How Can One Get More Returns while Investing in Upcoming Projects?

If you are an end user interested in property investment, would you opt for any builder if same/similar offerings are being provided by a known name? The answer would be a resounding ‘No’.

Until a few years ago, the best known names in the residential property business were not offering homes which were economical and liveable at the same time. The norm was that the higher the property cost, the greater are the amenities. However with the recession in the real estate market has changed those dynamics. Builders are now ready to focus on the demands of the end users and the trend of affordable homes has emerged successfully. Tata Value Homes has successfully launched its maiden projects in this category. Now the parent company Tata Housing has launched numerous projects to meet the demands from buyers from all walks of life.

What Pitfalls to Avoid in Affordable Homes?

End users have demanded affordable homes from builders. Everywhere in the prime territories, builders are investing in the development of affordable properties. However there is a distinct possibility that a lot of them may have mistaken affordable housing for cheap accommodations. This means that many would try and cut costs. The end result may be a sub standard property. This is the reason why many investors may remain apprehensive of all new offerings in the affordable section and otherwise.

However this is where one would benefit from investing in Tata Homes. Tata Housing has launched numerous affordable housing projects via the subsidiary company called Tata Value Homes. The parent company has also launched a couple of standard housing projects in Bhiwandi and Bhubaneshwar. There are luxury homes launched in Mumbai and Gurgaon.

The prime benefit that an investor would have with Tata Housing is that of the Tata brand. It would be hard to find a person who would not be aware of the brand. The umbrella group has marked its presence in all industrial sectors ranging from media to technology to automobile to power. There is virtually no business sector that has remained untouched. The century old brand is synonymous with reliability and honesty. Not a lot of people may be aware of the latter, but Tata Group is known for its ethical working. The company has been known to pull out of deals where there were the slightest of doubts about the legitimacy of transactions. Therefore if Tata Ariana has been launched in Bhubaneshwar, there has been a sustainable business idea behind the launch.

This brand value goes a long way to benefit investors. One can expect good quality homes to be delivered from the group and chances are god that they will. Tata Housing as well as Tata Value Homes have the experience in construction, the right kind of capital backing and a reputation to live up to.

The Tata Home Buying Week

For a period of a week, the Tata group is offering exclusive deals on the purchase of Tata homes. The company has once again collaborated with This is the second time since the first launch in November 2014. The buyers would win an iPad Air with every purchase. They would also get to enjoy an interest rate as low as 7.99% for the first five years of repayment.

In Conclusion

Whether one invests in Tata Santorini for Spanish style homes or the magnanimous offerings of Tata Primanti, the deals are applicable for all purchases on

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