Wonderful Wedding Records

We all love a good wedding and we all love an exciting world record. Combine the two and it’s an even greater reason to celebrate! Here are some weird, wacky and wonderful wedding world records:

Most Royal Wedding Souvenirs in a Wedding Dress

Us Brits get a bit crazy over a Royal wedding, but none more so than Jon Burkhart who decided to set a world record by donning a wedding dress and seeing how much Royal souvenirs he could stuff down it in 30 seconds. Some people will do anything for a wedding! April 29th 2011, in London, Jon managed an impressive 13 stuffed souvenirs in 30 seconds. What a legend!

Biggest Wedding Cake

In 2004, a team of 58 chefs (yes, 58!) baked a colossal wedding cake at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, USA. There were 7 tiers and the cake weighed a whopping 15,000 pounds including 5,000 pounds of frosting. Each tier had to be lifted by a forklift truck to put into position.

Longest Dress Train

A bridal salon in Cyprus once made a wedding dress with a bridal train of 4,468 feet in length. We should imagine the bride needed quite a few bridesmaids to help her lift that down the aisle as that train was nearly a mile long! Your wedding might not be world-record breaking, but make sure you have smashing memories by hiring a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer like Nick Rutter Bournemouths Number 1 Wedding Photographer

Oldest Bridesmaid

This record goes to show that you’re never too old to be a bridesmaid. Edith Guildford of the UK was a respectable 105 years old when she was asked to be a bridesmaid. As long as they are a close friend or family member, age means nothing when it comes to wanting support on your big day.

Largest Pet Wedding

If you’ve ever thought your pet needs nuptials then head to Littleton, Colorado where doggie ‘I dos’ are highly popular. In May 2007, the town of Littleton hosted a marriage ceremony for 178 canines. If that’s rather too much of a clean-up job for you to cope with, why not train your pooch to carry the rings down the aisle instead?

Longest Engagement

Think you’ve been waiting an age between engagement and wedding? Then how about 67 years of waiting? A Mexican couple were in no rush when they wed at the age of 82, a stunning 67 years after getting engaged. While waiting to get married has its benefits, such as booking in advance, discounts and planning – when months turns into decades, it might be time to discuss commitment issues.

Oldest Bride

Never feel too old to be walked down the aisle. Minnie Munro was 102 years old when she finally got to day ‘I will’. She married a man twenty years her junior too, so never give up hope of finding your soul mate, no matter how many wrinkles you might have!

Aldi Has a New Range of Adorable Wedding Gifts

When you’re shopping around for the perfect wedding gift to give your lucky friends or family member, Aldi isn’t usually the first place that springs to mind. If you feel tempted to skip this unassuming supermarket completely, think again, because Aldi just launched a range of bridal party items and wedding gifts – and they’re not bad at all.

There’s nothing wrong with giving within your budget, as explained here: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/investing/personal-finance/household-finances/article-a-dumb-wedding-gift-rule-you-should-ignore/. So here’s Aldi with the answer to your woes.

Sprucing Up the Marital Home

First in the line-up are some adorable cushions, perfectly fitting into the traditional wedding gift ideas. Buying things for the happy couple to decorate their new home with has always been a wedding gift staple, and these cushions easily add to the mix. Classic ‘bride and groom’ cushions slot alongside a cute pink flamingo print with the words ‘Est. 2018’ embellished underneath. Who wouldn’t love them? They’re less than £4, so you could get them enough to adorn a whole three-piece suite.

Say It in Writing

For something a little more subtle, try one of Aldi’s wedding books. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is at the registry office or a Wedding Hotel Venue in the Wye Valley or if it’s a gorgeous affair at http://www.thespeechhouse.co.uk/weddings/, a wedding book can be quietly slotted in at the reception for people to write whatever they want in. Tastefully designed, these little books wouldn’t look out of place at a higher-end retailer, and they only cost a fiver.

If the idea of giving an entire book seems a little too much, you can give an adorable pack of wedding notes. Each big letter is an individual note, eventually spelling out either ‘Mr & Mrs’ and ‘Love’. They can be used as a small part of the reception party in place of a wedding book for guests to write their own individual messages on. Alternatively, they can be for the couple’s sole use to write messages to each other on. How lovely is that?

Aldi wouldn’t be first on your list of places to shop for gifts for the happy couple, but maybe now it has a place. A range of small, subtle and sweet gifts here would be perfect and wonderfully in place at any wedding, big or small.

Lovejoy and Mrs Kim. Clash of the Antique Titans

Lovejoy was a TV show where the main character broke the fourth wall at the start of every episode. Here he is about to do it again from the Gazebo in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

“Well, well. Where do I find myself? The beautiful town of Stars Hollow USA no less. Perhaps my mullet won’t be out of place in this tiny town. I’ve got a tip off that Kim’s Antiques over there has got what I’m looking for. Not Antique crystal chandeliers, I’d go to http://roccoborghese.com/crystal-chandeliers/borghesina-classica/ for that. Now where’s Tinker got to?”

Cut to the interior of Luke’s Diner. Tinker is leaning up against the counter like he’s a regular and is failing to buy 3 teas. “So, here we are in America! I can’t believe it myself. It’s been a while since I’ve left merry old England’s shores and on quite an adventure…”

“Look Buddy, that’s very interesting but as I said we don’t have PG Tips for a reason and it’s because we just don’t.” said an increasingly exasperated Luke.

“Yeah, nice tweed though and I love your accent” piped up an attractive brunette who was watching the whole conversation with great interest.

“Why thank you my dear, and what be your name? Mine is Tinker or Tink to my friends which you certainly can be”, said Tinker with his usual rustic charm.

“Lorelai Gilmore, um, begging you pardon, sir” replied the women.

“Ah, Lorelai, a flower by any other name hast never smelt so sweet. I’m paraphrasing of course. Coffee it is then Mr Luke, three if you please”, said Tinker. He takes the coffees and slides shiftily out of the diner.

“Damn Limeys”, mutters Luke.

“For someone who hates reenactors you sure had a good go at the battle of Bunker Hill there Paul Revere,” said Lorelai.

“Harrumph,” replied Luke.

At Kim’s Antiques things Anglo-American-Korean relationship wise were also taking a battering.

“All I’m saying”, said Lovejoy is that I cannot see how you can call that an antique when it’s only 120 years old?”.

“It is an antique! How dare you come to my place of business and say that to me. You question my honour as an antique dealer”, said an angry Mrs Kim. But then she always seemed to be just below rage anyway.

“Look, Love…,” said Lovejoy immediately regretting it, he could have got away with it back home.

“I am not your love! You late 1980’s antique dealers are all the same. Nothing but fornicators and Playboys. And you! Be careful! You break, you pay!” Snapped Mrs Kim. This was directed at Eric, Lovejoy’s assistant as he bumbled around trying to stealthily look for what they were after.

It was at this point that Tinker bustled in, brushed against a Vase, and watched in slow motion as it fell to the floor.

“No luck recovering the stolen cabinet of Lady Janes with all her jewels in then?” He asked.

“No,” said Lovejoy. “But I am about to buy the fragments of a cheap knock off Ming vase”, he said giving Mrs Kim his most winningest smile.

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