Is the McLaren F1 Team Suffering from Gridlocked Leadership?

McLaren F1 has struggled to achieve much over the last couple of seasons. In 2017 it seemed that the problems might be to do with the switch to a Honda engine, but problems seem to continue into 2018 after the team changed again to a Renault engine.

In fact, in 2018, McLaren doesn’t come anywhere close to the top three positions in the Formula One constructors’ rankings.

So What Is Going On at McLaren?

The new boss, Zak Brown, believes that the problems stem from too many people being involved in every decision. That individuals within the organisation have no autonomy to make an informed decision without taking it to a committee. This slows everything down and means that changes can take months to be implemented.

While he feels that they’re in need of new blood in the team, he is also aware that there is a plethora of talent within the existing team that is being strangled by the complex structure and decision-making process. So while new people often bring with them fresh ideas, those of the existing team should also be allowed to flourish.

Hopefully, some of these changes will be able to be put in place quickly enough to affect results in the latter half of the season so they can at least leave the 2018 season on a high at the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

This race is the only one of the series to take place in twilight, and the changing light from daylight to darkness makes it a challenging race for drivers. In recent years the drivers’ championship has also been decided here.

These two factors make it an exhilarating event to attend for any F1 enthusiast. If you get the opportunity to go, it will certainly be a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle. Companies such as can arrange packages for you, including entrance to the exclusive F1 Paddock Club Abu Dhabi.

So as McLaren attempt to sort out their internal structure and wrangling, only time will tell if they’re able to make any improvements on a thus far dismal 2018 or whether they will have to wait for 2019. Zak Brown certainly hopes these changes will help to put McLaren back in pole position.

The Formula one. Ultimate racing division

Ask any petrol head and they will tell you that Formula One is the pinnacle of Motorsport. Every would be racing driver, setting out in karts or Caterham Sevens will have this as their ultimate aim. Few will ever get there and the talent required is incredible even to race for a minor team. The slick aerodynamic massively powered Formula one car is a testament to science and engineering with the ability of a human to pilot it through the many Grand Prix’s in the year. The nearest experience that most of us will ever get is actually going to or watching on television a Grand Prix.  The other way is to use a simulator on a Games console or even go really retro and buy a Scalextric set. When race day comes what better way is there than settling down with a drink and snacks and a Sportscar lap tray to keep it all on. Why not visit to get one? You can choose to decorate it with your favourite Driver or team on it. Where does Formula one originate from? How did it all start?

Before Formula one there were still Grand Prix’s. These were slightly ad hoc meetings where teams and privateers would turn up with a car at arranged meetings and race each other. There was no set Formula so cars were distinctly mismatched and all had differing designs. These meetings had grown out of Pre First World War races like the London to Brighton run and the very first Paris to Rouen. Most races were more like Rally’s having a City to City theme. Endurance of the cars and reliability was what was really tested. As these were held on public roads the cars needed to be quite hardy. Due to public interest, and safety, it was decided that specific race tracks should be made. The first ever was the banked oval of Brooklands in Surrey. The cars were able to reach very high speeds for the first time and the public flocked to watch.

In the 1920’s a move was made to ensure that some stability was needed. Larger car manufactures in Europe such as Alfa Romero, Bugatti, Renault,Mercedes and Riley were all looking to use the races to test car improvements and advertise their vehicles. A series of officially regulated Grand Prix’s throughout Europe were started with a Drivers and Constructors championship. After the Second World War the term of Formula one was established and a set of clear rules and regulations set down, although teams could work within the guidelines to give their car an edge. Super charged cars could compete against normally aspirated engine cars and the Drivers began to take on celebrity status. Little did those first drivers in the 1950’s know how much the cars, in terms of speed and design plus the physical demands on the driver, were to change greatly over the next 60 years! So settle down and enjoy it, you’re watching a Formula with a lot of heritage.

Your new car: to buy or to lease?

There are plenty of decisions to be made when it is time for you to replace your old car. There’s the make and model, the colour and the additional features to choose. These days, you also have a choice about how you finance your new vehicle.

