Bathroom radiators: three important factors

Bathrooms are often smaller than other rooms in the house, which makes clever design not only important but also a challenge. The radiator needs to provide warmth to the room, but it also needs to look beautiful.


Any radiator’s primary role is to provide enough heat to warm up the room. So, the first thing you need to understand is how big the space is you’re trying to heat, and then to calculate the heat output required. Given that bathrooms are often wet, and that you want to be warm when you step out of the bath or shower, the general consensus is that the bathroom temperature should be slightly higher than the rest of the house, at about 24 °C. Insulation will help maintain the temperature and therefore make the radiator more efficient.


The modern option is aluminium and in many ways it is a better metal for use in bathrooms than iron or steel that has been used historically. It is resistant to rust, which is clearly a positive for use in a moist bathroom, and it is also lighter, so mounting it on a wall is a real possibility rather than having to take up valuable floor space. Aluminium will also conduct heat better, which means it heats faster and consequently requires less energy.

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Towel radiators

Towel radiators are much more efficient today too, and as well as being able to dry wet towels, they can also heat a bathroom as well. If you would prefer, and for an added dash of luxury, combine a wall-mounted towel radiator with underfloor heating.

For more ideas on how to choose the perfect bathroom radiator, see the suggestions from Houzz.

Once you have worked out how to heat your bathroom, you can move on to planning the rest of the room and whether plumbing work is required. Beyond that, the fun really starts with the aesthetics and choosing the décor. Pick a colour scheme that works for you and your family. Blues and greens can be very relaxing, and are often used in bathrooms, though many prefer white and accent colours as white is associated with cleanliness, which is important in a bathroom.

Do you need a vent or explosion suppression system?

One of the best ways of securing buildings that house potentially combustible equipment such as dryers and dust collectors is to provide safeguards for these through either explosion vents or suppression systems. Vents release the pressure from an explosion outside of the equipment, whereas suppression systems use suppressants such as chemicals to extinguish the fire.

The question is which should you choose for your vacuum conveyor? Vents as a whole are cheaper to install but are not suitable for all installations, making a suppression system the preferred choice. Let’s look at some examples of when a suppression system is better.

High K

K is the pressure created in an explosion. The higher the K the larger the vent needs to be, which in turn increases the overall cost. A suppression system is not affected by the value of K meaning if the value is high, it might be the less expensive option.

Space is limited

When there isn’t enough space to accommodate large vents for one reason or another, then a suppression system is the logical choice as it takes up minimal space.

Material is hazardous

If the material is moved through a vacuum conveyor and is in any way toxic or biologically active so it cannot be released into the atmosphere, explosion suppression is obviously the only choice.

There isn’t enough space to vent

By estimating the size of any possible explosion caused by the equipment you’ll be able to predict how much space could be affected around the equipment. The NFPA gives equations which allow you to estimate how far the flames of an explosion are likely to extend given the size of the equipment involved. One example shows that Vacuum Conveyors of 10 cubic metres can throw a flame for up to 17 metres out of a vent. If you don’t have 17 metres of space free, then you should opt for a suppression system.

Equipment is situated inside

Explosion vents work by rupturing which releases the pressure from an explosion outside the equipment. In order to protect people and equipment it is necessary that the vents discharge outdoors. As a result, ducting must be used to connect the vents with the outdoors. This ducting can add to overall costs, especially if the vented equipment is far from the building’s exterior walls.

Protecting Your Home from Burglars and Other Criminals

Always ensure that windows and doors are closed. Having exterior entry points unlocked is almost like inviting intruders to enter. Therefore, be certain that these areas are closed and locked, regardless of whether you are present in the home or away from the property. High-quality window locks can make a real difference, and it is wise to make updates to these if you are going to be updating windows that may still have trickle vents. Burglars can easily identify locks that are weakened and easy to breach. Doors ought to be equipped with deadbolt mechanisms, and sliders need vertical bolting systems as well as a rod placed inside their tracks. This stops intruders from lifting the doors from the track to gain entry. Do not leave front doors unlocked for any reason, even if your absence will be momentary in nature. Do not neglect to pay close attention to garage entry doors. These can be vulnerable locations, and burglars often exploit this fact. The automatic door alone is likely insufficient to keep your home safe.

