Here’s how you can save money when you buy an engagement ring

Making the decision to ask someone to marry you is the big one. After that, once you know it’s right, it makes sense to get the best ring you can to pop the question, and that could include value for money. Value doesn’t mean cheap, and with a bit of research, you could save yourself some outlay that could go towards the wedding itself.

A diamond engagement ring is the traditional option, though there is so much variation. Look into the ‘4 Cs’ and get the ring you want.

How the stone is cut will have a huge effect on how it sparkles, so choosing a clever cut could save some pounds. Advice is to choose the best cut you can afford, with industry ranking from excellent to poor. Some retailers also add in their own ‘signature’ cut, although those can be harder to evaluate to an untrained eye and might have a brand name premium.


You might think diamonds are all the same ‘colourless’ colour, but in fact, they range from a D (true ‘colourless,’ rare, and consequently costly) through to Z. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a D and an H, so if cash is tight, look for a G-H.


All diamonds come with a rating from FL – meaning flawless – through to ‘inclusions’ which are visible. Opting for a diamond graded SI1 or SI2 will ensure you have a beautiful stone whose ‘flaws’ are not visible without a magnifying glass and then likely only to experts.


Many people will buy stones at full numbers, e.g. 1 carat, though buying just under a whole or common fraction will see a cost saving with little impact on visible quality. This is known as ‘buying shy.’

For more suggestions for how to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring, see the tips from Marie Claire. Once you have your budget set, and you’re armed with the top tips, start your research with specialist jewellers like Compare The Diamond Online retailers are often able to offer a bigger discount.

The key is not to feel pressure. It is an important decision because it’s meant to be forever, so take your time and think rather than rush and get it wrong.

Wonderful Wedding Records

We all love a good wedding and we all love an exciting world record. Combine the two and it’s an even greater reason to celebrate! Here are some weird, wacky and wonderful wedding world records:

Most Royal Wedding Souvenirs in a Wedding Dress

Us Brits get a bit crazy over a Royal wedding, but none more so than Jon Burkhart who decided to set a world record by donning a wedding dress and seeing how much Royal souvenirs he could stuff down it in 30 seconds. Some people will do anything for a wedding! April 29th 2011, in London, Jon managed an impressive 13 stuffed souvenirs in 30 seconds. What a legend!

Biggest Wedding Cake

In 2004, a team of 58 chefs (yes, 58!) baked a colossal wedding cake at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, USA. There were 7 tiers and the cake weighed a whopping 15,000 pounds including 5,000 pounds of frosting. Each tier had to be lifted by a forklift truck to put into position.

Longest Dress Train

A bridal salon in Cyprus once made a wedding dress with a bridal train of 4,468 feet in length. We should imagine the bride needed quite a few bridesmaids to help her lift that down the aisle as that train was nearly a mile long! Your wedding might not be world-record breaking, but make sure you have smashing memories by hiring a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer like Nick Rutter Bournemouths Number 1 Wedding Photographer

Oldest Bridesmaid

This record goes to show that you’re never too old to be a bridesmaid. Edith Guildford of the UK was a respectable 105 years old when she was asked to be a bridesmaid. As long as they are a close friend or family member, age means nothing when it comes to wanting support on your big day.

Largest Pet Wedding

If you’ve ever thought your pet needs nuptials then head to Littleton, Colorado where doggie ‘I dos’ are highly popular. In May 2007, the town of Littleton hosted a marriage ceremony for 178 canines. If that’s rather too much of a clean-up job for you to cope with, why not train your pooch to carry the rings down the aisle instead?

Longest Engagement

Think you’ve been waiting an age between engagement and wedding? Then how about 67 years of waiting? A Mexican couple were in no rush when they wed at the age of 82, a stunning 67 years after getting engaged. While waiting to get married has its benefits, such as booking in advance, discounts and planning – when months turns into decades, it might be time to discuss commitment issues.

Oldest Bride

Never feel too old to be walked down the aisle. Minnie Munro was 102 years old when she finally got to day ‘I will’. She married a man twenty years her junior too, so never give up hope of finding your soul mate, no matter how many wrinkles you might have!

