Here’s how you can save money when you buy an engagement ring

Making the decision to ask someone to marry you is the big one. After that, once you know it’s right, it makes sense to get the best ring you can to pop the question, and that could include value for money. Value doesn’t mean cheap, and with a bit of research, you could save yourself some outlay that could go towards the wedding itself.

A diamond engagement ring is the traditional option, though there is so much variation. Look into the ‘4 Cs’ and get the ring you want.

How the stone is cut will have a huge effect on how it sparkles, so choosing a clever cut could save some pounds. Advice is to choose the best cut you can afford, with industry ranking from excellent to poor. Some retailers also add in their own ‘signature’ cut, although those can be harder to evaluate to an untrained eye and might have a brand name premium.


You might think diamonds are all the same ‘colourless’ colour, but in fact, they range from a D (true ‘colourless,’ rare, and consequently costly) through to Z. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a D and an H, so if cash is tight, look for a G-H.


All diamonds come with a rating from FL – meaning flawless – through to ‘inclusions’ which are visible. Opting for a diamond graded SI1 or SI2 will ensure you have a beautiful stone whose ‘flaws’ are not visible without a magnifying glass and then likely only to experts.


Many people will buy stones at full numbers, e.g. 1 carat, though buying just under a whole or common fraction will see a cost saving with little impact on visible quality. This is known as ‘buying shy.’

For more suggestions for how to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring, see the tips from Marie Claire. Once you have your budget set, and you’re armed with the top tips, start your research with specialist jewellers like Compare The Diamond Online retailers are often able to offer a bigger discount.

The key is not to feel pressure. It is an important decision because it’s meant to be forever, so take your time and think rather than rush and get it wrong.

The Formula one. Ultimate racing division

Ask any petrol head and they will tell you that Formula One is the pinnacle of Motorsport. Every would be racing driver, setting out in karts or Caterham Sevens will have this as their ultimate aim. Few will ever get there and the talent required is incredible even to race for a minor team. The slick aerodynamic massively powered Formula one car is a testament to science and engineering with the ability of a human to pilot it through the many Grand Prix’s in the year. The nearest experience that most of us will ever get is actually going to or watching on television a Grand Prix.  The other way is to use a simulator on a Games console or even go really retro and buy a Scalextric set. When race day comes what better way is there than settling down with a drink and snacks and a Sportscar lap tray to keep it all on. Why not visit to get one? You can choose to decorate it with your favourite Driver or team on it. Where does Formula one originate from? How did it all start?

Before Formula one there were still Grand Prix’s. These were slightly ad hoc meetings where teams and privateers would turn up with a car at arranged meetings and race each other. There was no set Formula so cars were distinctly mismatched and all had differing designs. These meetings had grown out of Pre First World War races like the London to Brighton run and the very first Paris to Rouen. Most races were more like Rally’s having a City to City theme. Endurance of the cars and reliability was what was really tested. As these were held on public roads the cars needed to be quite hardy. Due to public interest, and safety, it was decided that specific race tracks should be made. The first ever was the banked oval of Brooklands in Surrey. The cars were able to reach very high speeds for the first time and the public flocked to watch.

In the 1920’s a move was made to ensure that some stability was needed. Larger car manufactures in Europe such as Alfa Romero, Bugatti, Renault,Mercedes and Riley were all looking to use the races to test car improvements and advertise their vehicles. A series of officially regulated Grand Prix’s throughout Europe were started with a Drivers and Constructors championship. After the Second World War the term of Formula one was established and a set of clear rules and regulations set down, although teams could work within the guidelines to give their car an edge. Super charged cars could compete against normally aspirated engine cars and the Drivers began to take on celebrity status. Little did those first drivers in the 1950’s know how much the cars, in terms of speed and design plus the physical demands on the driver, were to change greatly over the next 60 years! So settle down and enjoy it, you’re watching a Formula with a lot of heritage.