Get New Locks Installed

When moving to a new home, make sure to get new locks installed. Renters need to request that their landlords make lock changes immediately. Though former tenants may have returned the keys that they originally received, it is possible that they made copies that were given to others along the way. There is no substitute for exercising caution in this realm because there is nothing worse than having an uninvited visitor enter your rental property. Use a lockbox or a safe to keep valuables protected. Safes that are smaller in size or not wall-mounted can be affixed to the floor so that burglars cannot walk off with them. Do not provide your code to anyone who is not a trusted family member or friend. Also, avoid leaving the code in written form in a place that can be easily discovered.

Do Not Label Keys

Never label house keys or keep spare keys hidden outdoors. When labelled keys end up stolen or lost, there could be a real price to pay, particularly if they are attached to a wallet or ID card. Experienced burglars often search beneath doormats and in garden spaces for false rock key holders. A better option is to give a key to a friend who can be trusted. If there are no neighbours nearby who can hold a key for you, think about buying a combination box that can be kept in a secret spot on the larger property.

Explore Home Security System Options

Security systems for home use come with a range of features, many of which make a positive difference. Motion detecting lights, door and window sensors and alarms can be effective, as can security cameras to capture video of intruders. Choose the options that work best for your individual situation, and hire a well-known company to perform the installation work. While it may be a chore to turn the system on each time the house is left, burglars rely on laziness in this arena. Therefore, it is a step worth taking in order to thwart determined intruders from getting inside the home. Learn everything possible about the new security system and teach the entire family about how it works. This prevents inconvenient false alarm events that can also be expensive and irritating to those living nearby. Also, it is important to avoid false alarms because they may desensitize your neighbours so that they do not respond when there is a true emergency going on.

Consider Specialty Glass on Windows

Consider installing metal bars or specialty glass on windows. This might seem a bit much for most homes, but it can be a good idea to use these techniques to stop burglars who are willing to smash the glass in order to get inside a home. These tools can keep intruders out successfully, and these days it is possible to find products that are actually visually attractive in addition to being effective.

Interesting Facts About Boilers

If you’re thinking about having a new boiler fitted, or need to book a service because you think there’s something not quite right with your current one, here are some interesting facts you might not know to get the best from your boiler:

  1. Boilers work by heating through radiant or convection heating

Some boilers give off radiant heat, in that they heat a specific thing such as flooring and not air. Most boilers in the UK use convection heating, which heats the air itself. Whatever system is used, the act of heating is the same. Water runs through the system and is heated at a central location. It is then pumped through pipes, transfering heat to radiators and warming your home.

  1. Modern boilers are highly efficient

Boilers of the past used to get a bad wrap for being energy-inefficient. Thankfully, boilers have come a long way and modern units use between 85 and 99% of the fuel that they consume, which is a vast improvement. In the past, that figure was more like 50 to 70%.

  1. Does a boiler actually boil water?

You would think that the name suggested a boiling action, but you might be surprised to learn a modern boiler doesn’t boil water inside the system. Old boilers used to use steam to make heat, so did boil water up to temperatures of 190F. The benefit of boilers no longer using steam is a more efficient system, using less energy and yet still keeping your home toasty. For Gloucester Boiler Repair, visit

  1. A new boiler will save you money

If you are still operating an old boiler, upgrading could save you up to 30% on your current energy bills. New models are a great deal more energy-efficient. They use less energy to run and don’t bring the water to a full boil. This will save you considerable amounts and you’ll see the benefits almost straight away.

