Significant growth predicted for silicone sealants market

Silicone sealant has been the subject of almost constant innovation for the past few years. No longer the basic stop-gap for sealing leaks around the bath, sealants have come a long way, particularly in the building, automotive and technology industries.

Innovation has developed this generic product, extending its physical properties way beyond the simple function of filling gaps into a versatile product with many specific uses.

Types of Silicone Sealant

The broader categories encompass heat, including extremes of temperature, microbial and weather resistance, and water and vapour permeability. These properties extend further to UV resistance, enhanced strength against splitting and cracking, vibration mitigation, dirt repulsion and general improvement in the longevity of the useful life of the bond. The market generally is supported by byproducts such as silicone sealant remover because it is not an easy product to clean off.


The applications are almost endless. In the building industry, for example, with the trend to design buildings with large sheets of glass, silicone sealant has now become the primary way of bonding glass to the structural frames of the building. The weatherproofing characteristics of sealant are essential for the external application and the structural hold. Specialist providers for the construction industry such as ct1ltd have a unique range of sealants for different purposes.

In the automotive industry, silicone sealants have a proven record of reducing component failures, which has a knock-on effect on the cost of warranty repairs and improved customer satisfaction. Reductions in driving noise, vibration and sharpness extend the durability of gaskets and, by extension, vehicle performance and reliability over the longer term.

The advancement of sealant technology is increasing the types of applications and the market for the whole range of products. Other industries that are heavy users of silicone sealants are furniture, footwear and electronics, providing further global growth opportunities.

Global analysis of the overall market supports the general upward trend over the next decade. Specific growth areas are identified in China and India’s automotive industries, with construction, automotive and packaging industries in the forefront of European markets, closely followed by the US.

Japan will be a key player because of its automotive and technology industries. There is already M&A activity at a global level as corporations seek to consolidate their positions in this growing market.

Rugby fan’s collection of 400 Groggs figures

Avid collector, Andy South, credits his impressive collection of Groggs figures to giving up smoking a decade ago. Investing the money he would have spent on cigarettes into more than 400 individual figures, his impressive collection is estimated to be worth £100,000.

An overview of Groggs figures

John Hughes, who passed away in 2013, began making the models in his garden shed in Pontypridd, Wales, in 1965. JPR Williams and Gareth Edwards were some of the first stars to be depicted in model form, and some of the rarest second-hand figures now regularly sell for hundreds of pounds.

Richard Hughes, John’s son, began sculpting in 1976, and says that it is impossible to estimate how many individual figures have been produced in total.

Impressive investments

Before the popularity of Groggs increased, Mr Hughes would produce limited runs of just 10 figures. Figures produced during this time are now the most sought-after, with collectors especially keen to snap up rare examples, often scouring the internet and car boot sales for elusive models missing from their collections.

An exclusive Shane Williams figure in his Japanese club kit, which sold in a charity auction for an impressive £1,500, is thought to be one of the most expensive Groggs models ever sold so far.

Encouraging participation

As avid sports fans, the Hughes family would be delighted if their work inspired people to get involved with sport. If you’re keen to start training, there are many services available, including Sportplan, who has put together a selection of rugby drill training video programs to encourage participation, develop skills and boost confidence.

A snowballing collection

Knowing he had always enjoyed Groggs, Andy South’s wife suggested that he invest the money saved by stopping smoking into building his collection. One of his most valuable figures was a £5 charity shop find, and the model, depicting Jonathan Thomas, is currently worth around £500. The most he has ever paid was at a charity auction, when he snapped up an exclusive figure of Craig Bellamy, a former Wales footballer, for £350.

Consistent demand

Many companies have offered to mass produce Groggs figures over the last decade, but it remains a small, family-run operation. Richard Hughes spends around eight weeks sculpting each model and has a team of five painters painstakingly colouring and finishing each figure to the highest standard.

How to maximise the lifespan of high usage work vehicles

For many small businesses, an LCV will be an important investment that needs to last year after year and perform reliably throughout its lifespan. But is it possible to make this achievable and even improve its resilience through regular maintenance? Here are a few tips to tackle this tough topic.

