What your choice of car colour says about you

White and silver have been dominant choices of colour when it comes to choosing a car in the last few years, though now black is back in the top spot. When there is a whole rainbow of colours available when ordering a new car – with names as descriptive as the big brand wall paints – what is it about black that is so enduringly appealing?


Much has been made about what your choice of colour says about your personality, whether in terms of clothes, home décor or car. It’s a universally-spoken language that we recognise subconsciously, and because of that, we’re often drawn to one colour over another without recognising or acknowledging it, yet it drives so many decisions.

Colour choices

So what is it about black? Said to be a ‘power colour,’ in a car, black is sensible and safe. Drivers of black cars are confident. Usually associated with elegance and style, it’s a choice for people wanting to be taken seriously, so a great option for company cars.

White is naturally a clean choice – which is sometimes difficult to maintain in a car exterior – but can also be the choice of someone hiding their personality, or someone who is not sharing their emotions.

Blue is a popular choice, and suggests reliability and trustworthiness, which is why it’s the main brand colour for the NHS and lots of banks and building societies. It’s a colour for thinkers and is not generally an emotional colour.

Red suggests someone who likes to be noticed. It’s not for the faint-hearted, and in the car world, because of its association with a very famous Italian car manufacturer – Ferrari – it is often seen as being strong and exciting. A red car is not for wallflowers.

You might find that the colour of car you choose even has an impact on your insurance, which is a consideration for businesses looking for motor trade insurance. Look around for quotes from companies like quotemetoday.co.uk/motor-trade-insurance to make sure you get the best deal.

You can find out more about the meaning of colour and its impact from Art Therapy.

So whilst we normally choose a colour instinctively, it might be worth ‘future proofing’ your decision and taking some time to consider more carefully.

A World of Fictional Tanks

The impressive role of tanks in warfare since their inception during World War I has inspired many an author and film director since. Huge, powerful, awesome machines that have a special place in the hearts of those who have served inside or alongside them. Here are two fictional tanks. One inspired by seeing tanks in action and one created before tanks were even a real thing.

The Land Ironclads

This was a short story written by H.G Wells about future tanks before there even were tanks! The story was printed in the 1903 December issue of Strand Magazine and involved fearful machines of 100 feet long, containing riflemen, engineers, a captain and carried remotely-controlled guns. Sound familiar?

The name ‘ironclad’ came from the steam warships of the mid-1800s that were protected by steel or iron armour plating. The machines were described as narrow with incredibly strong steel frames and being carried on 8 pairs of large wheels of 10 feet in diameter. For your own exciting Tank Driving experience, visit https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/tank-driving-experience.html

A large iron plate served as protection for the whole vehicle, with the captain and crew having look-out ports around the top edge. There was also a tower that could be raised or lowered above the look-out points and through the middle of the upper iron cover. The riflemen would sit in cabins to use the mechanically targeting automatic rifles. H.G Wells was quite a visionary as this story was written before the start of what we now view as modern warfare.

The Baneblade

Most of us have heard of the hugely popular game Warhammer. There are wars galore, with battlefields taking over entire planets and battling for victory is all that counts. The Baneblade is a super-heavy tank belonging to the Imperial Guard., being there oldest and biggest serving vehicle in the armed forces of the Imperial Guard.

Such is the size of the beast that it requires a 10-person crew. It is a highly capable and powerful battle tank with no apparent weaknesses. There are different versions available, each with a unique applications and purpose. Its best use is for deployment in the support of heavy infantry. It can fire on infantry with Heavy Bolters and Demolisher Cannon, but also damage enemy armour with an impressively sounding Mega Battle Cannon. It is vicious in demolishing anything smaller, has huge crushing tracks and a vast arsenal of weaponry.

Anyone playing this game will favour this command vehicle when they take to the field. The command vehicle comes equipped with awesome communication capabilities and a wide range of tactical planning equipment. It is still not perfect though, despite its great power. It sits as a large, conspicuous target, is slow and not overly flexible or easy to manoeuvre.

These Are All Bad Reasons for Having an Away Day

Away days can sound like a great idea, and they generally are a wonderful opportunity for team bonding and getting some wonderful ideas bouncing around without being hemmed in by the physical and psychological confines of the office. However, there are occasions when really you should stay put.

Valid Reasons

If you are having an away day, there should be a strong purpose behind it rather than just a vague reward for staff which means a huge amount of work will pile up for them during the away day that they will have to deal with on returning to the office. Also, the fact you had one last year, or maybe the year before, is not a good enough reason for another either. If morale in the office is so bad that it is considered an away day will improve it, then there are bigger problems in the organisation than a day doing something else will alleviate.

Hidden Agendas

Away days are not a good platform for establishing who is a poor performer or lacks loyalty. Used in this way, an away day could create bigger divisions. Using an away day as a substitute for honest discussion won’t work either. Nor will using an away day as a way of implying staff have input into a decision that is already made.

If you choose the right reasons and a suitable activity for an away day, such as learning to drive a tank, this could give a significant boost to productivity. Even Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has learnt to drive one, according to this report in The Express.