  1. The importance of having the correct water pressure

Did you know that the water pressure in your boiler system is different from that which is set in your overall plumbing system? Your boiler water pressure should be set between 12 and 15 psi for optimum functioning. Too low and you won’t experience enough heat, but too high and you could damage your system. You can easily lower pressure by bleeding the radiators and increase it by adding more water into the system.

  1. Don’t water-based systems mean excess moisture?

Although there is a lot of water involved, a boiler does, in fact, provide dry heat. The entire system, including the radiators and pipes is closed, so water doesn’t escape anywhere into your home. You won’t even see any water vapour escape either, as the components are made from non-porous materials. Therefore, you’ll see no increase in humidity inside your property.

Things to Know About Silicone Hoses

If the appearance of the hose under your car bonnet is something that matters to you, then silicone is the way to go. Flexible and superior in looks and performance to standard rubber hoses, it easily carries air and coolant at different temperature ranges and pressure loads; they are becoming the hose of choice for not only commercial and personal-use vehicle owners but also vehicles associated with the military and agricultural, pharmaceutical and rail sectors.

Sizes and Diameters

If your requirements are slightly different from the norm, many outlets will be able to customise a universal hose. This can often be a more economical way of achieving the required diameter as an alternative to having a bespoke hose designed and manufactured.

Colours and Finishes

With a choice between glossy and standard finishes in every colour of the rainbow, standard hoses can be wrapped in fabric prior to curing, meaning although they’re durable, they won’t be very attractive. If appearance matters, then a smooth and shiny glossy finish in your favourite colour will stand out without hampering the hose’s performance. You can even select a colour that isn’t readily available on the market, although this may cost a little bit extra.

Keeping Them Clean

It’s important to keep your hoses clean to ensure maximum performance, but you don’t need to invest in fancy chemicals. Simply go back to basics with a combination of soap, water and good old elbow grease and this will do the job just as well, if not better. It’s also important to keep them clean to ensure they reach the end of their entire service life. In automotive applications, for example, there is a range of techniques for cleaning and cutting hoses.

The Benefits of Silicone

When deciding between standard rubber and silicone piping, there are a few things to bear in mind. As well as being more aesthetically pleasing, silicone is more user-friendly and can be removed easily without attaching to other under-the-bonnet components. Although they can be slightly more expensive than their standard rubber counterparts, the general consensus is this is money well spent. Check out

Reputable Suppliers and Manufacturers

As with anything, pay less and you can pay twice. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you find a reputable supplier who can give you the best deal without compromising on quality.

What are the benefits of using artificial grass?

In this world, the people are started to use the artificial products to remain their freshness as long as possible. As such, the artificial grasses are one of the most welcome products that enhance the beauty of your yard. But some of the people overlooked this product due to their synthetic type and roughness. Now these artificial grasses have evolved so that many of the grasses are similar to the real grass which could not easily find until you closely looked it. These artificial grasses don’t need water, fertilizers and all that is why this has been considered as eco-friendly. The new generations of artificial grasses are exactly looks like the real grass. Because of this reason, people are putting their internet to buy this and install it in order to remain the freshness of their yard. If you want to get the artificial grass installation service, there are plenty of professionals out there to choose. By hiring the right source, you can get the best installation service in New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd.

Benefits of artificial grass

If you are planning to install the artificial grasses to your yard, this would be the best investment in your life. Yes, the artificial grasses are similar as real grass which is very tough to indentify whether it is real or artificial until you take close look. This is the true environmental concerned due to the low maintenance such as no water, no fertilizer and all. By using these artificial grasses, you would get more useful benefits and that are mentioned here. If you want to know that what does the artificial grass special then here are the points are.