Aldi Has a New Range of Adorable Wedding Gifts

When you’re shopping around for the perfect wedding gift to give your lucky friends or family member, Aldi isn’t usually the first place that springs to mind. If you feel tempted to skip this unassuming supermarket completely, think again, because Aldi just launched a range of bridal party items and wedding gifts – and they’re not bad at all.

There’s nothing wrong with giving within your budget, as explained here: So here’s Aldi with the answer to your woes.

Sprucing Up the Marital Home

First in the line-up are some adorable cushions, perfectly fitting into the traditional wedding gift ideas. Buying things for the happy couple to decorate their new home with has always been a wedding gift staple, and these cushions easily add to the mix. Classic ‘bride and groom’ cushions slot alongside a cute pink flamingo print with the words ‘Est. 2018’ embellished underneath. Who wouldn’t love them? They’re less than £4, so you could get them enough to adorn a whole three-piece suite.

Say It in Writing

For something a little more subtle, try one of Aldi’s wedding books. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is at the registry office or a Wedding Hotel Venue in the Wye Valley or if it’s a gorgeous affair at, a wedding book can be quietly slotted in at the reception for people to write whatever they want in. Tastefully designed, these little books wouldn’t look out of place at a higher-end retailer, and they only cost a fiver.

If the idea of giving an entire book seems a little too much, you can give an adorable pack of wedding notes. Each big letter is an individual note, eventually spelling out either ‘Mr & Mrs’ and ‘Love’. They can be used as a small part of the reception party in place of a wedding book for guests to write their own individual messages on. Alternatively, they can be for the couple’s sole use to write messages to each other on. How lovely is that?

Aldi wouldn’t be first on your list of places to shop for gifts for the happy couple, but maybe now it has a place. A range of small, subtle and sweet gifts here would be perfect and wonderfully in place at any wedding, big or small.

Lovejoy and Mrs Kim. Clash of the Antique Titans

Lovejoy was a TV show where the main character broke the fourth wall at the start of every episode. Here he is about to do it again from the Gazebo in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

“Well, well. Where do I find myself? The beautiful town of Stars Hollow USA no less. Perhaps my mullet won’t be out of place in this tiny town. I’ve got a tip off that Kim’s Antiques over there has got what I’m looking for. Not Antique crystal chandeliers, I’d go to for that. Now where’s Tinker got to?”

Cut to the interior of Luke’s Diner. Tinker is leaning up against the counter like he’s a regular and is failing to buy 3 teas. “So, here we are in America! I can’t believe it myself. It’s been a while since I’ve left merry old England’s shores and on quite an adventure…”

“Look Buddy, that’s very interesting but as I said we don’t have PG Tips for a reason and it’s because we just don’t.” said an increasingly exasperated Luke.

“Yeah, nice tweed though and I love your accent” piped up an attractive brunette who was watching the whole conversation with great interest.

“Why thank you my dear, and what be your name? Mine is Tinker or Tink to my friends which you certainly can be”, said Tinker with his usual rustic charm.

“Lorelai Gilmore, um, begging you pardon, sir” replied the women.

“Ah, Lorelai, a flower by any other name hast never smelt so sweet. I’m paraphrasing of course. Coffee it is then Mr Luke, three if you please”, said Tinker. He takes the coffees and slides shiftily out of the diner.

“Damn Limeys”, mutters Luke.

“For someone who hates reenactors you sure had a good go at the battle of Bunker Hill there Paul Revere,” said Lorelai.

“Harrumph,” replied Luke.

At Kim’s Antiques things Anglo-American-Korean relationship wise were also taking a battering.

“All I’m saying”, said Lovejoy is that I cannot see how you can call that an antique when it’s only 120 years old?”.

“It is an antique! How dare you come to my place of business and say that to me. You question my honour as an antique dealer”, said an angry Mrs Kim. But then she always seemed to be just below rage anyway.

“Look, Love…,” said Lovejoy immediately regretting it, he could have got away with it back home.