The top tip is to thoroughly research the options available to you and then weigh up the advantages of buying and leasing. Here are a few things that you could consider.

Pros and cons of leasing

According to Toby Poston of the BVRLA, which is the trade body for rental and leasing firms, leasing is now the most popular way of purchasing a new car in the UK. This situation was triggered by the banking crisis which forced manufacturers to find new ways of increasing sales. Cheap finance is widely available because interest rates are low, and it opens up markets to people who would not be able to make an outright purchase.

For those who want a new car but would prefer to avoid the hassle and cost of ownership, car leasing in Leicester is the obvious option and is available from providers such as Car leasing Leicester company Total Motion. You get the joy of always driving a new car, low monthly payments and no expensive maintenance bills.

The downside is that it can work out as more expensive in the long-run, you will have to pay for wear and tear and it may not be available to you if you have a poor credit history.

The pros and cons of buying

Buying is the traditional way of obtaining a car and many people still prefer it. You will own the car outright which makes it simple with no involvement of another company. You are free to sell the car at any time, for example if you no longer need it or you need the money. You are also free to modify the car in any way you like.

However, there are also some disadvantages. If you have to get finance to buy the car (a personal loan or increasing your mortgage) the monthly payments can be high, and it can end up costing a lot of money. You also have to remember that the car will depreciate and your asset is falling in value all the time.

Get your car windshield replaced at an affordable cost

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Cracked windshields need immediate attention to restore your car’s safety. You have to decide to trust the windshield replacement experts at Don’s auto glass company to help get you back on the road in no time. Don’s Mobile Glass company repair windshields that have cracks up to quarter size and chips up to three inches long before recommending replacement. They remove windshield from the car in a very careful manner to avoid the damage that can occur to the car paint and bonding surface that in turn could lead to leaks and corrosion. This company also provides rear glass replacement and replacement of side window related services.

If you have a car, then obviously sooner or later you would require auto glass replacement or repair services. Whether it is sooner or later, the main point is, given the road conditions of a city, wind glass replacement is almost inevitable. When the time arises for your windshield repair or replacement, do not hand over your car to anybody else other than the experts at Don’s auto glass replacement company.

Windshield repair and replacement is an extremely controlled and precise process, one that needs to be carried out according to exact specifications. Once it is completed, the team at Don’s windshield repair company will make convey to you some standard precautions that you ought to follow for the first few days. These precautions could include the following:

-Allow the vehicle to have enough time to cure after windshield replacement. It’s recommended that you do not drive your vehicle until the adhesive cures as it could impact the safety of the car to some extent

-For first 20 hours after the windshield replacement, your vehicle side window should be opened before you close the door. Failing to do this thing could build air pressure and can cause a leak to appear through the adhesive

-In the first 20 hours after windshield replacement, do not power wash the car. It is also recommended to avoid using cleaners that have ammonia or alcohol for at least two days following installation

Following these above given simple care tips could protect the safety and integrity of your car windshield replacement job done by the company experts.

How to Get a Real Cost-free registration plate Check?

If you are searching for a new car and have checked out a few used models but aren’t sure about buying, consider a free registration plate check. It refuses to cost you a cent but it will give you valuable information about the used car. It includes all the reports which may have happened on the vehicle in one compact car report.

These helpful little reports give you bits of information that can help you decide regardless of whether to buy a car. Should you be suspicious about a car’s past, it is one way to learn more for free. They can t inform you whether or not there is more you are going to wanting to learn about. Registration plate checks are sometimes employed by car dealers, public auction owners, private and commercial buyers, and insurance brokers. Car shoppers may use them to learn facts that could be important about their used car. It helps you to save money and they are simple to operate.

Number palte checkSo, if you just need to really know what is on a car survey, and if it is even worth buying one for any car, simply copy down the registration plate number, and go get a free report. This will save you money and time. You can always buy the car report after wards.

