Strange F1 Facts That No One Knows

If you’re a fan of F1, here are some little-known facts you might enjoy.

The Average Age of an F1 Driver Is 26

The average age might only be 26 today, but the average age of drivers during the first ever F1 race in 1950 at Silverstone was 39. Not only that, but three of the drivers taking part were over 50. That’s hard to imagine today, given how youthful the sport has become!

Max Verstappen Holds Multiple Age-Related Records

Max Verstappen, born in 1997, became the youngest driver to compete in F1 when he was aged just 17 years and 166 days. He holds a number of records relating to his youth, including being the youngest F1 Grand Prix winner of all time. Verstappen, recently in the headlines for criticising Red Bull, is the son of Jos Verstappen, himself a former racing driver.

It’s Possible To Drive Too Slowly

Al Pease holds the dubious distinction of being the only driver ever to have been black-flagged for not driving fast enough. He was black-flagged and disqualified from the race at the Canadian Grand Prix back in 1969.

Fastest Ever Penalty

In 2006, at the Turkish Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel was caught speeding during practice in the pit lane right after exiting the garage. He was fined $1000 just nine seconds into his Formula 1 career as a result.

The Most Expensive Crash Took Place in 2004

To celebrate and promote the release of the blockbuster movie Ocean’s 12, two F1 cars were fitted out with an incredible £150,000 worth of diamonds at the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix. The cars, driven by Christian Klien and Mark Webber, were decked out in sparkling diamonds, attracting considerable media attention. Unfortunately, Klien crashed on lap one and his diamond-encrusted car wasn’t seen again.

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What annoys people about websites?

You probably love your website, and why wouldn’t you? You have invested time and money into its creation and you’re proud of your achievements. However, do your analytics suggest that perhaps not everyone is as enamoured of your site as you are? It’s time to remove those rose-tinted glasses and ask yourself if you recognise any of the following with your own website:

  1. Your Site is Slow

We currently live in a world of instant gratification. When it comes to the internet, people are seriously impatient. You might have the most engaging, insightful, humorous website on the planet but if it doesn’t load within 2 seconds, your visitors are gone. Yes, all you have is 2 seconds. Almost half of people surveyed won’t stick around longer than that for a site to load.

Therefore, a slow-loading page is a major annoyance for web users, especially for those browsing on mobile phones. Thankfully, there are lots of options to improve this particular gripe. For help with all aspects of improving your website, contact web designers in Reading.

  1. Your Site Looks Bad on Mobiles

Web browsing is all about the mobile experience now, so if you don’t have an optimised site, you will be penalised. Mobile web browsing has now overtaken browsing on other devices. Not only will you have some very annoyed visitors who can’t access your content properly but search engines like Google won’t even display you in their mobile search results if you’re not mobile and tablet optimised.

  1. Too Many Popups

While the correct use of popups is an effective marketing tool, too much in your face will annoy the heck out of your visitors and they will bounce. People want to access your content and if they must close multiple popups before even getting to the good stuff, they won’t be happy customers. Popups are useful but only if you’re clever about it.

  1. Your Website is Outdated

Think carefully about the design of your site and whether it looks like it hasn’t been updated since the late 90s or early 2000s. This is a sure-fire way to send customers packing. Design flaws like flashing adverts, GIFs that blink and overly complex animations are a few examples of outdated design elements that should no longer be seen.

  1. Stock Photos

Cheesy, generic stock photos that lots of companies use means your visitors might be spotting the same models on lots of different websites. All of a sudden, your business becomes indistinguishable from all the other businesses using those same stock images. Images are good, but try to use real photos, or something unique like custom illustrations that people won’t have seen anywhere else.

  1. Bad Copy

In the past, the practice of search engine optimisation involved getting as many keywords into your copy as possible. It made content dull, repetitive and often impossible to read. It was rubbish for web users and search engines soon identified it and penalised for it. However, if your site is still guilty of too much keyword stuffing, you need to get with the times and create some content that’s engaging, relevant and current.

The Necessity of Airtel Mobile Recharge

Mobile phones are the lifelines for every individual nowadays. The usage of mobile phones put the people together in spite of the distances. Every business and almost relations are also based on the mobile phones. Fast moving life and busy schedules will not allow the individuals to meet people every day. Mobile provides various methods for the connectivity with the people as SMS, calls, chat and many more. To make calls, SMS, chat via mobile balance is necessary either pre or post balance must be in your mobile phones. The increasing awareness of internet and digital payment methods are now leading in new ways for the online recharge. The excessive use of mobiles also increases the necessity of Online Recharge.