Take pre-emptive action

Unexpected downtime is a real problem when dealing with a single vehicle or a small fleet, but a lot of this can be avoided if maintenance tasks are carried out based on the assumption that they will save time and money further down the line.

Replacing a key part before it has reached the manufacturer’s recommended mileage limit is a good idea. The same applies to switching out components which have failed, as well as those that are still in working order, during a single session. For example, if one brake needs to be replaced, replacing the others at the same time will be more efficient and cost-effective in the long run.

Install protective measures

Keeping a van in service for longer requires some additions to the basic specification, especially if you are concerned about both the physical integrity and aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

The cargo area will likely need to handle heavy equipment and goods on a regular basis, which might damage the body from within. Investing in ply lining, from a site like vehicle-accessories will toughen up the van’s interior and make it look good for longer, preserving the reputation of your business.

Encourage driver care

the vehicles for which they are responsible, then they are unlikely to treat them with care. This is not conducive to a long lifespan and leaves many vans looking long in the tooth before their time.

Van sales have taken a hit in recent months, as economic uncertainty leaves businesses feeling less confident. So encouraging drivers to treat vans as if they were their own personal vehicle, not some expendable resource, is vital.

This isn’t just about getting them to pay attention to maintenance issues and drive in a way that avoids unnecessary wear and tear, but it’s also about improving things like fuel efficiency through enhanced habits behind the wheel. Additional training and ongoing monitoring will be required.

Why ‘versus’ has no place in financial advice

The complex world of financial advice is made even more difficult for clients who are being asked to choose between one type of investment and another, or one type of adviser as opposed to another. In fact, The Pensions Advisory Service chief executive, Michelle Cracknell, wants advisers to stop talking about ‘versus’, to encourage consumer engagement in financial advice. She made her point when talking about the challenges to financial advice at a Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association summit. She argued that all this talk about independent financial adviser versus restricted adviser, guidance versus advice, and active versus passive are clouding an already difficult issue. She wants the word ‘and’ to replace versus.

Making the point with pensions

The TPAS chief executive said pensions would be a good place to start simplifying the financial landscape, since there are more than 50 products on the market in this area. She said most people in the UK have no experience of regulated financial advice and what it can deliver. This is also an important area because the rules have changed in recent years. However, many people are reading the headlines about pension reforms but do not know how it can apply to them.

Encouraging consumer engagement

She said they need to consider how to transform clients into active consumers of financial services, rather than recipients, and that it would take time to change consumer perceptions of this sector. Financial service providers need to find different ways to engage consumers and encourage their loyalty. One way could be to adopt coaching models that are used in the USA.

Obviously, it pays to spend quality time with clients or potential clients to discuss their finances and their individual needs. One way to free up more time is by investing in financial adviser software, from a company such as, which can deal with the back office and administrative duties. Advisers then have more time to spend in front of their clients and will also receive timely reminders about appointments, policies maturing or the need to routinely check portfolios, for example.

The world of finance is a challenging sector, where trust is an important issue. People buy from those they have faith in, so finding ways to communicate with them without putting them off is an important step.

Becoming a Police Officer

Many children dream of becoming a police officer, just like firefighters or astronauts, it’s one of those ‘hero’ jobs that inspire us. In reality, it takes a certain set of skills of attributes to be a successful police officer and here we look at what’s involved in the recruitment process:

Some basic requirements you need to meet before you apply include:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • Be a UK, Commonwealth or EU citizen
  • Pass security checks

There are no formal educational requirements as long as you are able to pass their entry tests, however from 2020 onwards, this is changing. After 2020, you will need a degree in policing to become an officer. This is being done to ensure all recruits have a thorough enough training and education to face the ever changing and complex world of policing.

Following a successful application, you will be expected to attend an interview, complete written tests, undergo a physical fitness test and have medical and eyesight tests. There are also no minimum or maximum height requirements any longer. There are several different routes into policing. Those with a degree can apply for the Police Now Graduate Programme and applicants with management experience could apply for entry to inspector or superintendent.