The Importance of a registration plate Number Search

The value of a registration plate quantity search can be immeasurable. When you purchase a car, your car or truck, much like a person, is “born” with a special id number which is similar to your social security number. This number is referred to as the Vehicle Identification Amount, or registration plate number.

Here is what you can find on your statement…

  1. Theft information and if the auto has ever been reported thieved.
  2. Salvage titles granted on the car.
  3. often, additional flood destruction reports.

You will find getting a free registration plate Check is the best way to start out researching any car.

The service comes highly recommended by reputable car dealers, insurance agencies and especially banks. It can also help you sell your car. Give me personally one to any potential buyer, it saves them worry and the trouble of doing it themselves.

Learn more or get a totally Free registration plate Check or a vehicle history report here.

A guide to jumpstarting your car

There are a few basic vehicle maintenance jobs that everyone should know, if they are driving a vehicle. Relatively simple tasks like topping up your windscreen washer fluid, checking your oil and changing a tyre. Knowing how to jump start a car with a dead battery is another useful thing to know to get you out of a fix.

Having a dead battery can leave you in difficult situations and normally happens at the worst possible time – getting to work or on the way to an important appointment. Carrying some jump cables in your car is recommended as it could help you get back on track without having to call out recovery. Here’s how to jump start your battery:

If your car won’t start due to a dead battery, you might be able to use jump leads to get it going again. You’ll need another willing vehicle driver to lend you some juice from their battery. It’s important to ensure that the helpful driver of the other vehicle has at least the same voltage as your battery.  However, if either your vehicle or theirs has an electronic ignition or alternative fuel, using jump cables could be damaging.

Image credit

Here’s how you safely jump start your car:

  1. Retrieve your jump cables from wherever you store them in your vehicle. It’s always a good idea to have a set with you or you will have to find someone who can not only help you jump start but borrow their cables too.
  2. Make sure both vehicles are in neutral gear or park mode and turn off ignitions. Also apply the parking brake in each vehicle.
  3. Clip one of the red clips onto the positive terminal of your battery. This will have the letters POS or a plus sign on it. The positive terminal is larger than the negative terminal.
  4. Clip on the other red clip to the positive terminal of the other vehicle.
  5. Fix one of the black clips to the other vehicle’s negative terminal and the other black clip to a metal surface on your vehicle that’s unpainted and isn’t close to the battery. You could use one of the metal hinges that holds up the bonnet.
  6. Start the engine of the working vehicle, letting the engine run for a good few Then,see if you can start your vehicle.
  7. If nothing happens, make sure you have the cables correctly connected and leave the working vehicle’s engine running for a few more minutes. If your car still won’t start, it’s time for a new battery. For a speedy replacement Car Battery Supplier, Groves Batteries are the UK’s go to Car Battery Supplier
  8. If jump starting your car works then whatever you do, don’t turn off your engine! Go for a drive for 15-20 minutes to give your battery a chance to recharge. If the same thing happens the next time you try to start your car, the battery is no longer holding any charge and will need to be replaced.

How to maximise the lifespan of high usage work vehicles

For many small businesses, an LCV will be an important investment that needs to last year after year and perform reliably throughout its lifespan. But is it possible to make this achievable and even improve its resilience through regular maintenance? Here are a few tips to tackle this tough topic.

Take pre-emptive action

Unexpected downtime is a real problem when dealing with a single vehicle or a small fleet, but a lot of this can be avoided if maintenance tasks are carried out based on the assumption that they will save time and money further down the line.

Replacing a key part before it has reached the manufacturer’s recommended mileage limit is a good idea. The same applies to switching out components which have failed, as well as those that are still in working order, during a single session. For example, if one brake needs to be replaced, replacing the others at the same time will be more efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

Install protective measures

Keeping a van in service for longer requires some additions to the basic specification, especially if you are concerned about both the physical integrity and aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

The cargo area will likely need to handle heavy equipment and goods on a regular basis, which might damage the body from within. Investing in ply lining, from a site like vehicle-accessories will toughen up the van’s interior and make it look good for longer, preserving the reputation of your business.