  • The main benefits of using the artificial grasses are ease of use and lifestyle. In the busiest life, people seek to juggle all their work and responsibility. The low maintenance of the artificial grasses would keep you away from watering and fertilizing.
  • This would help you to avoid the environmental issues. Well, if the weather grows warmer you will be under pressure to restrict the water usages. In that way, the installation of artificial grass would help you more for it.
  • Moreover, this artificial grass is highly beneficial for different circumstance and that are given below such as,
  • Swimming pools
  • Dog runs
  • Higher wear & tear areas
  • Event management

These are the benefits of using the artificial grass from New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd. If you want to get installed with these grasses, you can approach the professional source to get the right service.

Giving your new furniture a new lease of life

January is the month of the year where we are watching the pennies more than ever, but there may be a lot that you want to get on with around the home at this time of the year. If you fancy some new furniture but don’t want to stretch the credit cards even further, why not think about up-cycling what you already have, or some old furniture that you might have come across in a charity shop that could benefit from some TLC? Another benefit of upcycling, apart from the fact that you save a lot of money, is that you end up with a piece of unique furniture.

Before you paint a piece of furniture, always ensure that you prepare the surface before you begin. Use wire wool or sandpaper to give it a clean smooth surface ready for you to work on. Don’t be tempted to skip this part as I will give the furniture a better quality of finish that will last longer.

Think about the colour that you are going to use and what sort of paint you may need to obtain the desired finish. You can visit a DIY store that will mix paints for you to achieve the colour that you want. Chalk paints are ideal for this and tend to come in pretty pastel colours – perfect for a shabby chic look. Use two to three thin layers of paint rather than thick layers and finish it with varnish to protect it afterwards.

If you are feeling creative, why not experiment with stencils – have a look around and don’t be afraid to experiment – this is your opportunity to create a really unique piece, and if you really don’t like it, just paint over it! Wallpaper is another great way to create unique and effective pieces of furniture. Choose a wallpaper that you like and use it to create an expensive looking statement piece. Cut a piece of wallpaper to the correct size, paste it onto the front of a drawer and let it dry. Varnish over it as you would with the paint and you have a great new piece of furniture!

When you have completed your piece, think about accessorising – for example have you created a beautiful shabby chic dining table? Make your own unique tablecloth in a pretty cotton poplin fabric for the perfect finish.

How to make more storage space in your home

We all have things that we need to store, whether it’s out-of-season clothes, Christmas decorations, your children’s old school projects, or garden furniture.

However, houses in the UK have been getting smaller in recent years, leaving far less space for storage. What can you do with all of these belongings that you don’t want to toss?

Onwards and upwards

Many people turn to the loft when it comes to storage. Having some flooring laid and a ladder fitted for easy access isn’t that expensive. Keep in mind, however, that lofts are usually uninsulated and therefore subject to wide variations in temperature throughout the year. Don’t store anything up there that might be damaged by these changes.

Using the height is also something you can look into doing with your kitchen cupboards and wardrobes. There is often dead space at the top of cupboards, and adding extra shelves or hooks to hang objects can help utilise this space. There is also often space below hanging clothes at the bottom of wardrobes that can be used to place storage boxes for shoes and other items.


If you have a garage or shed, that can give you much-needed extra space, too. Adding garage shelving and hooks to hang tools means you can store items in your garage and still have room for the car. If you’re wondering, who are Garage Shelving?They can provide different storage solutions to suit a range of needs. If anything could deteriorate from damp, make sure it’s stored off the floor.

Sheds are handy for storing garden tools and outdoor furniture. Make sure they are weatherproof and protected from vermin, and ensure that they have good security measures to guard against theft.

Deeper and down

Many older houses have a basement or cellar that provides an ideal area for storage. Again, it’s important to make sure that it’s dry and that you have adequate lighting so you can see what’s in there.

Wherever you choose to store your surplus items, make sure you do so neatly. Sort objects before you put them away, and store small items in labelled boxes so you can find them again easily when you need them. Transparent plastic storage boxes are inexpensive and help you to organise your items whilst keeping them protected.

