Will Mamma Mia! The Party Restaurant open in London?

Björn Ulvaeus is a name known to people the world over for being one quarter of the most famous Swedish pop group ever: Abba! Although Abba hasn’t released any music for years, people are once more talking about Ulvaeus, and this time not for his songwriting.

He plans to open a branch of his ‘singing theatre’ in Waterloo – where else – and residents are feeling that they ‘couldn’t escape if they wanted to.” The site is beside a housing co-operative in a much coveted part of the city, and the locals believe the concept will disrupt their tranquillity.


Mama Mia! The Party Restaurant, the themed venue based on the musical follows a successful branch in Stockholm, but those against the idea coming to this part of London fear that each night there will be several hundred revellers spilling out onto the streets, loudly singing Abba hits.

Ulvaeus proposes that when the restaurant is not being used for Abba party nights, it could be community space used for various other initiatives.

The fit-out would be key to that, so it’s important that the space has the right equipment for a variety of uses – not just a fully equipped kitchen out back, but things like a display counter in the public-facing space. Specialist retailers like Fridge Freezer Direct https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/serve-over-counters can advise and supply various options.


The residents’ objections are not to Abba themselves – many thank them for the music – but rather to the impact on their lives. These normal people on normal incomes are increasingly finding their voices drowned out by metaphorical noise and they want to be sure their homes are protected from actual noise in the evenings.

Residents have pride in their local area and are keen to preserve it as far as possible. The team behind the Mamma Mia! The Party proposal are keen to stay out of debates surrounding social housing, and whilst they will not comment directly, they have stated that they will try to address community concerns.

Mamma Mia! is not confirmed yet, but if you can’t wait that long, check out The Londonist’s list for the best themed restaurants serving now.

Housing is such a hot topic in London at the moment, so only time will tell whether Mamma Mia! The Party will overcome the residents’ opposition.

Children Entertainers/ Science Parties Ensure High Energy Fun

Science themes have become great party ideas to entertain children. Nowadays, mere birthday parties are not preferred by children. They expect something different and the science parties have taken up with the speed. This is because in such parties with science themes children get to participate and they also get a certificate.

The science parties are conducted by children entertainers who are experts in handling science activities. They offer interactive activities and demonstrations, making your child’s party very special. These entertainers have good number of years experience in handling science projects and now entertain children with interactive fun that involves high energy and is all exciting.

The advantage of holding such parties with science themes include a bundle of benefits such as:

  • It is hassle free and no mess
  • An appropriate entertainment for children in the age groups of 5 to 11 years.
  • Absolute choice for a group of 40 -50 children
  • Can be conducted at your home or halls
  • Ensures active, engaging, affordable, educational and fun in tons
  • Memorable, simple yet unique

These children entertainers are highly trained and skilled that they entertain in parties that are less formal and also in formal events so that children are assured of great time.  One thing is assured that such parties are action packed, fun-filled and offer hands-on experience. They also offer the opportunity of choosing anything of your choice that ranges from two minutes to 15 minutes. Their requirement is very simple such as:

  • A reasonable size room
  • Access to electricity
  • A decent size table

In fact, they carry Certificates and Thank You Notes to give to participants and cheer up. These children entertainers have a good understanding of your children. Though, this may come surprising to you, the truth is that these entertainers of children present the performance with full enthusiasm and your children do participate such that they stay engaged. They communicate and have good level of interaction. However, if they find some children showing less interest, they do not force them. Instead they make the children give prizes and make them interact, add some comical action such that even those children who are shy feel they are part of the entertainment and are not eliminated.

Traditionally, there may be one winner, but these entertainers do give few more small gifts to please the children.  The entertainers come with a list of games and science activities showing how candle burns in a glass and they give simple, but effective tips that children also know. Thus the entertainers bring out the most essential tool, the energy. Thus the party appears to be relaxed and all the science activities shown in the party is enjoyed by children and adults alike. Children feel free to ask questions and they are allowed to touch and perform that instills confidence that they take interest in the science subject. These entertainers are aware of their liability and handle the equipments with utmost care, ensuring endless fun.

Use wine racks to ensure the proper storage of your wine

It is important that your wine is stored properly. Not to say that you should be very interested in the proper storage of a cheap rosé wine from the supermarket, but if you are talking about more exclusive wines then it’s vital that the storage is correct.There are several methods that can be used in this context, but many think that it is something that requires investment in an expensive wine cabinet or that you have to build an actual wine cellar in your house.

However, it must be made clear that this is not the case at all. You have many options to make it both easier and cheaper to properly store your wine. However, it’s no secret that the most efficient (and, in addition, the cheapest) method is that you invest in one or more of the so-called wine racks.There are many of these wine racks on the international market, which you can see at WineAndBarrels, which has a big sortiment of wooden wine racks.

Buy a wine rack and store your wine properly

By purchasing and using a wine rack, you can be sure that you can properly store your wine – and of course it is extremely important. However, it is especially people who love wine and therefore also have larger collections of wine that will be placed on a wine rack for a longer time that needs such a solution. If you buy a bottle of wine and usually drink it a few days after, then such a solution is not exactly a necessity for you, but can still be beautiful in your home.

You should not be afraid that you can not find a wine rack that matches your requirements in terms of size, materials, appearance and so on. The overall range of wine racks on the international market is extremely big, so of course there are also a number of models hidden among the quantities that perfectly match the requirements and preferences you have dictated – and that is something that matters regardless of what and how many requirements you have.