Hassle Free Online Airtel Recharge

During the initial phases of Mobile. People used to stand in the queues at mobile recharge shops. Specific paper recharge coupons were used for the recharge. As the time moves, latest technology picked up the pace and online mobile recharge becomes the first choice of the mobile users. There are so many website portals, and apps have been introduced as Paytm, Mobikwik, Phonepe and many more. Without standing in a queue or move to the recharge shops, users can get their mobile recharge done through these user-friendly portals. In case of urgency, a user only requires portal and internet banking for the recharge and payment.

 Easy Methods for Mobile Recharge

It is straightforward to recharge mobile phones online. People don’t require specialized training to do it as online apps and portals are designed more simply. One just needs the Internet connectivity along with the smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablets. Airtel online recharge provides, various discount coupons, reward points, and cash back offer for thier users. It is done within few seconds, and the user can enjoy the full talk time, unlimited SMS packs, internet packages, etc. as per their capacity and payment options. Many companies have introduced attractive offers for regular users, which is also helping them in building their business.

Reliability of Online Recharge

Few people always have a query regarding the reliability of online Airtel recharge. Due to online payment involvement, people are looking for the safety and security of their hard earned money. The portals have used the secured interface for the payment options. Whenever one is making an online payment, it will ask for bank details and one-time password before proceeding ahead. It will make sure for the users for the safety of their transaction. There is an option of securing with login id and password as well for making it more comfortable for the payment. It provides users with a solution that is instant and can get from anywhere and anytime.

Customer Support for Online Recharge

For every successful business, there must be excellent customer support behind. Here many portals provide the active support for their customers. In case a user is facing any challenge while recharging or making payment, customer support plays an important role. Users need not worry about their questions regarding online recharge. They will provide you the detailed information in written, or somehow they call you back for the personal attention. Mobile online recharge option is a complete package for the people who are looking for the time saving and hassle-free services.

Interesting Facts About Boilers

If you’re thinking about having a new boiler fitted, or need to book a service because you think there’s something not quite right with your current one, here are some interesting facts you might not know to get the best from your boiler:

  1. Boilers work by heating through radiant or convection heating

Some boilers give off radiant heat, in that they heat a specific thing such as flooring and not air. Most boilers in the UK use convection heating, which heats the air itself. Whatever system is used, the act of heating is the same. Water runs through the system and is heated at a central location. It is then pumped through pipes, transfering heat to radiators and warming your home.

  1. Modern boilers are highly efficient

Boilers of the past used to get a bad wrap for being energy-inefficient. Thankfully, boilers have come a long way and modern units use between 85 and 99% of the fuel that they consume, which is a vast improvement. In the past, that figure was more like 50 to 70%.

  1. Does a boiler actually boil water?

You would think that the name suggested a boiling action, but you might be surprised to learn a modern boiler doesn’t boil water inside the system. Old boilers used to use steam to make heat, so did boil water up to temperatures of 190F. The benefit of boilers no longer using steam is a more efficient system, using less energy and yet still keeping your home toasty. For Gloucester Boiler Repair, visit

  1. A new boiler will save you money

If you are still operating an old boiler, upgrading could save you up to 30% on your current energy bills. New models are a great deal more energy-efficient. They use less energy to run and don’t bring the water to a full boil. This will save you considerable amounts and you’ll see the benefits almost straight away.

  1. The importance of having the correct water pressure

Did you know that the water pressure in your boiler system is different from that which is set in your overall plumbing system? Your boiler water pressure should be set between 12 and 15 psi for optimum functioning. Too low and you won’t experience enough heat, but too high and you could damage your system. You can easily lower pressure by bleeding the radiators and increase it by adding more water into the system.

  1. Don’t water-based systems mean excess moisture?

Although there is a lot of water involved, a boiler does, in fact, provide dry heat. The entire system, including the radiators and pipes is closed, so water doesn’t escape anywhere into your home. You won’t even see any water vapour escape either, as the components are made from non-porous materials. Therefore, you’ll see no increase in humidity inside your property.

A World of Fictional Tanks

The impressive role of tanks in warfare since their inception during World War I has inspired many an author and film director since. Huge, powerful, awesome machines that have a special place in the hearts of those who have served inside or alongside them. Here are two fictional tanks. One inspired by seeing tanks in action and one created before tanks were even a real thing.