Wonderful Wedding Records

We all love a good wedding and we all love an exciting world record. Combine the two and it’s an even greater reason to celebrate! Here are some weird, wacky and wonderful wedding world records:

Most Royal Wedding Souvenirs in a Wedding Dress

Us Brits get a bit crazy over a Royal wedding, but none more so than Jon Burkhart who decided to set a world record by donning a wedding dress and seeing how much Royal souvenirs he could stuff down it in 30 seconds. Some people will do anything for a wedding! April 29th 2011, in London, Jon managed an impressive 13 stuffed souvenirs in 30 seconds. What a legend!

Biggest Wedding Cake

In 2004, a team of 58 chefs (yes, 58!) baked a colossal wedding cake at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, USA. There were 7 tiers and the cake weighed a whopping 15,000 pounds including 5,000 pounds of frosting. Each tier had to be lifted by a forklift truck to put into position.

Longest Dress Train

A bridal salon in Cyprus once made a wedding dress with a bridal train of 4,468 feet in length. We should imagine the bride needed quite a few bridesmaids to help her lift that down the aisle as that train was nearly a mile long! Your wedding might not be world-record breaking, but make sure you have smashing memories by hiring a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer like Nick Rutter Bournemouths Number 1 Wedding Photographer

Oldest Bridesmaid

This record goes to show that you’re never too old to be a bridesmaid. Edith Guildford of the UK was a respectable 105 years old when she was asked to be a bridesmaid. As long as they are a close friend or family member, age means nothing when it comes to wanting support on your big day.

Largest Pet Wedding

If you’ve ever thought your pet needs nuptials then head to Littleton, Colorado where doggie ‘I dos’ are highly popular. In May 2007, the town of Littleton hosted a marriage ceremony for 178 canines. If that’s rather too much of a clean-up job for you to cope with, why not train your pooch to carry the rings down the aisle instead?

Longest Engagement

Think you’ve been waiting an age between engagement and wedding? Then how about 67 years of waiting? A Mexican couple were in no rush when they wed at the age of 82, a stunning 67 years after getting engaged. While waiting to get married has its benefits, such as booking in advance, discounts and planning – when months turns into decades, it might be time to discuss commitment issues.

Oldest Bride

Never feel too old to be walked down the aisle. Minnie Munro was 102 years old when she finally got to day ‘I will’. She married a man twenty years her junior too, so never give up hope of finding your soul mate, no matter how many wrinkles you might have!

Your new car: to buy or to lease?

There are plenty of decisions to be made when it is time for you to replace your old car. There’s the make and model, the colour and the additional features to choose. These days, you also have a choice about how you finance your new vehicle.

The top tip is to thoroughly research the options available to you and then weigh up the advantages of buying and leasing. Here are a few things that you could consider.

Pros and cons of leasing

According to Toby Poston of the BVRLA, which is the trade body for rental and leasing firms, leasing is now the most popular way of purchasing a new car in the UK. This situation was triggered by the banking crisis which forced manufacturers to find new ways of increasing sales. Cheap finance is widely available because interest rates are low, and it opens up markets to people who would not be able to make an outright purchase.

For those who want a new car but would prefer to avoid the hassle and cost of ownership, car leasing in Leicester is the obvious option and is available from providers such as Car leasing Leicester company Total Motion. You get the joy of always driving a new car, low monthly payments and no expensive maintenance bills.

The downside is that it can work out as more expensive in the long-run, you will have to pay for wear and tear and it may not be available to you if you have a poor credit history.

The pros and cons of buying

Buying is the traditional way of obtaining a car and many people still prefer it. You will own the car outright which makes it simple with no involvement of another company. You are free to sell the car at any time, for example if you no longer need it or you need the money. You are also free to modify the car in any way you like.

However, there are also some disadvantages. If you have to get finance to buy the car (a personal loan or increasing your mortgage) the monthly payments can be high, and it can end up costing a lot of money. You also have to remember that the car will depreciate and your asset is falling in value all the time.

Aldi Has a New Range of Adorable Wedding Gifts

When you’re shopping around for the perfect wedding gift to give your lucky friends or family member, Aldi isn’t usually the first place that springs to mind. If you feel tempted to skip this unassuming supermarket completely, think again, because Aldi just launched a range of bridal party items and wedding gifts – and they’re not bad at all.

There’s nothing wrong with giving within your budget, as explained here: So here’s Aldi with the answer to your woes.

