Adorable Wedding Gifts

Aldi Has a New Range of Adorable Wedding Gifts

When you’re shopping around for the perfect wedding gift to give your lucky friends or family member, Aldi isn’t usually the first place that springs to mind. If you feel tempted to skip this unassuming supermarket completely, think again, because Aldi just launched a range of bridal party items and wedding gifts – and they’re not bad at all.

There’s nothing wrong with giving within your budget, as explained here: So here’s Aldi with the answer to your woes.

Sprucing Up the Marital Home

First in the line-up are some adorable cushions, perfectly fitting into the traditional wedding gift ideas. Buying things for the happy couple to decorate their new home with has always been a wedding gift staple, and these cushions easily add to the mix. Classic ‘bride and groom’ cushions slot alongside a cute pink flamingo print with the words ‘Est. 2018’ embellished underneath. Who wouldn’t love them? They’re less than £4, so you could get them enough to adorn a whole three-piece suite.

Say It in Writing

For something a little more subtle, try one of Aldi’s wedding books. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is at the registry office or a Wedding Hotel Venue in the Wye Valley or if it’s a gorgeous affair at, a wedding book can be quietly slotted in at the reception for people to write whatever they want in. Tastefully designed, these little books wouldn’t look out of place at a higher-end retailer, and they only cost a fiver.

If the idea of giving an entire book seems a little too much, you can give an adorable pack of wedding notes. Each big letter is an individual note, eventually spelling out either ‘Mr & Mrs’ and ‘Love’. They can be used as a small part of the reception party in place of a wedding book for guests to write their own individual messages on. Alternatively, they can be for the couple’s sole use to write messages to each other on. How lovely is that?

Aldi wouldn’t be first on your list of places to shop for gifts for the happy couple, but maybe now it has a place. A range of small, subtle and sweet gifts here would be perfect and wonderfully in place at any wedding, big or small.