How Can Reaching More People with Marketing Help
Schools in Your Community?

“When consumers patronize local small businesses, they are essentially
giving money back to their local community schools.” Chron.com

So easy – get a list, e-mail or mail it,
make a profit.

Does This Sound Like You?
You want to give back to your community with funds from your business. And you know engaging with your audience by mail and email will cause them to trust you and buy from you.  But, you can’t find the time or money to set up your mail and email marketing.

We Can Help?
We understand.  That’s why we are giving you 60 days of email marketing. And 6 to 12 months of email marketing creation and management for FREE.

About Us – Since 2002

We are expert marketers with over 20 years of experience working for some of the largest businesses in the world. Plus we have partnered and negotiated rates with large and public companies to deliver our clients the best of service and price.

Why Should You Work With Us

● We can manage and maintain your mail and email campaign from start to finish, absolutely free of charge. Because we get paid by our partners.

● We save you time and money by not having to go to the different vendors directly (list compilers, email providers, writers, designers, printers, etc.).

● No longer do you need to know everything about marketing or call 5 different places to get your mail and email campaigns going. We can set up 6 to 12 months of drip aka follow up marketing for our email marketing clients, absolutely free of charge.

Your Community is Waiting on You

If you want more financial power to support your community Get your 60 days of FREE email marketing service. And 6 to 12 months of FREE email marketing creation and management right now.

“Without promotion something terrible happens… nothing!”
P.T. Barnum

 We are here to promote your business in the most cost-efficient and effective way possible.

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