Skills required for the role of police officer include:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Initiative and confidence
  • Learn procedures quickly and digest information quickly
  • Work well in a team
  • Ability to stay calm in difficult situations and make decisions

The job is hugely varied but as a patrol officer, the tasks might include:

  • Acting as a first responder to calls for help from the public
  • Investigating different offences and criminal activity
  • Conducting interviews and carrying out arrests
  • Crowd control and traffic control
  • Providing advice about safety
  • Treating everyone fairly according to their needs

Police officers must be prepared to work unsociable hours as policing is a 24/7 365 day a year service that never closes. You’ll need to work weekends, nights and public holidays. Being on patrol could see you in a vehicle, on foot, boat, horseback, bicycle or motorbike. A good level of physical fitness is required and needs to be maintained and the job can sometimes be dangerous. A good knowledge of the digital world is also required as policing becomes increasing tech-enabled. More police officers are now being equipped with a smart phone and a body worn camera. For more information, visit

The requirements of the job can seem daunting but the training that recruits receive is among some of the best in the world. Two years is spent as a student before officially becoming a police constable. After this time, you can make a decision as to whether you want to specialise in a certain area of policing. Different specialisms include:

  • Drugs and firearms
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Dog-handling or police horse training
  • CID
  • Anti-fraud
  • Traffic

Other similar roles to consider include that of Police Community Support Officer (PCSO). These officers don’t have the same powers but are crucial in neighbourhood policing. The role includes dealing with minor offences, early intervention, conducting enquiries, guarding, supporting and providing advice to the public.

Finding the Right Mind practitioner To Achieve Complete Mindfulness

A great career requires great mind. There is no secret to it. You would need our mind to be focused on the target for the right kind of career path. However, often, in fact more than often, people ignore the need to train their mind. They think that by working till wee hours they will get the required success. This is not true. To succeed and to hold on to the success, you need to train your mind. This mind practice is an important thing. However, because this is important, this is not easy. This is why, you need to find the right 마음수련 사이비 for the training.

Qualities of a Teacher

Often people end up in the hands of fake teachers. This creates problems for them in the training and in the mindfulness. For this reason, experts say to be careful about the teacher. You need to find that person who can help you in this journey. You need to find that person who is skilled enough to assist you in this path.

Benefits of Mind Training

Well, you might want to know about the benefits of mind practice. Why should you do it? What are the benefits? You need to know before making any decision right? Well, mind practice can set you on the path of success. This practice can help you accomplish things which nothing else help you achieve. From the beginning of civilization people have been using the power of mind to get what they want. This is why you too need to train yourself to get what you want. The strength which is required to work extra hard will be given through mind practice. This is why, if you are undecided about it, you need to start right now to find out the miracles which mind practice can offer you.


To find the right 마음수련 사이비 teacher, you need to first check the reputation. This is important because, there are too many people who are offering the same service. You need to find the one who can help you. This is the reason, make sure to explore different forums to find about the person who you want to hire for mind training. If you find that the person does not have good reputation, you need to look elsewhere. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong person here. This will cost you dearly says the experts.


Yes, you need to find whether the person is skilled to help you or not. This is another trait which you need to check before hiring someone. How would you find about the skill? Well, check the blog this person is running. You will find information which will tell you whether the person will be able to help you or not.


Of course you need to pay the Mind practitioner for teaching you. However, you need to find out how much you will have to spend for the lessons. This is important because different people charge different money. Make sure to choose the one who is asking for reasonable price.

2017’s top five free text editors

As we approach the end of 2017, we look back at some of the most appreciated releases in the digital industry. Here are five of the best tools intended for web professionals (and novices too), rated for their efficiency, design and user-friendliness.

1. Notepad++

Notepad is a familiar and friendly text editor for many people, not to mention fully-fledged programmers. There is a reason why this text editor has stood the test of the time; it is so flexible and fast. This version benefits from syntax highlighting, a tabbed interface, autocomplete in various languages and a long list of useful plugins.

