A World of Fictional Tanks

The impressive role of tanks in warfare since their inception during World War I has inspired many an author and film director since. Huge, powerful, awesome machines that have a special place in the hearts of those who have served inside or alongside them. Here are two fictional tanks. One inspired by seeing tanks in action and one created before tanks were even a real thing.

The Land Ironclads

This was a short story written by H.G Wells about future tanks before there even were tanks! The story was printed in the 1903 December issue of Strand Magazine and involved fearful machines of 100 feet long, containing riflemen, engineers, a captain and carried remotely-controlled guns. Sound familiar?

The name ‘ironclad’ came from the steam warships of the mid-1800s that were protected by steel or iron armour plating. The machines were described as narrow with incredibly strong steel frames and being carried on 8 pairs of large wheels of 10 feet in diameter. For your own exciting Tank Driving experience, visit https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/tank-driving-experience.html

A large iron plate served as protection for the whole vehicle, with the captain and crew having look-out ports around the top edge. There was also a tower that could be raised or lowered above the look-out points and through the middle of the upper iron cover. The riflemen would sit in cabins to use the mechanically targeting automatic rifles. H.G Wells was quite a visionary as this story was written before the start of what we now view as modern warfare.

The Baneblade

Most of us have heard of the hugely popular game Warhammer. There are wars galore, with battlefields taking over entire planets and battling for victory is all that counts. The Baneblade is a super-heavy tank belonging to the Imperial Guard., being there oldest and biggest serving vehicle in the armed forces of the Imperial Guard.

Such is the size of the beast that it requires a 10-person crew. It is a highly capable and powerful battle tank with no apparent weaknesses. There are different versions available, each with a unique applications and purpose. Its best use is for deployment in the support of heavy infantry. It can fire on infantry with Heavy Bolters and Demolisher Cannon, but also damage enemy armour with an impressively sounding Mega Battle Cannon. It is vicious in demolishing anything smaller, has huge crushing tracks and a vast arsenal of weaponry.

Anyone playing this game will favour this command vehicle when they take to the field. The command vehicle comes equipped with awesome communication capabilities and a wide range of tactical planning equipment. It is still not perfect though, despite its great power. It sits as a large, conspicuous target, is slow and not overly flexible or easy to manoeuvre.

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