5 reasons to invest in double glazing for your home

Some people still ask why double glazing is a good idea for any home. There are many reasons why it’s an excellent idea to install double glazing, from improved heat retention to easy maintenance. Read on to explore why double glazing is always a good idea for any home.

Noise insulation

The first obvious benefit is improved sound insulation. You will find street noise significantly reduced, and in some cases, eradicated, by double glazing. This means that voices and music will be easier to hear inside your home. Neighbours’ noise will also be reduced and you will find sleeping much easier, especially for weekend lie-ins!

Heat retention

Double glazing can reduce noise, but it can also stop heat loss from your home. This means you can set the thermostat lower on your heating and save money. The extra pane of glass acts as an insulator to prevent heat escaping your home, which is especially useful in winter.

Easy maintenance

Double glazing makes windows easy to clean. You can use standard glass cleaner to wipe them down and cleanse with soapy water. You can enjoy shiny windows for many years with double glazing, while dated windows get dirty and misty much more quickly. Double glazing is also easy to install, by experts in windows and doors in Dublin and other cities. You can find expert glass specialists online, such as www.keanewindows.ie/, to install double glazing quickly and without fuss.

Reduced condensation

Another problem with dated windows is they attract condensation. Double glazing attracts much less condensation due to their heat retention properties, meaning temperatures remain more constant inside. The risk of cold and hot air meeting on the inside pane of glass is significantly reduced with modern double glazing, so condensation is less of a problem.

This is good news, because condensation can cause damp and stale smells. The problem of condensation can be a particular concern in kitchens and bathrooms. Many people open the window to release moisture and protect wallpaper, but with double glazing, this would be less necessary.


Double glazing is hard-wearing and durable. Single pane windows can be weak, whereas double panes are much stronger. Double glazing also normally comes with a 20 year guarantee, and that gives you peace of mind that they will last a long time.

Five benefits of installing double-glazed windows

There is a huge array of improvements that can be made to homes, but double glazing delivers tangible assets that will make your life more comfortable and save you money.

More economical bills

Double glazing will keep the heat where you want it – inside the house – and it will mean you spend less on staying warm. According to a report in The Guardian, if the nation really became enthusiastic about installing double glazing collectively, we could save billions.

More safety

A double-glazed window is harder to break and more of a barrier to thieves and intruders, so that will improve your security and your peace of mind.

More tranquillity

Another wonderful effect of double glazing is reducing the noise that enters the home from outside. If you don’t want to hear the traffic or whatever else is going on in the street, double glazing will make a big difference.

More comfort

Install double glazing made from low-e glass, which is coated with metal on one side, and this will help the interior stay warm in winter and keep it cooler in summer. Besides the temperature aspect, this type of window can also moderate the amount of sun entering the home, which could be good news for valuable carpets and furnishings.

More value

With so many advantages, most home buyers are really happy to see double glazing on a prospective purchase, so this is an investment that will pay off. In addition, the double glazing reduces energy bills, which will make the property more attractive to buyers.

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Double glazing is great addition to just about any home because it not only makes the residence a more pleasant place to live in the short term, but it is also an improvement that delivers plenty of value in the long term. With so many options and technical innovations, modern double glazing now gives exceptional performance and is available in a wide range of colours and styles that will give your home a facelift in the looks department.

Some questions to ask before choosing conservatory design windows

Keeping in view the numerous benefits associated with the conservatory design windows, most people prefer to get the same installed in their homes or offices. There are many types of these windows such as doubled glazed windows, sash windows, UPVC windows or sliding sash windows etc that have their own particular benefits. However before choosing any one of them for your home or business, you must ask some questions from the seller to be fully assured of the relevant features.

Will there be any reduction in your heating bills– You must ask the seller of the conservatory design windows if the windows selected by you are suitably fit to reduce the loss of heat to a considerable extent as compared to normal windows. It is because conservation of heat energy will automatically lead to less use of heating devices and this in turn will lead to reduction in bills for heating purposes.

Are these windows good for environment – You must ask the seller whether the selected windows are environment-friendly because the atmosphere of the house in which you live must be completely neat and clean so that you may breathe in fresh air and lead a healthy life. The conservatory design windows must be such that they help to keep the inner atmosphere of the house warm and thus reduce the use of heating devices to great extent. As such, your house will be saved from reduced carbon emission through these devices for facilitating a healthy living environment.

Will there be any reduction in noise pollution – This is another important question as noise pollution is increasing day by day due to more use of vehicles, growing number of industries and countless means of media. So one must feel relaxed at least when he or she is at home that can be possible by installing such windows which help to prevent the level of noise to enter the house. So do ensure this before getting the windows installed in your home.

Will there be any decrease in maintenance costs of windows– Since you have to live in your house for a considerable time or even for whole of your life, you must ensure that the conservatory design windows selected by you are such that they don’t need repairs or replacement too often. It is because you can’t spend a significant amount of money for the same at frequent intervals. To avoid this, good quality windows are the only solution. So you must ascertain it from the seller before purchasing the same.

Will conservatory design windows provide extra security to your house – Security is another important point that needs to be assured at the time of installation of windows. Apart from doors, windows also provide ways for the intruders to enter any house. Therefore, you must ensure that the ones selected by you are safe enough against intrusion.

After getting satisfying answers to all your questions, you may go ahead with the process of installation of conservatory design windows in your home.