The Land Ironclads

This was a short story written by H.G Wells about future tanks before there even were tanks! The story was printed in the 1903 December issue of Strand Magazine and involved fearful machines of 100 feet long, containing riflemen, engineers, a captain and carried remotely-controlled guns. Sound familiar?

The name ‘ironclad’ came from the steam warships of the mid-1800s that were protected by steel or iron armour plating. The machines were described as narrow with incredibly strong steel frames and being carried on 8 pairs of large wheels of 10 feet in diameter. For your own exciting Tank Driving experience, visit

A large iron plate served as protection for the whole vehicle, with the captain and crew having look-out ports around the top edge. There was also a tower that could be raised or lowered above the look-out points and through the middle of the upper iron cover. The riflemen would sit in cabins to use the mechanically targeting automatic rifles. H.G Wells was quite a visionary as this story was written before the start of what we now view as modern warfare.

The Baneblade

Most of us have heard of the hugely popular game Warhammer. There are wars galore, with battlefields taking over entire planets and battling for victory is all that counts. The Baneblade is a super-heavy tank belonging to the Imperial Guard., being there oldest and biggest serving vehicle in the armed forces of the Imperial Guard.

Such is the size of the beast that it requires a 10-person crew. It is a highly capable and powerful battle tank with no apparent weaknesses. There are different versions available, each with a unique applications and purpose. Its best use is for deployment in the support of heavy infantry. It can fire on infantry with Heavy Bolters and Demolisher Cannon, but also damage enemy armour with an impressively sounding Mega Battle Cannon. It is vicious in demolishing anything smaller, has huge crushing tracks and a vast arsenal of weaponry.

Anyone playing this game will favour this command vehicle when they take to the field. The command vehicle comes equipped with awesome communication capabilities and a wide range of tactical planning equipment. It is still not perfect though, despite its great power. It sits as a large, conspicuous target, is slow and not overly flexible or easy to manoeuvre.

Lovejoy and Mrs Kim. Clash of the Antique Titans

Lovejoy was a TV show where the main character broke the fourth wall at the start of every episode. Here he is about to do it again from the Gazebo in Stars Hollow, Connecticut.

“Well, well. Where do I find myself? The beautiful town of Stars Hollow USA no less. Perhaps my mullet won’t be out of place in this tiny town. I’ve got a tip off that Kim’s Antiques over there has got what I’m looking for. Not Antique crystal chandeliers, I’d go to for that. Now where’s Tinker got to?”

Cut to the interior of Luke’s Diner. Tinker is leaning up against the counter like he’s a regular and is failing to buy 3 teas. “So, here we are in America! I can’t believe it myself. It’s been a while since I’ve left merry old England’s shores and on quite an adventure…”

“Look Buddy, that’s very interesting but as I said we don’t have PG Tips for a reason and it’s because we just don’t.” said an increasingly exasperated Luke.

“Yeah, nice tweed though and I love your accent” piped up an attractive brunette who was watching the whole conversation with great interest.

“Why thank you my dear, and what be your name? Mine is Tinker or Tink to my friends which you certainly can be”, said Tinker with his usual rustic charm.

“Lorelai Gilmore, um, begging you pardon, sir” replied the women.

“Ah, Lorelai, a flower by any other name hast never smelt so sweet. I’m paraphrasing of course. Coffee it is then Mr Luke, three if you please”, said Tinker. He takes the coffees and slides shiftily out of the diner.

“Damn Limeys”, mutters Luke.

“For someone who hates reenactors you sure had a good go at the battle of Bunker Hill there Paul Revere,” said Lorelai.

“Harrumph,” replied Luke.

At Kim’s Antiques things Anglo-American-Korean relationship wise were also taking a battering.

“All I’m saying”, said Lovejoy is that I cannot see how you can call that an antique when it’s only 120 years old?”.

“It is an antique! How dare you come to my place of business and say that to me. You question my honour as an antique dealer”, said an angry Mrs Kim. But then she always seemed to be just below rage anyway.

“Look, Love…,” said Lovejoy immediately regretting it, he could have got away with it back home.

“I am not your love! You late 1980’s antique dealers are all the same. Nothing but fornicators and Playboys. And you! Be careful! You break, you pay!” Snapped Mrs Kim. This was directed at Eric, Lovejoy’s assistant as he bumbled around trying to stealthily look for what they were after.

It was at this point that Tinker bustled in, brushed against a Vase, and watched in slow motion as it fell to the floor.

“No luck recovering the stolen cabinet of Lady Janes with all her jewels in then?” He asked.