“I am not your love! You late 1980’s antique dealers are all the same. Nothing but fornicators and Playboys. And you! Be careful! You break, you pay!” Snapped Mrs Kim. This was directed at Eric, Lovejoy’s assistant as he bumbled around trying to stealthily look for what they were after.

It was at this point that Tinker bustled in, brushed against a Vase, and watched in slow motion as it fell to the floor.

“No luck recovering the stolen cabinet of Lady Janes with all her jewels in then?” He asked.

“No,” said Lovejoy. “But I am about to buy the fragments of a cheap knock off Ming vase”, he said giving Mrs Kim his most winningest smile.

Knowing the Right Mannequin Forms For Display

Whenever you visit stores and boutiques, you would always find mannequins. Display mannequins are human like in size and shape. These are used for displaying fashion and accessory merchandises. These are helpful so people will have a grasp what the clothes would look like when work. Rather than displaying these items on a rack that is flat, using mannequins are more appealing when deciding whether to buy it or not.

The popularity of mannequins paved the way to many forms and design. It is not necessary to have an entire human mannequin on display since you can just get a few parts according to the demand of the store. Here are popular mannequin forms.

1.         Hand Form

hand form mannequins display a human size hand vertically. This type of display can either be male or female. This is ideal for displaying accessories that are usually worn in our hands. Some examples are watches, rings, and bracelets. Hand form mannequins are perfect for boutiques that have these accessories or jewelry stores.

2.         Head Form

head form mannequins display a human size head. This can be either a male head or a female head. There are some head form displays where the eyes and the lips are outlined. It also comes in a variety of color type. Head forms are perfect for display of accessories that are used on our heads. Some examples are hats, scarves, earrings, and bandanas.

3.         Leg Form

if we have the hand form, we also have the leg form. These are usually legs from angle to thigh-high. This is perfect for displaying items that are used by the feet. Some of the examples include socks, anklets, and shoes. This is perfect for stores that sell socks and shoes.

4.         Human Form

the most notable mannequins would have to be the human form ones. These are similar in size to that of an average human being. They come in either the female type or the male type. All the external parts of the human body are found and connected. This kind of display is ideal for clothing boutiques. Some of these mannequins also come in varied stance. There are some that are standing, some mannequins that are sitting and so much more.

5.         Children Form

this is very much similar to that of the human form but smaller in size as this depicts an average child size. This also comes in either male or female. Children forms are perfect for use for stores specializing in kid’s clothes and accessories.

6.         Flexible Form

if you are not a fan of mannequins but still would want to display clothes and related accessories, the flexible tube forms would be ideal. This also has the same length as that of the human for mannequins but the clothes displayed will be flat. This is ideal for clothing boutiques use on top of their human form ones.

There’s no denying the importance of mannequins in any stores regardless of niche. These forms can truly help in displaying the products. It is important then to know what form works best for you and what form would be perfect for the business.

The famous children entertainer in Essex

We as children’s entertainer in Essex we offer the very best for your children. We have parties that are amazing and your kid can never get bored of us. We proudly offer entertaining parties to all children despite their age, babies to teens. As you all know that sometimes teens can be choosy, we make sure that we have what they love the most. We handle kids with care and ensure their safety is met. Let your children explore and have fun at their young age.

There are so many children entertainer in Essex, if you are located in a certain area just do research and find the best that suits your child. If you have the tendency of not letting your child interact and have fun, he/she will grow up without having good communication skills. As the kid interact he/she is likely to learn more from others.

On the other hand, entertainers in Essex are recruited and professionally trained in such a way that they are able to interact with all children freely. Spare your pocket for your child’s happiness, may be you are planning for a birthday party and you have no enough venue to host your quest, why can’t you just contact one of the Essex entertainers and get more information on how they can help you in this.

You can also hire an entertainer who will come at your venue if the party has kids, be guaranteed that they will be kept engaged all the way to the end.

Our brilliant and creative team has got it all covered for you with tones of great party activities. We cover towns in Essex such as; saffron Walden, Chelmsford, Maldon, Harwich, Canvey island, Brays, Rochford, Epping, Rayleigh, Colchester, Witham, South Woodham Ferres, Thaxted, castle Hedigham, Manningtree, the list is endless. Those are just a few towns where you will find amazing children’s entertainers.