Sprucing Up the Marital Home

First in the line-up are some adorable cushions, perfectly fitting into the traditional wedding gift ideas. Buying things for the happy couple to decorate their new home with has always been a wedding gift staple, and these cushions easily add to the mix. Classic ‘bride and groom’ cushions slot alongside a cute pink flamingo print with the words ‘Est. 2018’ embellished underneath. Who wouldn’t love them? They’re less than £4, so you could get them enough to adorn a whole three-piece suite.

Say It in Writing

For something a little more subtle, try one of Aldi’s wedding books. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is at the registry office or a Wedding Hotel Venue in the Wye Valley or if it’s a gorgeous affair at, a wedding book can be quietly slotted in at the reception for people to write whatever they want in. Tastefully designed, these little books wouldn’t look out of place at a higher-end retailer, and they only cost a fiver.

If the idea of giving an entire book seems a little too much, you can give an adorable pack of wedding notes. Each big letter is an individual note, eventually spelling out either ‘Mr & Mrs’ and ‘Love’. They can be used as a small part of the reception party in place of a wedding book for guests to write their own individual messages on. Alternatively, they can be for the couple’s sole use to write messages to each other on. How lovely is that?

Aldi wouldn’t be first on your list of places to shop for gifts for the happy couple, but maybe now it has a place. A range of small, subtle and sweet gifts here would be perfect and wonderfully in place at any wedding, big or small.

Protecting Your Home from Burglars and Other Criminals

Always ensure that windows and doors are closed. Having exterior entry points unlocked is almost like inviting intruders to enter. Therefore, be certain that these areas are closed and locked, regardless of whether you are present in the home or away from the property. High-quality window locks can make a real difference, and it is wise to make updates to these if you are going to be updating windows that may still have trickle vents. Burglars can easily identify locks that are weakened and easy to breach. Doors ought to be equipped with deadbolt mechanisms, and sliders need vertical bolting systems as well as a rod placed inside their tracks. This stops intruders from lifting the doors from the track to gain entry. Do not leave front doors unlocked for any reason, even if your absence will be momentary in nature. Do not neglect to pay close attention to garage entry doors. These can be vulnerable locations, and burglars often exploit this fact. The automatic door alone is likely insufficient to keep your home safe.

Get New Locks Installed

When moving to a new home, make sure to get new locks installed. Renters need to request that their landlords make lock changes immediately. Though former tenants may have returned the keys that they originally received, it is possible that they made copies that were given to others along the way. There is no substitute for exercising caution in this realm because there is nothing worse than having an uninvited visitor enter your rental property. Use a lockbox or a safe to keep valuables protected. Safes that are smaller in size or not wall-mounted can be affixed to the floor so that burglars cannot walk off with them. Do not provide your code to anyone who is not a trusted family member or friend. Also, avoid leaving the code in written form in a place that can be easily discovered.

Do Not Label Keys

Never label house keys or keep spare keys hidden outdoors. When labelled keys end up stolen or lost, there could be a real price to pay, particularly if they are attached to a wallet or ID card. Experienced burglars often search beneath doormats and in garden spaces for false rock key holders. A better option is to give a key to a friend who can be trusted. If there are no neighbours nearby who can hold a key for you, think about buying a combination box that can be kept in a secret spot on the larger property.

Explore Home Security System Options

Security systems for home use come with a range of features, many of which make a positive difference. Motion detecting lights, door and window sensors and alarms can be effective, as can security cameras to capture video of intruders. Choose the options that work best for your individual situation, and hire a well-known company to perform the installation work. While it may be a chore to turn the system on each time the house is left, burglars rely on laziness in this arena. Therefore, it is a step worth taking in order to thwart determined intruders from getting inside the home. Learn everything possible about the new security system and teach the entire family about how it works. This prevents inconvenient false alarm events that can also be expensive and irritating to those living nearby. Also, it is important to avoid false alarms because they may desensitize your neighbours so that they do not respond when there is a true emergency going on.

Consider Specialty Glass on Windows

Consider installing metal bars or specialty glass on windows. This might seem a bit much for most homes, but it can be a good idea to use these techniques to stop burglars who are willing to smash the glass in order to get inside a home. These tools can keep intruders out successfully, and these days it is possible to find products that are actually visually attractive in addition to being effective.