Encourage driver care

the vehicles for which they are responsible, then they are unlikely to treat them with care. This is not conducive to a long lifespan and leaves many vans looking long in the tooth before their time.

Van sales have taken a hit in recent months, as economic uncertainty leaves businesses feeling less confident. So encouraging drivers to treat vans as if they were their own personal vehicle, not some expendable resource, is vital.

This isn’t just about getting them to pay attention to maintenance issues and drive in a way that avoids unnecessary wear and tear, but it’s also about improving things like fuel efficiency through enhanced habits behind the wheel. Additional training and ongoing monitoring will be required.

Why Online Car Insurance are the best if you want to insure your vehicle

Many people are running for Online Car Insurance since there is no much documentation and legal procedures to settle compared to the traditional way of purchasing insurance.  Online insurance is the best since you do not have to spend a lot of time and money when searching. As a car owner you can only get insurance from online sources or from the local companies but comparing the advantages that come with online insurance, you may choose your provider online.

There is a lot of convenience with online insurers and you do not need to take a lot of time going through the traditional procedures, which are very much tedious. With your online company, you can just choose the right company any time because services are available all the time. When you use a local company, you may face some hassles since they do not work all the time. It is more convenient to shop online than from the local companies.

As a client, you will get great wealth of information on the process that you should follow to arrive at the best plan. There is dedicated staff online and they are going to ensure that you have the right way out. Information is very important and you can only get it from the professionals. Online sources have great expertise and you will enjoy quality services from your provider.  You can shop online without hassle since connection is of top-notch.

Moreover, getting the best prices for you insurance can only be from online shops. The internet has very promising services at affordable prices as compared to local sources, which only provide fixed prices on policies. If you compare the price of online and local companies, you will get a great difference between their quotes. It is good to choose a company that provides that best quotes but should also be careful of very Cheap Car Insurance quotes. There is no point of getting cheap quotes and then end up in hassle when the company you are working with is bankrupt. Security when you are looking for Online Car Insurance is very crucial. Your insurance quotes should be affordable and manageable also.

Since policies differ, you have to get the best policy that you can service without many problems. It is hard when you choose an expensive policy that does not match your budget since it will make your life a hassle. You should first look at the various conditions that make your policy before you settle for the best. In many cases, you will find good policies but without clarity on the amounts that you are supposed to pay, it will be hard finding the best. For instance, some companies may give you offers, which do not meet your needs, and this can give a very bad experience. Some companies give very superficial information only to learn later that you need to pay more than what the company is offering.

When you are searching for your Cheap Car Insurance form online sources, you should not be fooled by the good offers which put a smile on your face but you should be aware of scams that are online.

Online Car Insurance-An opportunity to getting a car insurance plan with cheap rates

Having a car is really good to all but one thing that must be considered is that Online is the place which has number of accident prone roads that result an accident on daily basis. This is the reason that getting an Online Car Insurance becomes really important thing of present. In order to getting started you have to find the car insurance plan having cheap rates and then know all about your car as model, its mileage any extra feature and condition.

One of the great things is that receiving a free car insurance quote is as simple as picking up the phone or logging onto the internet. And once you log on to Online car insurance plan you can have the choices for additional Online Car insurance coverage which can be anywhere from $10 per month to $100 all depends on your residential and other circumstances and you can choose the suitable one as per your convenience.

Infact if you are a student then there is nothing worries at all about acquiring the insurance plan because there are ways in which even a young driver can also get a nice discount on his car insurance plan. Which means being a student gives you opportunity somewhere and you can find the Student Online Car Insurance Discounts., if you are a student and carry a certain grades you can definitely get a nice discount on your online car insurance plan.

The conclusion said, all the residence of Online must think about obtaining a car insurance plan and all it as per their need and convenience.

If you are also an Online resident and really looking for cheap car insurance plan then you can really Online Car Insurance as your far most solution. To know more about the plan and quotes click here now!