2. Atom

Atom, meanwhile, is a customisable text editor that enables its user to have complete control over its features and functions. These features include a multi-tab interface, code completion and built-in package manager with numerous add-on packages available. The tool offers great support and is a very popular choice for newcomers.

As someone who is new to the field of web development, you may alternatively wish to seek help with your project. Red Snapper ( is a professional web development company in London who can take complicated programming off your hands, allowing you to focus on your primary objective.

3. Vim

Less adaptable but equally as powerful is Vim, a fairly well-established tool in the industry. Vim now offers users autocomplete, history support, code completion and macro recording and playback. Unlike Atom, this text editor requires you to learn on the go, However, once you’ve mastered its ways, it has some great benefits on offer.

4. Light Table

Light Table can be applied to a variety of projects but, as with many tools, it does have its pros. One of these is its suitability for website building, thanks to its embedded editor, its availability for multiple operating systems and its ability to be customised. Other standout features include plugins, instant code testing and code feedback.

5. Bluefish

The very fast Bluefish is an efficient but busy text editor. The tool can be a bit confusing with its many tabs and toolbars, but its more complex design is a direct result of it being able to handle lots of tasks at once. Some of the key features are remote editing, syntax highlighting and checking and support for various programming languages.

Steroid Injectable: A Thorough Discussion on Proper Use and Procedure

Most beginners in steroid consumption are petrified when they’re presented with the option of injectable. As oral steroids are easier to get into the body, more people prefer such method over the other available option. The presence of DD 50mg or 25mg injection seems like a puzzle for beginners. Fortunately, resources are now accessible online. Beginners have a slight concern regarding the effectiveness of a cycle compared to the proper consumption of a medicine. That is why this article exists in order to give a clearer explanation to anyone who is trying to get comfortable in an injectable concept of taking steroid.

Steps in using steroid injections

Proper Use – 1st Phase:

The very first thing you must do is prepare all the needed materials. Get the vial, syringe and at least two needles, both of contrasting size. With regards to common anabolic steroids, people use a 23-25ga. X 1-15. But, depending on your level of comfort and from the advice of your doctor, just simply adhere to the prescription. Make sure you’re not re-using a needle. Be sure to clean the lid of the vial as well with a swab induced with an alcohol. Lastly, draw the liquid from the vial into your syringe. Take note on the advised combination of needle, syringe and vial dosage. Even if you think you can do better than the beginner’s dose, it’s still important to follow the minimum requirement for safety purposes.

Proper Use – 2nd Phase:

After you’ve successfully transferred the oil into the syringe, immediately replace the needle with a new one. Sure, your concern is not to save as much needle. But, if you want a smooth process, you better get the fresh needle with a sharp point. From there, you will have lesser chance to experience pain while injecting the steroid.

Choose a spot as to where you feel most confident and comfortable to administer the process. If you don’t have any idea regarding the safe areas in the body that can absorb the components of a steroid, have a look at the list below.

Safe muscles to administer injection

  • Calves
  • Deltoids
  • Lats
  • Pectorals
  • Glutes
  • Traps
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Quadriceps

Proper Use – 3rd Phase:

Right after the successful injection in the desired muscle, you should apply pressure on the affected area. Do not use your bare fingers in doing so. Have a fresh cotton ball and hold it onto the area for about 20-30 seconds. In that process, you’re allowing the body to absorb the entire dosage of your steroid injected into it. After the specified time allotment of medium pressure with a cotton ball, remove and throw in the cotton properly. Some blood spots may be visible in the cotton, but there’s no need to worry. The blood you’ll see are just normal as it’s the default reaction of your skin since you’ve pierced it. Right then, sit and relax. While you’re recovering from the pain out of the affected area, try to massage it to minimize any potential of soreness. Although the latter part is not mandatory, but it somehow provides a soothing feeling after the injection is made.

Five benefits of installing double-glazed windows

There is a huge array of improvements that can be made to homes, but double glazing delivers tangible assets that will make your life more comfortable and save you money.