If you want to discover more about the exciting option of tank driving as a possible team-building exercise, it’s a good idea to talk to experts who offer this type of activity, such as https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/tank-driving-experience.html. An organisation like this should be able to give you all the advice and guidance you need when comes to learning more about tank driving.

Away days can have lots of benefits when they happen for good reasons. Clear, honest objectives should be behind them, along with the desire to build on the positive things that are already present in your organisation. This will lead to away days that leave everyone involved feeling inspired and invigorated.

How to get around Birmingham during your next weekend break

If you are planning a trip to Birmingham, you will need to know the best way of travelling. Whether you are planning to watch an event at the NEC, a mammoth shopping trip at the Bull Ring or following your football team to one of the many football stadiums, getting around Birmingham can be easy as long as you know what to look for.


If you prefer to drive, Birmingham has plenty of car parks that are conveniently located depending on the reason for your visit. The Bull Ring has its own car park for those taking part in some retail therapy, or you could head to the B4 car park in the city centre. If you don’t want to bring your own car, you could look into hiring a vehicle or even getting a chauffeur-driven one to make the occasion extra special.


Probably the best way of getting around Birmingham is by using its extensive network of buses and metro services. It is always a good idea to plan your journey in advance so that you know exactly where to go and what service to take.


Based in the heart of the country, Birmingham’s rail network provides access for visitors from all over the country, and even further afield due to its link to Birmingham International airport. The local lines also allow passengers direct access to some attractions outside the city centre.


With so much of the city centre pedestrianised to allow safe travel for those on foot, taking a stroll around Birmingham could not be easier. You will find several street totems that provide information and show you possible routes to take. If you are staying in Birmingham city centre serviced apartments such as http://www.8waterloostreet.co.uk, it is worth checking out the location to see whether your main destination is within walking distance; for those based in the city centre, it usually is.


With many cycle routes available throughout the city, riding a bike can also be a great way to sightsee. You can even venture outside the city centre and follow the canal paths, which can take you for miles. For those wanting to stay in the centre, there is plenty of cycle parking available should you wish to stop off and have a bite to eat.

Contribution of Peter Max in American Pop Art

The Pop Art movement started during the 1950s and 60s in Britain and America that revolves around the products of the mass media.  This art in America has evolved in a slightly different way from that of the British pop art. This artwork went on to become one of the United States’ main artistic movements in the 20th century.

Contribution of Peter Max in Pop Art

Regarded as the icon of pop art, Peter Max is an American Artist and is the authorized portrait artist for the welcome banners at the U.S. Ports of Entry and Statue of Liberty. Born in Berlin, Max and his family fled to Shanghai where he spent the first ten years of his life. Peter has received his formal art training at the Art Students League of New York in Manhattan. He has created works for six US presidents and he has been the official artist of the World Cup, five Super Bowls, the US Open, the World Series, the Grammys, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to name a few. As stated by Peter rightly, pop art has evolved at a vital time in society, typically after World War II, which experienced a huge economic growth. This artwork wanted to bring back the art in the everyday lives of the people.

About American Pop Art

American Pop art has a tendency to be symbolic, mysterious, and violent; while on the other hand, British Pop tends to be more idiosyncratic and referential and it somehow expressed a romantic view. American pop art has been basically a reply to the culture at the time, which has been delayed in commercialism and advertising. Even though pop art does not tend to condemn openly the state of affairs, but it is deeply prejudiced by it. The pop artists of the past have been influenced by religion and nature, while the modern pop artists are influenced by the subjects that they have been constantly exposed to. This is why, pop art reverberated very intensely with the mass population and the art has been able to incorporate subject matter and techniques that a varied audience has already very familiar with.

Some important facts about Peter Max’s art

The art of Peter Max earlier has been characterized by cosmic ambiguities, dark line work, and intense bursts of colors which at that time served as an essential part of the psychedelic and counterculture movement up until new printing methods allowed for his work to be copied on product commodities. This is why, Peter’s art has been ultimately licensed to around seventy two corporations and his status has been escalated to celebrity rank. His art still continues to influence today’s fashion as in the recent times American apparel has started a product line by the name Neo Max which features his artwork and his designs. At present Max stays in New York City with his children.

Thus, it can be said his contribution to the American Pop Art is huge.

Becoming a Police Officer

Many children dream of becoming a police officer, just like firefighters or astronauts, it’s one of those ‘hero’ jobs that inspire us. In reality, it takes a certain set of skills of attributes to be a successful police officer and here we look at what’s involved in the recruitment process:

Some basic requirements you need to meet before you apply include:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Be a UK, Commonwealth or EU citizen
  • Pass security checks

There are no formal educational requirements as long as you are able to pass their entry tests, however from 2020 onwards, this is changing. After 2020, you will need a degree in policing to become an officer. This is being done to ensure all recruits have a thorough enough training and education to face the ever changing and complex world of policing.

Following a successful application, you will be expected to attend an interview, complete written tests, undergo a physical fitness test and have medical and eyesight tests. There are also no minimum or maximum height requirements any longer. There are several different routes into policing. Those with a degree can apply for the Police Now Graduate Programme and applicants with management experience could apply for entry to inspector or superintendent.