Tech Buddy: 5 Travel Inventions That’ll Transform Your Travel Experience

We can’t deny that technology continues to develop rapidly. We are now traveling abroad on newer and much better aircraft with improvement in entertainment systems complete with in-flight Wi-Fi, which gives a remarkable experience of flying.

Cruise ships became more substantial and packed with ever more diversions, and momentarily it’s often the ship now itself is the experience rather than its destination.

On the other point of the scale, there are hotels high-tech devices that assist in every reception desk, some hotel rooms that’ll automatically unlock using a smartphone. It is undoubtedly a fast-changing world we are living. In addition to that, here are some of the most high-tech travel inventions that could take our next travel experience out of this world.

RFID Tags On Baggages

The “Radio Frequency Identification” or RFID is getting to baggage tracking, which replaces barcode scanning that has been the industry’s standard during the early 1990s. RFID chips installed in luggage tags could be used as an accurate tracker for every passenger’s luggage online and in real time all over their journey.

Using this kind of method could drastically lessen the occurrence of mishandled baggage and enables the luggage’s owner to determine the particular location of a bag in just a few seconds. Some Airline Organizations are making it obligatory for every airline member to track each item of luggage from the receipt to its delivery.

Additional travel tip, upon purchasing the ideal luggage for your travel you must consider its size, physical structure, capacity, and its durability. Sites such as Deal Wiki is an excellent travel resource which you can visit anytime.

Real-Time Translator DeviceReal-Time Translator Device

This device is designed to be a small and handheld real-time translator for over 25 languages. Apparently, it only uses Google Translate at the moment, but still working to assimilate some phrases and weird idioms in the forthcoming.

The Biometric Passports

Also known as a digital passport or an ePassport, a biometric passport is enclosed with a chip designated with personal information as the one on the original passport. The chip can also present information such as unique physical characteristics such as tattoos, scars, moles, and other distinguishing marks. Of course, the chip also includes the standards of personal identification such as fingerprints and retinal scans.

Recently, most countries now issue biometric passports as they offer a more definite proof of identification than rather than conventional identification cards. Scanning these passports at the immigration terminals will streamline the process.

Cooling T-Shirt

Smart Clothing is the new edge of every person who wants to travel with a lot of adrenaline rushes and intense activities. Smart Fabrics are now revolutionizing the way how tourists travel all over the world.

This clothing line is intended for people traveling in humid climates. The clothes’ fabric contains compounds such as xylitol which you might recognize as a sugar substitute. Xylitol has cooling properties that are relatively safe to the human body. These fabrics also have a very high-wicking feature and is UV protected. Thus, you can still wear these clothes in the heat without suffering any ill effects.

How to Get a Real Cost-free registration plate Check?

If you are searching for a new car and have checked out a few used models but aren’t sure about buying, consider a free registration plate check. It refuses to cost you a cent but it will give you valuable information about the used car. It includes all the reports which may have happened on the vehicle in one compact car report.

These helpful little reports give you bits of information that can help you decide regardless of whether to buy a car. Should you be suspicious about a car’s past, it is one way to learn more for free. They can t inform you whether or not there is more you are going to wanting to learn about. Registration plate checks are sometimes employed by car dealers, public auction owners, private and commercial buyers, and insurance brokers. Car shoppers may use them to learn facts that could be important about their used car. It helps you to save money and they are simple to operate.

Number palte checkSo, if you just need to really know what is on a car survey, and if it is even worth buying one for any car, simply copy down the registration plate number, and go get a free report. This will save you money and time. You can always buy the car report after wards.

The Importance of a registration plate Number Search

The value of a registration plate quantity search can be immeasurable. When you purchase a car, your car or truck, much like a person, is “born” with a special id number which is similar to your social security number. This number is referred to as the Vehicle Identification Amount, or registration plate number.

Here is what you can find on your statement…

  1. Theft information and if the auto has ever been reported thieved.
  2. Salvage titles granted on the car.
  3. often, additional flood destruction reports.

