A Must-Visit Best Places for a Brunch Food in Jakarta

Known as perfect time to fulfil your hungry tummy before noon, you need to take your brunch very seriously due to avoid any regret feeling either guilty pleasure. Furthermore, if you are living in Jakarta or have a short staycation there, there are numerous food choices you can consider to please your hungry tummy. You can consider to visit from little restaurant nearby the street with only worn-our sandals to fancy places where you can spend a lot of money. However, here are several recommendation about best places for a brunch food in Jakarta. Well, to understand why, just come over to the place and prove by yourself.

There are no particular order about the places but randomly chosen, so, make sure to read on the article about best places for a brunch food in Jakarta and challenge yourself to pay a visit to each places later.

  • Baconerie

On your first visit, you will understand why people keep coming to this place as regular. This restaurant which located in Kemang brings different eating style out of your imagination before. You know, the fusion style of American breakfast in rustic look and Indonesian local food? You must have never thought about that. Other than that, you can also find any assortment treat including cinnamon rolls, chocolate chips, or brownies.

  • The Brunch Club at Potato Head

As if you want to try a new concept about Brunch Club menu, such as updated fusion of eggs benedict with crustacean hollandaise and prawns, you can explore the Potato Head. For impressive taste on your taste buds, you can select any healthier option, such as Greek yoghurt, coconut water, and spiced quinoa. Of course, their new concept makes another restaurant looks so yesterday and old-fashioned, is not it?

  • Antipodean

Do you imagine of having a nice brunch with your lovely furry pet? Well, pay a visit to this small café located in Kemang, known as Antipodean, where you can enjoy the brunch scene each weekend all that. Here, you will be served with their signature eggs benedict, and also allow to bring your friendly dogs into the place. Fascinating, right?

  • Dapur Babah Elite

This is the family run restaurant consider as best places for a brunch food in Jakarta you have to visit where you can feel like homey in traditional look. You can tickle your taste buds with their specialty in Indonesian cuisine, such as Gurame Goreng, which is perfect for brunch every time. Other than that, to strengthen its antiqueness, the decoration has majority colours in blue, red, and orange, in beautiful fusion.

By then, it is an instant that you are the one in charge to decide which best places for a brunch food in Jakarta ever since everyone’s favourite might be different. Due to various brunch spots in Jakarta that offer more than just a regular cuisine, your taste buds will be satisfied more. So, by the help of those recommendation, have you already decided which brunch spot you are going to visit this weekend?

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