local SEO services with https://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services/

  1. Get rid of old non-ranking articles

If there are any articles on your site that are older than two years and are no longer read, then delete them. If you want to keep them, be sure to ‘noindex’ the articles, so they don’t negatively affect newer, better linked articles.

  1. Flatten it out

The way that information is laid out into pages and subpages and how they link together is known as site architecture. This architecture can be either deep or flat, and you want flat. Search engines think the top pages of deep sites are more important, as webcrawlers locate the category pages first. Basically, if the main content of your site is more than 3 clicks from your homepage, search engines will not see lower pages as important and might not even index them. The flatter your site architecture, the better.

  1. Know your keywords

Think about the words that people are going to search for. Every page on your site should be geared towards using keywords important to your business. When creating pages for your site, use the best keywords in every post. Google has a tool called Google Keyword Planner that can guide you towards popular keywords to use and how many monthly searches are happening with those words.

  1. Tag Images

Visuals are an important part of blogs and articles, and most sites rely on them heavily to make an impact. It’s surprising how many don’t tag their images though. When Google indexes a site, it needs to know what the image is and how it should be presented. If images are not tagged, then Google doesn’t know how to identify them.

  1. Work with Google

For the long-term good of your website, it’s always best to co-operate with Google and not try to employ so-called ‘black hat’ SEO tactics to boost your rankings. These techniques aim to outsmart Google and artificially boost rankings. Whilst you may see temporary improvements, they won’t last, and you could end up being slapped with a Google penalty. Organic SEO is a long-term commitment to building a website that is an asset to you and that continues to attract traffic to your high-quality of engaging content for the customer.

2017’s top five free text editors

As we approach the end of 2017, we look back at some of the most appreciated releases in the digital industry. Here are five of the best tools intended for web professionals (and novices too), rated for their efficiency, design and user-friendliness.

1. Notepad++

Notepad is a familiar and friendly text editor for many people, not to mention fully-fledged programmers. There is a reason why this text editor has stood the test of the time; it is so flexible and fast. This version benefits from syntax highlighting, a tabbed interface, autocomplete in various languages and a long list of useful plugins.

2. Atom

Atom, meanwhile, is a customisable text editor that enables its user to have complete control over its features and functions. These features include a multi-tab interface, code completion and built-in package manager with numerous add-on packages available. The tool offers great support and is a very popular choice for newcomers.

As someone who is new to the field of web development, you may alternatively wish to seek help with your project. Red Snapper (https://www.redsnapper.net) is a professional web development company in London who can take complicated programming off your hands, allowing you to focus on your primary objective.

3. Vim

Less adaptable but equally as powerful is Vim, a fairly well-established tool in the industry. Vim now offers users autocomplete, history support, code completion and macro recording and playback. Unlike Atom, this text editor requires you to learn on the go, However, once you’ve mastered its ways, it has some great benefits on offer.

4. Light Table

Light Table can be applied to a variety of projects but, as with many tools, it does have its pros. One of these is its suitability for website building, thanks to its embedded editor, its availability for multiple operating systems and its ability to be customised. Other standout features include plugins, instant code testing and code feedback.

5. Bluefish

The very fast Bluefish is an efficient but busy text editor. The tool can be a bit confusing with its many tabs and toolbars, but its more complex design is a direct result of it being able to handle lots of tasks at once. Some of the key features are remote editing, syntax highlighting and checking and support for various programming languages.

Top Facts to know about CRM Software Solutions

Today businesses are using different types of software solutions to increase their productivity and to reduce their work load. It is a time which CRM software solutions obsess with in the finale point of all of the enterprise administration software. In this competitive planet, it is extremely important for a company to transform it’s creates a pleased customer. Here comes using CRM software. From the primary, this relates to product revenue, marketing as well as customer companies. That’s not exactly about this computer software package.

Multi-featured business CRM software package today touches every one of the facet of businesses exactly in which customers are in the key focus. Should you precede couple of years back, you would find that corporate giants needed to make huge purchase to enjoy the particular substance of on-premise remedies making earnings by knowing their clients in addition to creating more personal relationships with them. Using the ongoing development associated with CRM software programs, just about all types of companies can go through the advantages of fractional treatments.

Web-based CRM software program or perhaps impair CRM software programs are exactly in which it’s all at. Any business can get usage of that simply by signing up to it. Frequently it’s referred to as Software-as-a-Service which allows an organization to enjoy full functionalities of CRM solutions. A business doesn’t have to invest regarding which consists of personal server or another type of commercial structure. An authorized particular man or woman from the organization cans easily usage of this kind of computer software package from any part of the world. This is due to the program supplying company is the one that will keep every one of the data in its computers, sustain as well as upgrade every one of the required computer software package to suit your needs.