You will find getting a free registration plate Check is the best way to start out researching any car.

The service comes highly recommended by reputable car dealers, insurance agencies and especially banks. It can also help you sell your car. Give me personally one to any potential buyer, it saves them worry and the trouble of doing it themselves.

Learn more or get a totally Free registration plate Check or a vehicle history report here.

How to prevent your VOIP from going offline when your internet drops out

VOIP telephony is deservedly popular for the great flexibility and cost savings it offers, particularly to businesses. However, if your internet connection is disrupted or disappears for any reason, then the ability to make and receive calls could be compromised. The good news is that there are strategies that can be put in place to minimise any inconvenience that might result from the internet dropping out.

Call continuity

Providers can supply system redundancy and call continuity features to take charge automatically and divert calls to designated numbers on a mobile network should the internet connection fail. Also known as mobile-ready VOIP, this feature will make sure no calls are lost. Disaster routing can also shunt calls to other systems in the event of a disruption.

Second internet service

More than one ISP will mean there is always another internet connection to turn to. Businesses can have one ISP for computers and another for VOIP, so there is always an alternative. Or a business can have secondary internet network waiting to go if there is ever a problem. When installing that extra internet network, ensure you are getting fibre if you have been sold fibre. Some customers have been buying copper wire connections, falsely believing they are getting the latest technology. To learn more, see this report from The Telegraph.

Back-up connection

Thwart internet failures by getting back up at the place where your business phone network intersects with the internet cabling to prevent any loss of data should the internet cable be damaged.

Concerns about the effect of the internet connection failing may have deterred you from calling an international VoIP wholesale provider to get a great deal for your business. But if you are prepared with one of these strategies, there is no need to worry. If you want to find out more about what an international VoIP wholesale provider can deliver, it would be a good idea to contact experts in the field, such as who could tell you what deals and options are available.

VOIP is the future of telephone calls. With a little planning, there need be no anxiety about losing connectivity and VOIP power. With emergency features in place, you and your business can relax and start to enjoy all the benefits VOIP offers.

Check out the whole REMcellReview online

REMcell is basically a natural sleep aid which is advanced enough and manufactured for helping users to achieve the restful sleep. It is also designed with best ingredient blend that claims for working in the combination to synergy and promotes well the uninterrupted sleep. It also works well by offering healthy response to disorders as insomnia and gives body as well as mind the much needed rest. Unlike other formulas of sleeping, it doesn’t consist of any harmful artificial additives and hence its safety and effectiveness must not be questioned at all. If you will read REMcell Review, you will find that this formula gets accessed through official site.

All you need is just one bottle of the REMcell that includes 270 capsules. This one product is best formulation of the Vitamonk and based in USA. This one brand is completely involved in the production and formulation of the dietary formula which is constituted naturally with the natural actives and which is backed by the science. They all manufacture the supplements which range from the weight loss and health to the enhancement supplements. They are also committed for producing the cutting edge formulas which are meant for optimizing the health and performance.

Effective and fast sleep booster

The product of REMcellis claimed as the best for achieving the health that you all need. As per the REMcell Review, the manufacturer also claims that this one formula is best developed with natural blend of the ingredients. It works for correcting the disorder of insomnia and supports the restful & long term sleep without causing any of the hung over. The ingredients which are used in formula are all natural. As per the scientific reports, it offers all natural sleeping aids. They stimulate nervous system well for supporting and regulating neurotransmitters for supporting the sedation.

Key benefits of REMcell formula

This formula is known for reducing sedation & boosts. It helps in improving the hormonal balance, improves quality of the sleep and also increases sleep length. Some of the featured ingredients are Melatonin which is one hormone that performs for inducing sleep & regulating to increase quality of sleep. The valerian root present helps in boosting the anxiety and sleeping responses. It even regulates well GABA neurotransmitter that causes the sedation. The Lemon Balm powder assist in boosting the cognitive functions, supports well digestion and calms while improving sleep quality. It also includes zinc, lavender extract as well as passion flower extract.As per REMcellReview; it includes all natural ingredients which claims to be safe enough, helps in boosting the restful and quality sleep. It is termed as the fastest sleep booster. Get it now.