Cheap Ways to Have a Luxury Bathroom

Want a luxury bathroom but don’t want to pay designer prices? Lots of people decide to spruce up their home in the New Year but budgets are often tight after the excesses of Christmas. Here are some clever ways to get a dream bathroom without maxing out the credit card:

  1. Add a plant

The most glamourous and luxurious bathrooms have a touch of nature incorporated into the décor. Something bright, fresh and clean. An indoor plant is a cheap and effective addition, transforming your bathroom into a spa like ambience. White flowers, whether real or artificial offer a fresh, clean feel.

  1. Roll up your towels

Instead of hanging your towels willy-nilly and watching them slip onto the floor, roll up your towels in a posh hotel style and neatly stack them on display. Another touch of hotel class is to include a tray for decadent items such as perfume bottles, glass jars or vases, candles and soft face cloths.

  1. No mix, more match

Most of us have a mix of towels from over the years but putting any old towels and mats into the bathroom can make it look messy. Invest in a complete collection of soft, fluffy matching bathroom textiles in neutral or subtle tones for the ultimate in luxury glam.

Image credit

  1. Clear away clutter

Whether you treat yourself to drawer compartments or hide everything behind a sink skirt, have a clear out of old shampoo bottles etc and leave your surfaces clean and clear.

  1. Update your lighting

The most expensive bathrooms never have harsh lighting. Their design incorporates clever use of spotlights and mood lighting in different areas. Letting in lots of natural light is also important, so updating your blinds might be in order. Choose modern Waterproof Roller Blinds so you can adjust your light levels to suit. For more information, visit

A cheap way to pinpoint light in places where you need good visibility is to add strip lighting to the bottom of shelving or behind a mirror. This way you’ll get all the benefits of lots of light, but it will be softer and more diffused around the room.

  1. Add natural elements

Natural elements are very on-trend and designer at the moment. Think about incorporating things like natural stone, floating wooden shelving or a bamboo screen, for example.

  1. Smell good too

Make sure your bathroom tantalises all your senses and include some delicious scents. Nothing too overpowering but a fresh, clean scent is a must-have for a luxury bathroom. Diffusers are simple to install and use while also providing an extra touch of glam.

Five great ways to use reclaimed timber

Reclaimed timber can be almost any kind of wood that was once used for a particular purpose and has been restyled and used again. It is a wonderful way of not only making the most of a precious resource but also a superb and practical method for incorporating wood with unique character into your environment.


Imagination is generally the only limit when using reclaimed timber, but headboards for a bed are a popular choice and can add some rustic charm to a bedroom. Whether a minimalist rectangle or something more ornate, a headboard of reclaimed timber can add a personal touch to your bedroom.

Add loads of character throughout your home by reusing doors salvaged from other buildings, or even making your own doors from reclaimed planks. You could have a collection of bespoke doors dressed with carefully selected handles and doorknobs that make every door an example of how to use wood in an individual way to enhance your living space.

Apart from reclaiming furniture for stripping and staining, or even distressing its surface, you can make furniture from reclaimed planks of timber, wooden pallets, or even by taking discarded furniture, pulling it apart and making something else. Dining tables can really show off reclaimed timber to its full advantage, creating a great gathering space that can age with style during multiple gatherings of family and friends. An article in the Guardian has more tips on how to make a table on a small budget using found materials. Reclaimed wood is also great for making desks.

Walls and floors

Reclaimed wood can be used for wooden floors to generate a rustic ambience and a warm atmosphere. Reclaimed wood can also make an attention-grabbing feature wall that creates a variety of moods, depending on the lighting and furnishings chosen to complement it. If you want to find out more about the potential of reclaimed timber wall cladding for your home or office, speak to an expert such as Knowledgeable professionals will be able to give you all the tips and guidance for reclaimed timber wall cladding you could possibly need.

Wood is one of our greatest resources. Timelessly practical, its beauty can be untapped in a variety of ways to enhance all kinds of spaces.