“No,” said Lovejoy. “But I am about to buy the fragments of a cheap knock off Ming vase”, he said giving Mrs Kim his most winningest smile.

Here’s how Ron Blum has been able to become a successful inventor & businessman

When it comes to patent, Dr. Blum is a well-known name to consider. Dr. Blum is recognized as the inventor or co-inventor on more than 500 patents and patent applications across the world. He is ranked as the number one in the world for the filing of patent applications for class of eye examining, optics, vision correcting and testing. Dr. Blum also has considerable commercial innovation success. At present, there are nine different IP portfolios or innovations which Dr. Blum is recognized for. He is in fact the only discoverer or a co-discoverer who has been certified or sold to several number of worldwide billion dollar organizations.

The professional career of Ron Blum

Dr. Blum says that those who are creative and carry out useful inventions or offer resourceful ideas should have their intellectual property safe-guarded so that they can reap the maximum benefits. And this is why they should file a patent, which if approved can offer them exclusive right to produce and make profit out of it.

Dr. Blum is the Chief Visionary Officer and founder of PogoTec, Inc. Earlier he has been associated with The Egg Factory, LLC. He is the president, founder, and CEO of BeautiEyes LLC as well as the founder of Encore Vision, Inc and Encore Health, LLC. Ron Blum has also been the Founder and first President of PixelOptics  and has served Innotech as the President and CEO which has been purchased out of the NASDAQ by Johnson & Johnson. He has in fact great success in building varied management teams which is required to develop products in addition to executing business strategies. He is an innovator, visionary, and a successful businessman.

Ron Blum has managed and led the team that developed and invented the Definity Lens which has been acquired by Essilor later on and it fast turn out to be the number one product in North America. After obtaining the Doctorate of Optometry from Southern College of Optometry, Dr. Blum began his professional career.

The Egg Factory, LLC which he served as CEO, Chairman, and President is perhaps the oldest and most creative innovation companies that focus on Ophthalmics and Optics in North America. At present he is serving Pogo Tec Inc. as Chief Visionary Officer and founder which intends to change the way customers share videos and images by discovering interactive, sophisticated, and accessible technology solutions. Pogo Tec Inc. specializes in Wearable Technology, Eye Care Technology, Electronic Devices, Smart Technology, and Emerging Technology and it has a strategic partnership with Vista Eyewear and is right now located in Roanoke, Virginia.

Ron Blum has always been interested about inventing, developing, and growing companies and this has helped him to become a successful businessman and found a number of companies. Some of the companies Ron founded include Encore Vision LLC and Encore Health, The Egg Factory LLC, Innotech, and PixelOptics.  In addition to this, Ron Blum has also served on the Board of Trustees for Roanoke College. His outstanding knowledge, experience and understanding have helped these companies to become successful.

Dublin – Europe’s most Westerly Capital

The last city in Europe that you will hit, the next one being in the Americas, is the picturesque and fair city of Dublin. As the capital of the Irish Republic you can guarantee that this is a place alive with culture, history and experiences. Many of these are organised by the premier events agency Dublin based Let’s take a look at this amazing place.

As with many other cities it gets became a settlement by being a place near water. The river Liffey and the Poddle stream converged there just outside the still standing Castle. Something else converging are the 4 main routes around the country and also, it’s closeness to the port of Dun Laoghaire. The combination of a water resource and an infrastructure generally leads to a place becoming a capital and this is the case again. The City is a Viking town although it still carries it’s Gaelic name meaning blackpool and town of the 4 hurdles (remember the water and routes?) The Vikings liked it so when they invaded they thought it would be a nice idea to set up a permanent residence and the locals were too scared to tell them no. Due to it’s location the city became the Vikings premier trading post servicing Iceland all the way to Constantinople. The High King of Ireland Brian Boru had had enough of this and tried to oust them. He was successful for a while before being several killed at the battle of Clontarf. After this the Vikings gave up on Thor and Odin and decided the Christian God was more where they wanted to go and so they stopped attacking Monks and started asking them for salvation instead.

By the time the Normans had come to the British IslesKing MacMurrough was pleased as he was able to ask them to come and help him get rid of his enemies. They went back home and told Henry 2nd what a nice place it was so he decided to come back with a massive army and help deposed the King he’d agreed to put there in the first place. He was only able to capture the area around Dublin which was named the Pale. Yes, that’s right when you say something is so bad it’s “beyond the pale” your using an ancient insult to the Irish. Never a fan of the English Robert the Bruce took umbrage with the place and decided to attack it in an attempt to capture the place. He failed but history records he did succeed in cause masses of damage. It wasn’t until the Tudors that whole of Ireland was finally captured and Dublin made the capital.  There is so much more to tell about this city, but space doesn’t allow us anymore. It’s still a great place to visit though.