Make sure to choose a wine rack with plenty of space

Even though you do not currently expect a lot of space on your wine rack, it’s a good idea to buy a model that accommodates a larger number of bottles. This is because you are very likely going to be bitten by the idea to establish a wine collection, once you’ve got a wine rack in your home – and therefore it must of course have plenty of room for your future collection of wine.

Fortunately, you have the opportunity to find a lot of different wine racks that have a size that makes it possible to store a lot of wines on them. It also means that whatever size you think you need, it’s possible to find it. And if it can’t be found, then you can be more than sure, that you can find a lot of people, that is interested in making it.

Reliable and high quality rings

People are always interested to buy a product that would meet their expectation and need. One has to smart enough to choose the right kind of ring for the occasion intended for. There are different types of rings available in market depending upon the occasion it is used for. Thus for engagement people try to buy some of the most popular and beautiful Tacori Engagement rings. There are different classification and factors that plays a major role in the design of these engagement rings. The kind of ring that people wear during their engagement differs according to their interest and like. These engagement rings are considered to be the reminiscent of a classical and old kind of rings. Depending upon the kind of engagement rings people need they either choose the Tacori or tiffany type of engagement rings? The important feature of this kind of ring is that this ring has made a brand for itself. The demand for this kind of rings is really high. These are rings that only the elite people can afford to buy and use. This is often considered to be the ring of highest quality. The Tacori Engagement rings are the one that most of the women expects. This is an easy way to impress a girl or even to propose a girl for marriage. A recent study has found that girls are crazy over diamond rings and in particular the Tacori Engagement rings. People while buying the rings must take care if they are in right order, there are also certain possibly that the product that people get is not in right shape. They are not found to be intact; therefore care must be taken before buying the beautiful engagement rings. The cost of these beautifully designed rings is ranging from about $15,000 to high as well as low. But depending upon the level one can afford the engagement rings can be bought.

High quality product

There are also various rings that people buy and complain about the loose fitting of diamonds. But this is not generally the case of the Tacori Engagement rings, but still people are advised to check the product and enquire about the quality of the product from the seller before buying it. People can also check out with various forums regarding the quality of the product and customer satisfaction on the product. This will help people who are interested to buy these products to make a better decision. The warranty for the product is something that is pretty important factor that everyone has to look into before purchasing the product. Warranty given to the product is really important for this will help the customers to service or repair any damaged part within a stipulated period of time. But high quality Tacori Engagement rings do not suffer from these kinds of issues, but still it is advisable for people to do a deeper study of the product review before buying it. The design and the quality of the product that people use for this purpose is better compared to other possible product available in the market. The Tacori designs are unique and therefore costly. People are advised to go for the original brand of the product and not try other for the sake of cost of the product. One has to buy the product from the inventory that has rich collection of rings and gives good service to customer coming for purchase. The customers trying to buy a product from many of these people are interested to buy only special order depending upon the likes of a person. In this case the Tacori Engagement rings are the best in the market.

Diamond Jewellery – A favorite, valuable and quite wonderful thing among ladies

Jewellery is always one of a favorite thing of women and at the time of their wedding “the most special day of their life” wearing diamond jewellery can make their momentous day really unforgettable. Not only for wedding but on all the occasions’ diamond jewellery can definitely be a perfect gift to express the deep love in a relationship by adding brightness and shine to your life because diamond actually brings pleasure as well as contentment to one’s life.

Diamond jewellery is the perfect way to express the immeasurable love to our beloved ones. Not even in present and at the time of wedding but from the past diamond jewellery is the only thing that can make a woman happy anytime and keep your relations alive forever. Diamond is really a most durable and lasting symbol of love and commitment

There are various types of diamond you can avail from the market as Gold Diamond Jewelry, Platinum Diamond Jewelry, White Gold Diamond Jewellery, Gemstone Diamond Jewelry, Sterling Silver Diamond Jewelry, Black Diamond jewelry and Pearl Diamond Jewelry etc. and as a gift like diamond ring, diamond earrings it can be really an impressive gift item for a man in order to impress his beloved one.

In fact, this is the thing of past when diamond jewellery were taken to be the best friend of a girl but the time has changed and men also started taking pleasure in the beauty and luster of diamond as diamond rings, earrings and other jewellery items. Especially, amongst the celebrities diamond jewellery has becomes very famous and accepted gift item. They are fond of wearing and gifting diamond jewellery on special occasion off their friends and beloved ones.

One of the great things is, you can select from the diamond bridal sets, and choose from loose diamonds, princess cut diamond, oval diamond, and emerald cut diamond and black diamond depending on your need and choice from any online store at really very affordable cost.  You will find various colored metals to utilize when Online Shopping India for diamond engagement rings.

Generally, Carat of Diamond, Color of Diamond, Cut of Diamond, and Clarity of Diamond decide the Cost of Diamond because these are the important factors of designing diamond jewellery set. But this is also really important for you educate yourself very well with the various aspects of diamonds that you need to make an informed purchase.

If you too really want to make your purchase of diamond jewellery beneficial and affordable instead wasting your money uselessly must consider knowing all about the diamond jewellery.

In order to knowing all about Diamond jewellery don’t forget to read our articles. So keep reading our articles, know everything about diamond and fill your life with peace and happiness NOW!