Out of all other entertainers why choose entertainers in Essex?

This is a simple question, because our services are much better compared to our competitors. You will find that we are very concerned with your child’s happiness, that is why we work so hard and come up with party activities that all kids will enjoy.

That is not all our positive reputation has boomed all over, customers who have experienced our goodies have a testimony to tell and not just a testimony but a positive one. The entertainers are trained and shown what to present to our audiences. We are concerned with standard and uniqueness, there are so many shows that are presented.

If you are located in Essex it is the high time you take your child out for amazing fun. We as children entertainers in Essex always have a back-up plan if something goes as unexpected. The equipment is checked before the party starts to ensure that the show will go as planned. This is a job that we have been doing for so long that’s why our experience is much better than others. We also make sure every client has the full necessary information.

Creative marketing ideas for retailers

At this time of year, retail competition is high, so it makes sense to find plenty of creative ways to market your offer to customers. Many ideas actually require just a little budget and time but will be sufficient to elevate your business from the throng and allow it to stand out for the right reasons. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Think about groups

Make sure you have joined any organisations that are relevant to your business, such as trade associations and the local Chamber of Commerce. These can be a great source of member-to-member networking, joint initiatives and knowledge building.

Focus on your print

Digital may be the new darling of marketing, but there is still plenty of scope to maximise your print efforts. Make sure you always carry business cards and print details of your products and services on the reverse. Have a brochure of your offer and keep everything in a PDF version to load onto your website and to send to prospects. Think about seasonal print, such as annual calendars marked up with your business information.

Pay attention to in-store ambience

In store music is a powerful means of boosting customer engagement when in a store. You’ll need to get a licence to play commercial music, which can be tailored to suit your retail offer, customers and seasonality. Find out more at

Have a website

Many small businesses still don’t have a website, and this is a vital way to reach potential and existing customers alike and to engage with them. Choose a memorable URL, invest in your content, and include your URL in all communications.

Look at social media

Smart businesses have a social media presence where they can engage with customers using valuable content that offers something new and interesting. From competitions to explanation videos, it is well worth learning about social media and dedicating resources to developing it.

Consider competitions

Competitions do not need to be expensive to operate. Hold a quick question quiz via Twitter or a drawing competition for the children of your clients. The prize can be one of your products or a chance to experience your services. Be creative, and it will build positive PR for your business.

Get ideas from your staff

Engage your staff for creative marketing ideas; they will often have the best suggestions!

These Are All Bad Reasons for Having an Away Day

Away days can sound like a great idea, and they generally are a wonderful opportunity for team bonding and getting some wonderful ideas bouncing around without being hemmed in by the physical and psychological confines of the office. However, there are occasions when really you should stay put.

Valid Reasons

If you are having an away day, there should be a strong purpose behind it rather than just a vague reward for staff which means a huge amount of work will pile up for them during the away day that they will have to deal with on returning to the office. Also, the fact you had one last year, or maybe the year before, is not a good enough reason for another either. If morale in the office is so bad that it is considered an away day will improve it, then there are bigger problems in the organisation than a day doing something else will alleviate.

Hidden Agendas

Away days are not a good platform for establishing who is a poor performer or lacks loyalty. Used in this way, an away day could create bigger divisions. Using an away day as a substitute for honest discussion won’t work either. Nor will using an away day as a way of implying staff have input into a decision that is already made.

If you choose the right reasons and a suitable activity for an away day, such as learning to drive a tank, this could give a significant boost to productivity. Even Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has learnt to drive one, according to this report in The Express.

If you want to discover more about the exciting option of tank driving as a possible team-building exercise, it’s a good idea to talk to experts who offer this type of activity, such as An organisation like this should be able to give you all the advice and guidance you need when comes to learning more about tank driving.

Away days can have lots of benefits when they happen for good reasons. Clear, honest objectives should be behind them, along with the desire to build on the positive things that are already present in your organisation. This will lead to away days that leave everyone involved feeling inspired and invigorated.

