“Without promotion something terrible happens… nothing!”  – P.T. Barnum 

We are here to promote your business in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible.


Permission Marketing: “Turning strangers into friends and friends into customers.”

Even though advertising your business is 100% tax deductible – taking a few minutes to read our offer carefully will save your business from wasting its marketing budget on things that will just not work.

Why learning to promote your business using email marketing is absolutely critical to your business survival.
Email lists: Click here to see why most small businesses are terrified of the term “email marketing”:

“Email is very much like the telephone when that first came along in 1876.
New technology that took some getting used to.
Most people didn’t understand how it worked. Fewer foresaw its potential.
But can you imagine anyone surviving in business without the telephone in the last hundred years?
Email and the Internet will surpass the telephone as the information vehicle of choice in the next few years.
In that time – sooner for some – you will either have a comprehensive email component to your marketing and your customer service, or your business will fail.
It will be as critical as somebody saying, Well, we have a great business but we don’t take phone calls. It just won’t be acceptable.
In fact, it will be suicidal. But having email as an everyday communication tool won’t be enough.
You’ll have to use it to find prospects, befriend them, educate them, and finally – sell them.”
We believe the time is now while the industry is still young. Constant Contact, a public company and the undisputed industry, leader will show you the way.
Try for yourself by promoting your business FREE for Two Months. No one will ask for a payment method and it cancels automatically without you doing so if you don’t want to continue after the FREE promotion period.  There are no contracts either.   We can only assist you to make more money if you are willing to take the first step and give the FREE Promotion a chance.

How is working with K12news different from working directly on your own with all your marketing vendors/suppliers/channels?
First of all, we can assist in developing the best marketing strategy that allows your individual uniqueness to show.Then, with our negotiation skills, agreements & partnerships, you can expect to save the most money possible.  Often, you’ll save by not investing in certain channels.  Often, also, it is better to have an experienced third party speak directly with your vendors/suppliers/distributors for the best deals since they are aware that we will potentially generate more business for them.  Are you ready to become a great marketer/entrepreneur to make your dreams happen?  If so, we are here to do more than sell you targeted mailing lists, postcards and/or e-mail accounts.  We are here to help you build your dreams by guiding you past 99% of the marketing tactics that may not work for your type of business, and help customize your particular gifts so your clients can see that you are as unique as we are in what you do.  “When you consider what having a financially successful business means to you: freedom, time, and the ability to make a difference, are you willing to become the entrepreneur who makes it happen?”   -NS

Our suggestion to small business owners:

Market to 100 targeted new people 10 times instead of marketing to 1000 new people one time and you should see a better return on your investment. Geico® has the budget to repeat their mass marketing commercials over and over to make them effective; but, mass marketing is too expensive for small businesses. In contrast, our service starts at $15 for 100 highly targeted leads. After that, Constant Contact’s e-mail service is only $20 per month for unlimited sending to a list of up-to 500 contacts.

Our advice for small businesses success: “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Meaning: It’s better to have a less ideal but surefire option than the possibility of a greater one that may amount to nothing.

We offer two main approaches for success: Targeted Direct mail and Follow-up Email marketing.

1. New mover’s & targeted mailing list:  Interested?  Click Here for a FREE List Count & Quote.

For lists with 500+ contacts, we recommend using our mailing service so you can save on printing, labels and postage. For small jobs under 500 contacts, instead, we can send you Avery® easy peel labels formatted for your printer so you can easily mail on your own. Once you contact us or order, we will provide you with insider information to help maximize your profits. We’ve found that it really does matter what you say on your mail piece, whom you target, the quality of your list and where you get it printed and mailed. We also correctly utilize your website & social media to draw in leads as well.

2. Start promoting your business for FREE  –   Use Constant Contact® – Try it Free for Two Months)

their_inbox.fwJoin over 600K other businesses using Constant Contact®.
This tool will really help your marketing efforts.
 No Risk – No Credit Card Needed – Free Two Month Promotion.

P.T. Barnum quote: “Without promotion something terrible happens… nothing!”   

If you are interested in purchasing a list, click here to contact us.  Thanks for your time.  Email is here to stay!