Why Is Ethnic Diversity Important in Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are critical in developing most new medicines, and so is making sure people involved in the trial are the right people, reflecting the ethnic diversity of the patient population. Unfortunately, studies in the US and UK have shown this diversity is not present in most clinical trials.

Why Is There a Lack of Diversity?

There are a number of reasons for this lack of diversity, including a lack of trust in the medical profession, an unwillingness amongst some minority groups to share information on their health with others, including their own doctors, religious beliefs, an understanding of how clinical trials work and their importance, and language barriers.

Those arranging trials, including adaptive phase 1 clinical studies, also hold some responsibility for the lack of diversity by not considering just how important it is when developing new medicines, which can work well with one ethnic group but not others. For example, in the US, African-Americans (12% of the population but only 5% of trial participants) are more likely to have asthma yet less likely to respond well to current asthma medication.

Why Is Diversity Important?

This highlights why companies such as must ensure there is ethnic diversity in clinical trials, especially as medications are, more and more, designed for specific genomes and some health issues, such as prostate cancer, are more common in some ethnic groups than others due to genetics or health disparities.

If adaptive phase 1 clinical studies do not include the widest possible pool of participants, it is unlikely medicines will meet people’s health needs and, in some cases, they may not be safe and have to be withdrawn from the market. This has been the case for medicines that were not tested on a high enough percentage of women, whose menstrual cycle can affect the effectiveness of medicine and who, studies have shown, can be twice as likely to react adversely to medication.

Increasing the number of ethnic groups and creating a gender balance in clinical trials, therefore, will help improve the outcomes of medicines brought to market, ensuring they are more likely to work effectively on the widest range of people taking them. It will also address the broader need for equality and diversity in all areas of life and reduce health disparities due to life circumstances.

3 ways to look cool in College

College years are the best time to explore new opportunities and experiment with your style. If you want to know the tricks that would help you to look in college, then this write-up has all that you need to know in this regard.  Here are some of the ways in which you can reinvent and represent the best version of yourself in college:

  1. Be experimental with your looks

College years are the ones when you expand your horizons and learn a lot about your personal self. Go for a makeover and figure out which look suits you the best. Also, do not stick to a particular look and keep experimenting. Below are some looks that you can try out and that too within budget:

Buy sneakers in two or more colors, and have the basic denim in black and blue as they go well with most of the outfits. Tees are extremely affordable and stylish at the same time. Go for different styles in the same i.e., one with graphics, quotations, or even your favorite movie characters to change the look every single time you wear this assemblage.  There are a variety of tees that you can find in the clothing stores ranging from polo neck, round neck, to Henley and u-neck, pick up the ones that look good on your body structure.

  • Formal shoes+crispshirts+blazer

There will be times when you would be required to dress formally. Make it a point that you have a well-fitted blazer and formal shoes in either tan or black color so that you do not have to hurry at the very last moment.  Also, keep some crisp formal shirts in your wardrobe that would go well with the blazer.

  • Denim jacket+tee+white sneakers

White sneakers have become a basic necessity for the wardrobe, and you should have a pair too. Also, denim jackets are a versatile piece of clothing and can be worn in both winters and summers so that is a good investment anytime. Apart from that, you should have a few t-shirts that would go well with the denim jacket.

  1. Keep some great accessories handy with you

There are a lot of accessories which should be present in your wardrobe as they can highlight your entire look significantly. A few things such as a good pair of sunglasses that would go well with almost every outfit, a watch, different variety of belts and backpacks, should be available with you as they can make even a simple outfit look chic and fashionable.  Also, when it comes to shoes make sure you have three to four different varieties of formal as well as casual shoes although not many as you are still in college and things might just be out of your budget.

  1. Go for a change in hairstyle

If you have been donning the same hairstyle since ages, then you definitely need a change. Check out a good salon and ask the hairstylist to refer you a look. Go for something that would suit your face structure and try out hair color as well if you are looking for something new and quirky. Changing your hairstyle once in a while is great during the college life and would make you feel more confident about yourself. So, go for it without inhibitions!

Well, these were three of the best ways that would make you look in the college. Just make sure that work on becoming the better version of yourself and give yourself the necessary grooming that is needed. Have a great day!