How to celebrate a memorable Christmas in UAE?

The Christmas fever is slowly gripping the people all over the world and they are looking for ways to celebrate this auspicious occasion in an extraordinary manner. If you are planning to celebrate Christmas in UAE or is already present in the country, here are the few ways by which you can make the occasion really special for your dear ones.

  • Go for a shopping around the mega malls- The country of UAE is famous for offering shopping extravaganza on the special occasion of Christmas and New Year. Visit some of the grand shopping malls in Dubai and enjoy the shopping treat on various popular brands and labels.
  • Enjoy the amazing cake flavours at popular bakeries and cafes- A yummy cake will find the presence in the platter of various sweets and delicacies lovers. You can gorge all the popular Christmas cakes such as a Red Velvet Cake, Fresh Fruits Cake, Chocolate and Cream Cake and other flavours that are available on the various bakery stores such as French Bakery, Magnolia Bakery, Chateau Blanc and cafes in Dubai and other parts of UAE.
  • Head towards the luxurious hotels of Palm Jumeirah- If you are visiting the country of UAE, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Palm Jumeirah Island, the amazing man-made island in Dubai. The wonderful structural wonder and architecture is known for its exceptional hotels, restaurants and coastline. So, head towards any of those luxurious hotels in Palm Jumeirah if your pockets are full and celebrate the occasion of Christmas in an unforgettable manner.
  • Spend the day at the desert Safari- UAE is not just famous for its skyscrapers and malls but also offers amazing adventurous rides to visitors during desert Safari. You can easily hire a quad bike or ATV and zoom across the desert with your friends for an adventurous and playful Christmas celebration.
  • Witness the diverse marine life through underwater zoo- If the vast and diverse marine life fascinates you, it is time to experience the wide range of sea animals closely at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the largest man-made aquarium. You will be completely amazed by the impressive collection of sea creatures from sharks to turtles, dolphins to octopuses, sea horse to eels and a lot more.

It is definitely your choice whether to enjoy some of the best Christmas cakes, go for big shopping events or enjoy a memorable and special time in Dubai on the auspicious occasion of Christmas.

The move towards gender fluidity in fashion

It has been less than 100 years since women first donned trousers, and now it seems as though the gender divide is becoming even blurrier.
Men in skirts is becoming more of a trend, and fashion designers are combining men’s and women’s collections, creating a gender-neutral style that is flawlessly fluid.

Gender fluidity has become a major buzzword, and the days of clothes labelled as men’s or women’s may be long gone. Instead of being assigned a gender, clothes are being designed to suit both sexes.

A Unisex Generation

While mens designer clothes such as those available at will always remain incredibly popular, it seems that women won’t mind shopping in the boys’ department now. While gender-neutral collections are all the rage, women are also increasingly opting to shop at men’s stores to find the fit and cut they prefer.

The gender neutral fashion trend may seem to be a new one, but designers like Calvin Klein have long been promoting the androgynous form. Calvin Klein’s CK One scent was launched in 1994, and it blew people’s perceptions of perfume out the water. Klein also opted for far more androgynous styling in his clothing and in many ways was the pioneer of gender-neutral style.

The Menswear/Menswear Divide

When Louis Vuitton put Jaden Smith in a skirt in their Spring/Summer womenswear campaign, it seemed like the gender divide had finally fallen away. Men in skirts is a sight far less common than ladies in trousers, but there are a brave few who have tried it and are vociferous in their praise.

Many men have said that a skirt gives them more freedom and that they do not feel any less masculine when wearing one. When you consider that kilts, often the staple wear of burly Scotsmen, are essentially skirts, it is hard to imagine any more of a masculine figurehead.

Stars in the spotlight have largely broken down the gender divide in fashion. Whether it is Harry Styles’ signature skintight skinny jeans or Jaden Smith’s skirts, the world is sitting up and watching. In the future, men’s and women’s wear labels may fall away and be replaced simply by the brand and the size, leaving the wearer to decide what they want rather than having their gender determine it.