More economical bills

Double glazing will keep the heat where you want it – inside the house – and it will mean you spend less on staying warm. According to a report in The Guardian, if the nation really became enthusiastic about installing double glazing collectively, we could save billions.

More safety

A double-glazed window is harder to break and more of a barrier to thieves and intruders, so that will improve your security and your peace of mind.

More tranquillity

Another wonderful effect of double glazing is reducing the noise that enters the home from outside. If you don’t want to hear the traffic or whatever else is going on in the street, double glazing will make a big difference.

More comfort

Install double glazing made from low-e glass, which is coated with metal on one side, and this will help the interior stay warm in winter and keep it cooler in summer. Besides the temperature aspect, this type of window can also moderate the amount of sun entering the home, which could be good news for valuable carpets and furnishings.

More value

With so many advantages, most home buyers are really happy to see double glazing on a prospective purchase, so this is an investment that will pay off. In addition, the double glazing reduces energy bills, which will make the property more attractive to buyers.

If you want to find out more about Gloucester double glazing, you might want to consider consulting experts in the area such as A company like this can offer advice, suggestions and lots of options for Gloucester double glazing.

Double glazing is great addition to just about any home because it not only makes the residence a more pleasant place to live in the short term, but it is also an improvement that delivers plenty of value in the long term. With so many options and technical innovations, modern double glazing now gives exceptional performance and is available in a wide range of colours and styles that will give your home a facelift in the looks department.

Top most Software Testing Assessment Tests

Manual software testers are the technical employees that ensure that the software installed is functioning efficiently. They are the beck and call of the company to maintain the installed software programs and keep a timely check on them. Companies may sometimes feel that they need a fresh review on their current testing practices, which are unbiased and full of solution-based information. Hence, the candidates required should be full of new ideas and techniques to improve current testing methods. Here are certain tests to evaluate the required candidates:

  1. Testing Fundamentals:
    This tests the software experts who are expected to know software requirements, produce a test case and execution and prepare the related result documentation.
    The test includes 55 multiple choice questions for a time duration of 55 minutes to tests the skills and job readiness of a candidate. They cover the following topics- Software life cycle, Test designing techniques, Testing tools and Testing Fundamentals. Basic and advanced knowledge of testing certifications, QTP, QC, Load Runner is tested. 
  2. Manual Testing Assessment:
    A manual tester must detect the bugs in the software and behaves as an end user to the software to make sure that the software works according to the intended design. This test emphasizes on practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge, which is the desired skill set for the company.
    The test includes 40 questions for 40 minutes, where questions will be based on Manual software testing, Testing fundamentals, Test case writing, Test plan development, Test strategy, Test management, and Documentation skills. Real world end users (customers) are the prime focus for this test.
  3. Another software testing assessment test is designed specifically for IT and ITES industries for hiring applicants at entry level jobs that will have to power forward for taking on the complex challenges that manual testing offers. This test is instrumental in gauging the employee’s ability to handle functional testing, integration testing, regression testing, and automation testing which improve the product quality.
    The two sections of the test are:
    Proficiency in Manual testing: This portion includes questions on STLC, SDLC, Testing Metrics, Testing Techniques, Test Management, and Defect Management.
    Knowledge of Manual Testing: This part contains questions based onAgile Methodology, Application lifecycle management, Bugzilla basics, and Automation Testing.
  4. Software testing Maturity Assessment:

The threefold method critical for assessment is:

Test Organization: Provides information on who performs the testing, what levels of experience exist and co-dependence in the development-maintenance life cycle.
Test process maturity Provides information on how well-defined the test is, whether is repeatable, how well the deployment of the test is and if it incorporates good testing management, practices, techniques and effective tools.

Readiness: The assessment of an organization’s readiness to improve the testing. This involves interrogating the candidates about their testing awareness, testing skills and motivation to change the company’s current testing policies.

The test report specifies key areas of improvement for the candidate, the assessment details and the training required. This ensures that the company hires fresh candidates that are highly efficient in their jobs and reduce the company’s cost of hiring and time required for hiring.