Skills required for the role of police officer include:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Initiative and confidence
  • Learn procedures quickly and digest information quickly
  • Work well in a team
  • Ability to stay calm in difficult situations and make decisions

The job is hugely varied but as a patrol officer, the tasks might include:

  • Acting as a first responder to calls for help from the public
  • Investigating different offences and criminal activity
  • Conducting interviews and carrying out arrests
  • Crowd control and traffic control
  • Providing advice about safety
  • Treating everyone fairly according to their needs

Police officers must be prepared to work unsociable hours as policing is a 24/7 365 day a year service that never closes. You’ll need to work weekends, nights and public holidays. Being on patrol could see you in a vehicle, on foot, boat, horseback, bicycle or motorbike. A good level of physical fitness is required and needs to be maintained and the job can sometimes be dangerous. A good knowledge of the digital world is also required as policing becomes increasing tech-enabled. More police officers are now being equipped with a smart phone and a body worn camera. For more information, visit https://www.pinnacleresponse.com/

The requirements of the job can seem daunting but the training that recruits receive is among some of the best in the world. Two years is spent as a student before officially becoming a police constable. After this time, you can make a decision as to whether you want to specialise in a certain area of policing. Different specialisms include:

  • Drugs and firearms
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Dog-handling or police horse training
  • CID
  • Anti-fraud
  • Traffic

Other similar roles to consider include that of Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). These officers don’t have the same powers but are crucial in neighbourhood policing. The role includes dealing with minor offences, early intervention, conducting enquiries, guarding, supporting and providing advice to the public.

The use of cooling fans in industries

Cooling fans are facilitated in industries to keep the environment conducive.  A proper cooling fan, facilitates smooth movement and the flow of work is achieved. When then room is conducive with cool climate, employees are able to offer their full skilled manpower which leads to increase in productivity and profitability.

In most cases, industries run their business to make profits which is a great thing but do they consider minor issues such as the uncontrolled temperature which can lead to losses if there is no action taken? This might be a minor issue when mentioned, but you realize that it can be a tremendous problem when it comes to reality. One important thing that adds profits in your industry is installation of a proper cooling fun.

Facilities where cooling fans are used

Most greenhouses use cooling fans as humidifier for maintaining the cool place and also hydrating plants. Food processing industries also use these fans to control the atmosphere. They control heat to avoid damages in the industry for example in greenhouses. For a better quality of the end product, temperature must be controlled to a favorable degree by the use of a cooling fan.

Businesses such as grocery stores must keep the vegetables fresh and preserve them for a long period. Cooling fans are used to maintain the freshness of the grocery which in this case customers are able to consume hygienic products. The store increases the profit by reducing damages of goods and maintaining their customers.

Customers who visit the company have the chance to enjoy a cool environment while making their orders, this attract more and more customer who believe that services and quality of the product is offered by keeping the storage and production area hygienic. Don’t forget to install all the entries with some cooling fans, this gives a good temperature that helps those working in the room forget the heat outside and have a great time in the inside.

Cooling fans can be used in different application which includes cooling and drying of both the facilities and products inside. Industrial fans are helpful in removing bad odors and smoke in processing and cooking applications. Industries dealing with chemical, gaseous fumes and automotive products regulate their industries with cooling fans.

Industrial Cooling fans can be used as an alternative to air conditioners which are much expensive and in some situations they are not an option. There are small portable fans which are used in small rooms where the air circulation is little. Purchase one and place in your office if the temperature is too much.

Choosing the right class of fan for your working place is very important. Fans contributes to the health of workers by removing contaminated air, reducing bad smell and removing pollutant. When installing these fans make sure that they are put to either bring in fresh air or remove the unwanted air out.

If the wrong cooling fun is installed in the room, it can be quite uncomfortable. A big cooling fan in a small room can be a distraction to people working in the area while a too hot room with a small cooling fan can cause slow working pace.

How to Travel with Your Tech

Are you lost without your technology? From smartphones and smartwatches to laptops and tablets we all have our favorites that we can’t live without. Whether you are a business professional, a student, or just a family of fourit is usually vital that you have access to constant communications. This is why it is vital that you also have quick access to your technology when you need it. So, what happens to this bound between you and your tech when you have to travel? You can’t leave your tech behind at home now can you? Of course, you can’t leave your tech behind. According to an article on Business Insider, when you are traveling whether locally or abroad you need to know what you should always have with you when it comes to your technology. These items that you should have with you at all times include: smart luggage, noise-cancelling headphones, e-reader, Bluetooth keyboard, nomad key, portable charger, travel router, standing case for tablets, laptops your smartphone, and universal adapter. The next trick is to ensure that you pack your tech the correctly so that you don’t damage anything. You should learn how to pack your technology because how you pack your technology is very different than how you pack your personal care items. It should be obvious but you should never pack your technology with liquids such as mouthwash and shampoo. Ideally, you should pack your tech separate from your personal care items in a separate bag with padded compartments to keep everything safe.

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